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Monthly Archives: April 2009

The Beverly Hills Shape book signing with Dr. Linder in Las Vegas

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Linder, a Board Certified Plastic and Breast Revision Surgeon, is thrilled to be performing breast augmentations in Las Vegas, Nevada and is now performing consultations twice a month.

Dr. Linder will be at Borders book  store with a book signing for his book “The Beverly Hills Shape – The Truth About Plastic Surgery” on the following date in May 2009:

Borders on May 23, 2009, in Summerland, Nevada from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Dr. Linder is thrilled to be signing his book “The Beverly Hills Shape – The Truth About Plastic Surgery” which was written for women all over the world who are undergoing or wish to undergo body sculpting procedures, including breast augmentation, breast revision, tummy tuck, and liposuction procedures and will serve as a guide to undergo safe and predictable body sculpting surgery both in Beverly Hills, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Destination X California Television

destinationx_003Dr. Linder is proud to be working with Executive Producer Dallas Tanner for his hit series Destination X California.

Destination X is associated with beautiful women exploring beautiful spectacular locations around the planet.

These programs are one-half hour showing surreal beauty, quest for survival and adrenalin-pumping sport actions. Dr. Linder will be performing breast augmentation surgery on Katrina, an international model to be associated with upcoming episodes of Destination X California.

The before intraoperative and postoperative care of the patient will be filmed at the end of this month, April 2009 for upcoming episodes on Destination X.


Dr. Linder is privileged and honored to be licensed in Nevada to practice and consult with patients for plastic and reconstructive surgery.  He has launched his new website, www.lasvegasbreastrevision.com.  This site is dedicate to the reconstruction and revision of previous breast augmentation patients. 

Dr. Linder’s practice specializes in breast augmentation and breast revision surgery, including open capsulectomies, implant exchange, exchange of saline for silicone and silicone for saline, as well as complete pocket reconstruction, as necessary.

Please review the procedures and specific details on the www.lasvegasbreastrevision.com website.  Some of the procedures include breast asymmetry after primary augmentation, capsular contracture, ruptured implants, malposition of implants with shifting of the implants within the pocket, double-bubble breast deformity with superior retropositioning of the implants, severe bottoming out, volume discrepancies, problems with shaped or anatomical breast implants, explantation of implants and scarring associated with breast augmentation and breast lift surgery.

Dr. Linder Now Appearing in Las Vegas Twice a Month

Lobby photo Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Stuart Linder, a specialist in breast augmentation, breast revision, and body sculpting procedures will now be seeing patients in Nevada come May 2009.

He is extremely excited, privileged and thrilled to have the opportunity to consult with the women of Las Vegas, Nevada for their breast augmentation and breast revision needs. He specializes in breast implant and breast revision surgery and that is 90% of his practice.

Dr. Linder has a well-established Hollywood / Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice with patients flying in from all over the world for primary as well as revision breast enhancement surgery. He is excited to be working with the women of Las Vegas, Nevada in order to help women of all walks of life, including the casinos, bars, clubs, etc., improve and enhance their appearance as well as revise their breasts as necessary.

Contact Dr. Linder in Las Vegas

Dr. Linder will be available for consultations every other Saturday of the month at the Revage Medical Spa located on 1225 South Fort Apache Road, Suite 145, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117. Their telephone number is 702-989-2410. Dr. Linder very much looks forward to taking care of you.


Patients requiring panniculectomy surgery show up weekly to my Beverly Hills office. The majority of these patients have had significant amounts of weight loss, some well over 150 pounds or half their entire body weight. A significant proportion of these men and women also have had gastric bypass surgery, including Roux-en-Y, weight loss procedures and now the most popular laparoscopic banding procedure or lap band. These patients have had significant weight loss over six months to a year and now present with massive amounts of skin hanging from the arms, chest, breasts, abdomen and thigh regions. These patients are excellent candidates for panniculectomies as they have enormous abdominal pannus which is similar to an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck; however, there is a significantly large amount of skin. These patients need to first be cleared by an internal medicine specialist in order to evaluate laboratories, including Chem 20’s, CBC’s, coagulation panels as well as albumin and protein levels to evaluate their nutritional status. Subsequently, these patients are consented, all informed consents were reviewed with the patients, including risks and complications of the panniculectomy operations which can include a slightly higher risk of bleeding, hematoma, infection, skin dehiscence, wound dehiscence, fat necrosis and fat atrophy.



