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Monthly Archives: February 2009

The Beverly Hills Shape Book, Now in National Public Libraries

The Beverly Hills Shape, the Truth about Plastic Surgery, now available in public libraries throughout the country.

Dr. Linder, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, wrote the Beverly Hills Shape, the Truth about Plastic Surgery, to educate women and men throughout the country and world on the risks, benefits and the truth about plastic surgery of the body. Because Dr. Linder is a body sculptor who only operates below the neck, he has specialized his practice to performing breast enhancements, revisions, breast reductions, breast lifts, tummy tucks, paniculectomies, liposuction and total body sculpting.

The Beverly Hills Shape, the Truth about Plastic Surgery

Dr. Linder’s book is sold throughout the world in wonderful venues, including Amazon.com, Borders.com, Barnesandnobles.com, Towerrecords.com, Target, Walmart, MTV, VH1, Countrymusictelevision.com and other distributors from countries.

On Worldcat.org, multiple libraries for public use can be found so that women and men can have access to his book. Libraries include the Redwood City Public Library in Redwood City, California; Alebris Library in Emoryville, California; Renton Tech College in Renton, Washington; Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma; Metropolitan Library Systems in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Hedberg Public Library in Janesville, Wisconsin; Cook Memorial Public Library District in Libertyville, Illinois; Allan County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana; West Florida Public Library in Pensacola, Florida; Detroit Public Library in Detroit, Michigan and multiple other libraries throughout the United States of America.

It is truly an honor and a privilege to have my book in these public libraries so that the public will have access to the book if they are unable to purchase it through the other venues.

Sincerest regards,

Dr. Stuart Linder

Beverly Hills Breast Lift

Patients come from all over the world to undergo breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction surgery. The appropriate breast lift must be performed for each patient and individualized in order to obtain an excellent and acceptable result.

breast_lift2First of all, all forms of breast lifts are associated with some risk in the form of scarring. Scarring can at no time be absolutely guaranteed from any doctor at any time on any given patient, regardless of previous history of scarring. Scarring can be associated with multiple problems including thickening of the scars, often referred to as hypertrophic scarring or even keloiding where the scar overgrows its own borders. Scarring can also be associated with spreading referred to as wide spreading of the scar where the scar seems to be very wide and somewhat irregular and variegated in pattern. Scars can be colored or discolored, hyperpigmented or hypopigmented as well. In fact, scars can have a combination of the above variations with discoloration as well as thickening and/or spreading. Therefore, the patient must be informed that there is significant risk of scarring and that the final absolute predictability of the scar can never be guaranteed. It simply is a risk that the patient will have to take. If the scarring risk is not worth the tightening of the breast, or reduction of the size of the breast, then the patient is not an appropriate candidate either mentally or physically for the operation.

breast_lift9There are several types of breast lifts that are performed. The first is a small periareolar crescent lift. This is only useful for very small amounts of lifting of the areola. A periareolar lift in itself realistically cannot elevate the entire breast. This is an operation that normally requires more skin removed either vertically and/or along the inframammary fold. Periareolar lifts can be combined with implants placed subpectorally for mild or grade 1 ptosis. However, when there is skin laxity in which the nipple is either at or below the inframammary fold, it often will require some form of vertical mastopexy or a formal mastopexy referred to as the anchor scar with an incision around the nipple areolar complex vertically down the midline along the inframammary fold.

breast_lift50bPatients with moderate amount of skin laxity often referred to as grade 2 ptosis, may often proceed with implants and a vertical lift also referred to as a lollipop scar. These patients may achieve an excellent result without the necessary inframammary scar along the fold. However, when a patient has what is referred to as grade 3 ptosis, the nipple-areolar complex is well below 3 cm, below the inframammary fold. Normally a complete formal mastopexy with the anchor scar or Wise-pattern technique is required. If the appropriate lift is not done with patients with severe skin laxity, then the shape of the breast can be disfigured. We see this often in our Beverly Hills practice and fixing it may only require performing a revision of the lift and often adding excision of skin vertically as well as along the inframammary fold.

Recently, I had a patient that I operated on who had a round-block technique lift where the skin was removed circumferentially around the areola and she flew in to have this revised. The breast revision simply required removing the excess skin which had not been done in the first surgery through an appropriate and proper formal mastopexy removing skin again circumferentially around the areola, down the middle and along the inframammary fold. This now gave her appropriate shape to her breasts and I was able to remove all the redundant widespread scarring around the nipple areolar complex which was now approximately 10 cm in diameter reduced to 4.2 cm on this operation.

It is very simple to remember two things: one, scarring is inevitable with breast lift surgery. You will have to accept the scarring regardless of what the outcome. We can do our best to make the scars as beautiful as possible; however the body plays a large role into the final outcome. Secondly, there are postoperative modalities including different types of creams, scar treatments as well as laser therapy and silicone gel sheeting and sprays which may be useful; and lastly, the appropriate breast lift must be performed on each specific patient’s needs. If the doctor is trying to be somewhat conservative and performs the wrong surgery, it is very highly likely that the patient will be back to another surgeon’s office for correction.

Financing Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery

In today’s age of economical instability, we have found more patients than ever who continue to have surgery, however, are now financing their surgery.

Dr. Linder has multiple options for financing your upcoming body sculpting procedure and our office works very closely with all the major finance companies to help you get approved for your upcoming operation.

Our intention is to make your journey as simple and easy as possible, especially with financing companies. Of course, Visa, Mastercard and American Express are financing options through the Merchant Account Services. We also use three major finance companies with different interest rates and options available.

