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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays and New Years from Dr. Linder and staff. Here’s to a Healthy and Beautiful 2012.

St. Barths

Pseudoptosis in Beverly Hills

There are four degrees of ptosis that exist as standard with the American Board of Plastic Surgery Classification. Grade 1 is at the level of the inframammary fold. Grade 2 is where the nipple is below the inframammary fold between 1 and 2 cm. Grade 3 is severe skin laxity where the nipple areolar complex is greater than 3 cm below the fold. Grade 4 is pseudoptosis in which the nipple itself is actually above the inframammary fold; however, there is redundant skin and skin surrounding the nipple areolar complex. This case of pseudoptosis is associated with a significant amount of loss of upper pole fullness, involutional upper pole atrophy and an excellent example of skin laxity. However, the nipple is significantly above the fold and therefore augmentation mammoplasty alone is warranted without the use of a breast lift. This patient, as can be seen postoperatively, had 500 cc high profile saline implants placed in the dual plane technique two-thirds under the muscle and one-third over and there is excellent position of the nipple areolar complex without any form of mastopexy performed. Patients with pseudoptosis have excellent results with augmentation mammoplasty with silicone or saline implants without breast lifts. Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons have the capability to determine which patients require lifts and which do not and pseudoptotic patients do not.

Breast Reduction Procedure Featured in PSP

I just received my December 2011 issue of Plastic Surgery Practice magazine. Inside this issue, I wrote an article titled, “The Evolving Breast-Reduction Procedure.” Within the article, I discuss the path to reduction, several techniques, and complications.

I also noticed that this article appears on their site – www.plasticsurgerypractice.com – under December 2011 features. I am very excited to see this available for people seeking breast reduction information.

Fox News, Woman's Breast Implant

I found this article on FoxNews.com regarding a woman’s breast implant and thought I would share.

Patient Testimonial Beverly Hills

Here is a fabulous patient testimonial that I received this week and I thought I would share as we approach this holiday season.

Dear Dr. Linder,

“I would like to thank you for changing my life.  Your the best and most wonderful doctor in the world. I would like to especially thank you and your wonderful professional team for all the hard work, dedication, beautiful energy, sweet sincere approach, caring, and supportive ways.  Meeting you and your staff for the first time was comforting, awesome, and re-assuring.   Your care-unit staff is amazing!!!  The care and love you feel… right at home with the best nurses and doctors caring for each and every one of us. I felt safe, warm, and informed all the time… i never felt lost or scared inside post operation or ever.  You have the the most precious team!  Dr. Linder, Thank you.  Thank you from the core of my soul for sculpting my body perfectly~ inside and out.  Your team is very gracious, caring, like a family… the doctors and nurses in the care unit guide you through their work with you with endearing hearts.  I’ve never experienced that anywhere.
How you perfectly sculpted my body is incredible and phenomenal and the fact that i work for sculptors as they sculpt my body was magic made for a dream.  Thank you so much for making my dream come true.  Seriously, choosing to have you sculpt my body was the best decision in my life. After surgery- I felt better on the inside – I just felt so good.  The healing process is going perfectly well.  I listen to your directions, do as you say, and my results are exiting, beautiful, and perfect! (with a big exclamation heart of gratitude and thanks)  You took care of me on the inside and outside and this transformed my self-esteem and how I feel… putting me on the right track.  Feeling Great, healthy and beautiful, both on the inside and outside is a true balance.  I’ve found my balance thanks to you Dr. Linder *!*  Your the BEST!!!
With all sincerity from a good Irish girl… Thank you for making this all possible. You simply changed my life.  And I get to live it and I’m so exited!!!  As with my healthy exercise and diet … I’ll put in the hard work to keep this beautifully sculpted body as it is – as you made it.  There is a big heart on the end of that sentence ~ I’m so happy and exited to live my life with this new balance – it’s made all the difference for me in the world with my career and my inner reflection.
I”m grateful that he showed me specifically what he could take care of.  I’m grateful i was a candidate.  The best thing to come out of this is that when I sit – my stomach does not double over – it’s flat, my stomach sits straight up with the arch of my spine and my shoulders straight back.  I’m a happy girl and skinny~*~
When you follow Doctors orders to the Tee – you get Top results… you will be so in love with the way you feel and the way you look to me that’s feeling beauty on the inside and beautiful on the outside.
Thank you Doctor for letting me wake up to that dream every morning.”
Salute to Beauty, Health, and Happiness~
Hearts, hugs, and blessings,
Here’s poetry dedicated to Dr. Linder and his team

“A Team With a Heart O’ Gold”
a smile for you
a smile for me
a smile for the world
will help us all see
we are kind and beautiful
inside and out
deep down to the core as true blue as the sea
this team has a heart o gold
with a touch o golden luck
weaved in through a sparkle
our souls will sail with a wee bit joy
from a wave of a hand,
or a love of a friend,
or the passing of a smile,
our souls will sail~
Season’s Greetings to All
May the sun shine on each and every hillside
for good luck of the travelers way…
may your flowers bloom and grow at noon
each and every may…
and for the rain drizzle to remind us just so it can…
may the time of seasons tidings bring
warmth to every land~

LinderSports Bra Available Soon

The next generation in the Linder products line coming March 2012!

The LinderSport Bra offers maximum support with ultimate comfort for the most Strenous workout or marathon! Increased spandex inner lining without front zipper mechanism holds breasts during increased physical workouts! Coming this Spring from LinderProducts.

Thank You,

Dr. Stuart A. Linder


Recently, Giuliana Rancic, host of E-Hollywood Network, announced that she has breast cancer and she will now undergo double mastectomy.  As a breast specialist, I know how important it is to consider every possible mass and lesion as a possible cancer.  In fact, I believe frequently even negative mammograms can lead to false readings in which a tumor could be misdiagnosed by not undergoing a biopsy.  Undergoing early biopsy of a suspicious lesion can greatly reduce the spread of the cancer over time, allowing the appropriate surgical intervention, chemotherapy and radiation as necessary.  Giuliana will do well with a bilateral mastectomy.  Accordingly, she underwent a double lumpectomy of radiation and now she is going to move forward with a double mastectomy.  Could she have had recurrence from her breast cancer?  This was not disclosed.  In any case, performing a total mastectomy will certainly reduce the incidence of recurrence.  She will then undergo a reconstruction surgery most likely with silicone gel implant reconstruction and possibly flap muscular reconstruction as well, depending upon the amount of coverage she needs.  The moral to this story is that all masses should be biopsied in order to obtain a tissue biopsy as soon as possible.  It can be life saving.

Male Liposculpture Procedure

Male Liposuction

The example to the left is a patient with significant lipodystrophy adiposity of the iliac crest rolls, the belt area, extending to the periumbilical and lower abdomen.  This patient is not an excellent candidate, but rather a good candidate for liposuction, as he does have significant intraperitoneal fat including omentum and mesentery.  However, liposuctioning the sides and the lower abdominal periumbilical area will help to reduce some of the lateral distention along the hip area and along the lower beltline.  The patient underwent tumescent liposculpture procedure.  Postop one week results show a great reduction in fat around the iliac crest roll and the hip region extending to the periumbilical lower abdominal area.  Liposculpture in men is quite different than in women in that the fat is fibrotic, usually thicker, and harder to get out within the subcutaneous Camper’s and Scarpa’s fascia.  These patients however do well with aggressive tumescent liposuction technique and six to eight weeks of compression garments postoperatively.