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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Happy Thanksgivings 2015


I hope everyone has a safe Thanksgivings with friends and family! 



Breast Augmentation On Slim Build

Before and After, Breast Augmentation On Slim BuildI was presented with a 33 year old female who was considering having a breast augmentation but was concerned about how the implants would look with her slim build. During her consultation, we discuss her concerns and how we would approach the augmentation. After setting the expectations, we agreed to use 350 cc high-profile saline breast implants and place them underneath the muscle (submuscular). The advantage of submuscular placement allows more soft tissue coverage and, as you can see in the six-week post-op photo on the left, a more natural appearance.  She is very happy with her results and has gone from a 32 A cup to a 32 small C cup.


Breast Implant Removal Procedure

I was presented with a 51-year-old female patient desiring removal of her 300cc silicone breast implants. During the consultation, we discussed her desire to remove the implants, and we determine she would be a good candidate for the explantation no replacement procedure.
After removing her implants, drains were placed for seven days. The pre-op photo to the left shows an excellent example of explantation.






Breast Elevated Fold and Nipple Correction

I was presented with a 41-year-old female who was looking to have a breast augmentation as well as correct her asymmetry of her breast. During the consultation she explained her goals and we agreed to address the right breast by elevating the fold and nipple along with using 350 cc high profile saline breast implants. I filled the right breast to 380 cc and the left to 370 cc to achieve a nice symmetrical balance.  

As you can see from the 6 week post op photo the augmentation achieved a natural look and a nice balance.