  1. Care Credit. Care Credit will approve patients for procedure fees ranging from $1,000 to $25,000 upon approval and credit check. They are one of the largest leaders in patient financing and their loans will include no interest or low interest payment plans. We have used Care Credit for many years with excellent results. Their website is www.carecredit.com.
  2. Med Choice Financial. Med Choice Financial will also allow the patient to be approved over the phone in just minutes. They also approve many patients for Dr. Linder’s practice and are an excellent source of financing when considering plastic surgery procedures with Dr. Linder. We highly recommend Med Choice Financial as well for your financing needs. Their website is www.medchoicefinancial.com.
  3. Capital One Healthcare Finance. We have used the services of Capital One Healthcare Finance for many, many years with excellent results as well. They offer great rates, as low as 1.99% APR, 18 months interest-free, there are no hidden charges or fees and no prepayment penalty. Capital One Healthcare Finance can be found at www.capitalonehealthcarefinance.com.

All of the above options have greatly enhanced our patient approval rates so that patients can undergo the surgery that they have dreamed of, even in this rocky economy today.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Breast Augmentation Costs in Beverly Hills

In 2009, the cost for breast augmentation surgery in Beverly Hills and in general has gone down over the last couple of years. With the downturn in the economy, everything has gone down in cost. Consistently, plastic surgery in general has also reduced cost as well. Breast augmentation can be performed with either silicone or saline implants and this will influence your final cost. In general, breast augmentation performed by Dr. Linder with a Board Certified Anesthesiologist in the Medicare State Licensed Surgery Center, and with a Qualified Certified Crew, including scrub tech, circulating nurse and recovery room nurse, will require costs ranging for saline implants between $5,000 and $6,500. This price has gone down significantly over the last 24 months, but our prices will remain consistent with what is reasonable for the economy.

Silicone gel implants are more expensive. The silicone implants themselves are $750 to $1,000 each and those are therefore costs that must be passed on to the patient. The silicone implants will range anywhere between $7,000 and $9,000. Costs can be broken down into many components, including the surgeon’s fee, the anesthesiologist’s fee, the fee for the ambulatory surgical center (per hour), and the implants fees. Saline implants usually run approximately one-third the price of silicone implants and therefore saline implant surgery usually is significantly less than silicone gel augmentation.

When considering breast augmentation in Beverly Hills, although cost is a very important issue, it is most important that the patient seek a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Bargain shopping may lead to a disastrous result and low ball prices may give you a low ball poor result. Therefore, it is extremely important to look over all variables, including costs, as well as Board Certification in plastic surgery, years of experience of the surgeon, specialty and specialization of the plastic surgeon in the procedure of breast augmentation and breast revision, and make sure that the doctor uses Medicare State Certified Ambulatory facilities and the anesthesiologist is Board Certified with the American Board of Anesthesia.

Finally, there are excellent breast augmentation financing companies available, including Care Credit, Med Choice and GE Money or Capital One, which can all help to finance plastic surgical procedures. In our next blog we will discuss more on that.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery, the Five Do’s and Don’t’s.



1. Always seek a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. This doctor must be a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Consult with three Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, if necessary, in order to compare quality, experience and judgment.

2. Do use a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. Board Certified Anesthesiologists have the experience, training and education to take care of a patient under an emergency situation in the operating room. There is no substitute for a Board Certification in anesthesia.

3. Always seek a specialist in the procedure you’re hoping to have performed. In other words, if you’re considering breast augmentation, make sure the Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specializes in breast implant and breast revision surgery and performs hundreds, if not thousands, of implants annually.

4. Always review hundreds, if not thousands, of photos, before and after pictures of the procedure that you are deciding to have done by each plastic surgeon. If the doctor does not have hundreds of photos of that specific procedure, then you may consider going elsewhere.

5. Always do your homework. When considering plastic surgery, this is a life-changing event. Celebrities like all other patients need to make sure that the procedure is done correctly so as not to destroy or type cast the patient out of the Hollywood industry and type cast the patient out of roles, both on television and in the movies.


1. Never bargain shop. Looking for the lowest price in plastic surgery is extremely dangerous. Remember the adage, “You get what you pay for.” This is very true even in plastic surgery. Low ball prices may leave you with a disastrous, horrific or irreparable result. Never, ever, bargain shop. If you need to wait to save up more money for a more qualified and experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, then do it. You will be much better off in the end.

2. With breast augmentation, Hollywood actresses should be very cognizant of not going too large. Type casting out of rolls can occur easily when implants are too big. Women in Hollywood need to have a sense of proportionality in order to remain elegant and classy on and off screen. So, consider the size of the implant seriously when undergoing augmentation, especially if you are a female actress or celebrity in Hollywood.

3. Never take anybody’s word specifically on a procedure, i.e., if a friend refers you to a doctor stating that he or she is the best, do your homework. Make sure the doctor is again a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, has experience, and is credentialed. Look at thousands of photos of the doctor’s work and make sure they specialize in the procedure that you want.

4. Never do too much surgery at one time. In general, we prefer not to perform over five hours of anesthesia as well as to reduce the amount of blood loss by performing surgeries that are safe. If the doctor is considering too much surgery at one time and over five hours of anesthesia, you may consider that the surgeon does not have your best interest in mind.

5. Don’t allow any surgeon to talk you into a procedure that you are not comfortable with. In other words, if you consult with a plastic surgeon for liposuction and all of a sudden they’re discussing breast augmentation, that you had no intention of having done, consider that this person is selling you something and you may want to consider seeking other plastic surgeons. In Dr. Linder’s practice we never, unless solicited by the patient, discuss other parts of the body.

Having plastic surgeon for women is certainly a very sensitive issue and we want to maintain that throughout the consultation, surgery and postoperative period.

Stuart Linder, M.D., F.A.C.S.