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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Busting Breast Augmentation Myths

Breast Augmentation:

Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in America, but some women who are considering the procedure are deterred because of rumors they hear that have no basis in fact. Allow us to bust these myths so you can understand how this safe and effective procedure helps many women achieve the look and confidence they desire.


Breast Augmentation Will Improve Drooping Breasts

Breast augmentation with implants can correct drooping to some extent, but patients with significant sagging and excess breast skin should consider breast lift surgery along with their augmentation to achieve youthful, voluminous breasts.

Implants Need to Be Replaced After Ten Years

Despite this common myth, there is no specific time frame in which breast implants need to be replaced. Although they are not considered lifetime devices and may need to be replaced at some point, there is no need to have revision surgery unless an implant defect or complication occurs.

It Will Be Very Obvious You’ve Had Breast Enhancement Surgery

There are many different implant types and options for surgery that are designed to achieve the specific goals of the patient. A skilled and experienced surgeon will know the techniques and options to provide a natural breast look and feel for patients who desire to keep their breast augmentation under wraps.

You Won’t Be Able to Do Certain Physical Activities

Dr. Linder states that strenuous physical activities should be stopped during the recovery period, but once you are fully healed you will be able to resume all of your hobbies and physical activities. Even high impact activities such as wrestling, tennis, boxing, sky or scuba diving, and climbing can be resumed.

If you are interested in breast augmentation surgery, please call (310) 275-4513 or fill out our online contact form today. Dr. Stuart A. Linder is a breast augmentation specialist and ABPS Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, and he can help you attain the breasts and confidence you deserve.


It is quite common in my Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice to take care of women who are involved in the fitness and body building industry. These women want to enhance their breasts in order to increase fullness which is often associated with loss of breast tissue and volume after significant weight loss associated with the body building and bikini fitness competitions. These women have significant training regimens and due to the significant amount of both glandular as well as fatty tissue, the lean body mass shows decrease and as a result breast implants are very useful in order to regain their volume. Most saline and silicone implants can be considered for these patients. My wife, Crystal, has been involved with NPC National Level Masters bikini modeling over the last three years, so these are patients that we are well attuned to in helping with their original breast enhancements or their reconstructions or revisions.

The Concerns:

What impact will lifting have on breast implants? Could they deflate or pop? We in general in my practice do not allow our patients to workout the pectoralis major muscle or pectoralis minor muscle, as this does lead to increased malposition with the implants moving laterally or off to the side. It can also lead to increased tearing of the capsule which may lead to scar tissue contracture, hardening and disfigurement of the breast. They have rupture of the saline implants through the valves or they may also be associated with significant scar tissue associated with tearing of the capsule.

Where will the implants be placed? This is extraordinarily controversial, placing the implant above subglandular versus submuscular. In the truest of body builders that make a living professionally doing extreme body building with the silicone or saline implants should be placed above the muscle and the subglandular pocket, that they continue to animate in these workouts of the pectoralis major muscle. For the majority of our patients however that are amateur NPC or bikini models, we recommend placing the implants submuscular either saline or silicone in a smooth gel or smooth saline fashion. The incision ligation normally is made through a periareolar incision under the areolar. The implants in terms of shape are always round. We do not use shaped implants of either teardrop or wide-based implants because of the significant rotation or deformities that can occur; only round, in order to prevent any problems with future rotational deformity.

 How soon can I get back to my workout? We instruct our patients not to do significant workouts for a minimum of six weeks postoperative in order to prevent scar tissue formation, tearing of the capsule, capsular contracture, bleeding, hematomas, or seroma formation. In general, reconstruction of patients after original breast augmentations that are hardcore bikini, fitness and body builders often requires open capsulectomy, repositioning of the implants towards the midline and instructing the patients once again not to perform chest direct exercises such as bench pressing which can cause again scar tissue, tearing of the capsule, seroma formation, as well as malposition of the implant and rupture.

Exercising with Breast Implants

At this time of year, many women are making a New Year’s Resolution to exercise more. Whether it is jogging, cross fitting, kettle-bell lifting, or body building, these are all great ways to exercise.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in breast augmentation, I want to encourage all women to wear a proper bra, especially while exercising. Gravity will cause your breasts to sag if you don’t wear the correct bra with underwire free support (UFS). I encourage women to select a bra that has firm compression and that is made of a soft, silky fabric to lift and shape you perfectly (avoid bras that smash the breasts). If you haven’t found that perfect bra for exercising yet, I developed one back in 2008 called the SexyShapewear that has the ideal compression, lift, and comfort to support you while you work out.

Happy New Year!




Happy New Year from Dr. Linder and staff. Here’s to a Healthy and Beautiful 2015.