The case here presents with a patient who has had a 120-pound weight loss with a massive abdominal pannus. Stria from well above the suprapubic up to the umbilicus and above as well as intertriginous rashes, lower back pain, and mid back associated with the massive abdominal skin and adiposities. In general, these patients with a massive pannus present similar to breast reduction patients; however, instead of upper back and neck strain associated with bilateral breast hypertrophy, these patients present with lower and mid back pain as well as the significant rashes that occur, including fungal and contact dermatitis as well as staph infections.



The operation is similar to an abdominoplasty in which an incision is made hip-to-hip and the patient placed under general anesthesia off endotracheal tube intubations, given intravenous antibiotics, the pannus is prepped and draped after local infiltration of the lower suprapubic incision site which extended to the anterior superior iliac spine or hip bilaterally. The entire skin was elevated all the way along the rectus and abdominal wall fascia up to the subcostal margin. Conservative dissection above the umbilicus was maintained in order to prevent devascularization of blood supply to the flap. The patients then have the massive amount of dermoglandular tissue resected. Redundant plication may or may not be performed, depending upon the degree of rectus diastasis. Often with panniculectomies the muscles are not tightened or plication of the rectus sheath is not performed. In any case, after removal of the massive amount of tissue as seen in the photographs, the umbilicus was repositioned into its new site and closure with three layers, including three Jackson-Pratt drains, tubes placed in for seven days. The patients are then placed in abdominal binders for six weeks. Tubes are removed at postop day 7 and sutures on day 17 through 21. Panniculectomy is an excellent operation for patients who have had massive weight loss, including those with gastric bypass surgery. These are extraordinarily happy patients. The scars that are produced are well worth the removal of massive amounts of tissue that cause functional problems, including hygienic as well as severe back pain constantly.


YouTube and Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery

In April 2009’s issue of Cosmetic Surgery Times, an article has been written on “How to Assume a Cameo Role via U-Tube” by Lizette Hilton. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Linder is mentioned with respect to his practice and posting of YouTube videos associated with educating the public and creating a documentary fashion in order for future patients to understand the risks and benefits of different body sculpting procedures.

Patients every day review YouTube videos and Dr. Linder has posted many videos associated with body sculpting procedures, including breast augmentation, breast revision, breast reduction, breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction procedures. The article specifically details the need for plastic surgeons around the country to place YouTube videos that will educate the public on the techniques of different operations in cosmetic procedures. Placing YouTube videos is actually quite easy and if done in an ethical and tasteful manner, will help to educate the public.

YouTube videos can either be made directly from the plastic surgeon or it can be from specific videos of television documentaries. However, in any case, Dr. Linder sincerely believes that it should be both entertaining and more importantly, educate the safe and predictable plastic surgery procedures of the body.

How Much Cleavage Will I Have?

The patients present in consultation with many questions, which include “How much cleavage will I have?” Well, a woman’s cleavage post-surgical depends on several variables:

  1. Anatomy: If the muscles are laterally displaced and attached to the ribs or costochondral ribcage laterally, then in order to maintain some muscle coverage, it may be impossible to yield excellent cleavage. There has to be a balance between the amount of muscle released along the sternum and the amount of coverage which must be maintained in order to prevent visibility and rippling of the bag. In my opinion, it is always better to maintain coverage than to create perfect cleavage because seeing visibility of the breast implant along the inner chest cannot only look deforming, but can be psychologically tormenting to a patient and very difficult to hide in normal clothing.
  2. Diameter and Size of the Implant: Obviously, the wider the diameter of the implant, the greater the ability in order to maintain cleavage in order to fill up the medial poles of the breast. Therefore, when I use high profile, narrower tapered implants, I usually go with a larger size in order to maintain some of the diameter, but yet gain more AP projection. This is especially true with breast revision surgery, when you’re replacing a moderate profile implant with a high profile implant.
  3. Technical Ability of the Doctor: Remember, Board Certified Plastic Surgeons have the experience and judgment to determine where and how much of the subpectoral muscle along the sternum should be released, which can increase greatly your cleavage postoperatively.

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

The above example is a breast revision surgery that Dr. Linder performed on a patient who had had surgery nine years previously with laterally displaced implants due to encapsulation, Baker IV capsular contracture, as well as laterally placed implants directly from her original surgery and malpositioning of the implants. Postoperatively, you will see that the muscle has been released and larger implants have been placed in order to fill the medial void.

Body Sculpting in Beverly Hills and Parallying the Artistry of Paris

istockphoto_5908759-the-thinker-statueRecently, I had the opportunity to spend the early part of April 2009 in Paris, France. I attended the International Symposium of Plastic Surgeons held at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris, France. The meeting was extremely interesting and was associated with multiple cosmetic surgery issues, including liposuctioning, breast implants, breast implant fillers and plastic surgery overviews, including the image of the plastic surgeon and the professional society views of plastic surgeons.

Having had the opportunity to view the masterpieces of art at both the Louvre and the Museum of Orsay, one can’t help but see the parallel beauties of the greatest sculptures and artists of the world. At the Museum of Orsay, the most amazing sculptures by Rodin were notable. Artistry of Rodin sculptures, including his assistant Emile-Antoine Bourdelle, shows the most elegance of female forms. Also notable are the beautiful works of Renoir and Vincent Vangogh, whose most notable painting is his self-portrait. At the Louvre, the elegance and creativity of Mona Lisa is identifiable. To see the Mona Lisa in person is truly an amazing and breath-taking event. Some of the other amazing artwork at the Louvre include the sculptures of Michelangelo, most notably, the Soaves. Michelangelo was a true genius who represented the human body as great as any sculpture as ever then until the present time. In 1513 his sculptures gave birth to some of the most amazing human forms of both male and female. Plastic surgery today in 2009 operating on the female form, trying in every attempt to perfect the flaws, the abnormalities and asymmetries, in my mind is no different than the great work of Michelangelo, Picasso, Renoir, Monet and Rodin.

To become a great body sculptor, whether working with marble or human flesh, tissue and muscle really requires experience, judgment and years of perfecting one’s craft. To specialize in the female form and to operate on the same parts of the body on different women, hundreds, if not thousands of times year after year, allows the doctor to perfect his or her craft, to note the imperfection of the female form, to better oneself case after case, after case, to only improve upon the final results, inclusive of symmetry, scarring and proportionality.

I personally believe that after my trip to Paris, France and my visits to the Louvre and the Museum Musee d’Orsay that the greatness of the plastic surgeon can only be measured at a true quality of our final outcome of each and every surgery that we perform.

Considerations Prior to Undergoing Elective Breast Implant Surgery in Beverly Hills

Whenever patients consider having elective surgery, it is important that he or she make certain that the operation is truly the best procedure and will have long-lasting positive effects with minimal risks and complications.

The first consideration prior to undergoing Beverly Hills breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty procedure in any city, includes family history of breast cancer. Patients with a strong family history of diathesis of breast cancer need to consider breast enhancement surgeries.

One thing we know for sure is that silicone or saline implants do not increase the risk of breast cancer. However, silicone implants placed above the muscle may make it more difficult to detect a tumor or cancer in a patient with a strong family history and they increase risks of missing one. Therefore, if a patient is undergoing breast augmentation with a very strong familial history of breast cancer, we usually place saline implants subpectorally and the patients, if they decide to have silicone, should certainly have MRI exams every two years in order to detect loss of integrity of the shell of the bag as well as the increased magnification of microcalcifications or breast cancers.

Number two is realistic expectations. Patients who expect to have breasts lifted that have severe sagginess or ptosis with an implant alone are going to be very unhappy with the final results. We see patients like this who undergo breast revision surgery all the time. It is absolutely vital that patients understand that realistic expectations mean that if the patient needs a breast lift that they should have that formal mastopexy and that an anchor scar may be required. They must realistic as to scarring and the unpredictable nature of scars. Implants alone cannot lift breasts that are saggy, either grade 2 or grade 3 ptosis, where the nipple areolar complex is greater than 2 to 3 cm below the inframammary fold. This requires the correct surgery, which is a formal mastopexy.

Number three is fibrocystic or fibro adenomatous breasts, breasts that are filled with adenomas or fibrocysts, may make it more difficult to detect tumors with implants as well. As a result, these patients should always have preoperative mammograms and ultrasound and the surveillance of their breasts should be done annually.