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Monthly Archives: July 2016


Recently, an article on Yahoo.com, July 21, 2016, indicated that Crystal Hefner, wife of Hugh Hefner, and Playboy model in the past, had removed her silicone implants because of debilitating and burning pain of which she stated included, “cognitive dysfunction, incapacitating fatigue, burning bladder, pain and recurrent infections.”  She claims to have removed her implants on June 15th because they were slowly poisoning her and that although she has a diagnosed history of fatigue from Lyme’s disease and toxic mold which she believed that these were specifically due to her implants.  No evidence or studies have shown that there is a positive correlation of saline or silicone implants nor the breakdown of the shell of silicone or saline implants that would lead to Lyme’s disease or mild fatigue, autoimmune disease or any of the specific symptoms that she is describing.

Explantation of implants is a procedure we do perform here in our Beverly Hills Surgery Center on a weekly basis.  Patients have a myriad of reasons for removing the implants, including recurrent capsular contracture, pain throughout the breasts, ruptured implants or a desire to simply downsize and remove the implants altogether.  However, once again, no evidence has been shown or any correlation of saline or silicone implants leading to any form of autoimmune disease or any form of specific symptoms that Crystal Hefner has described.  Women should not be alarmed and remove their implants with this lack of obvious evidence.  Some women may feel better after removing their implants.  Whether this is physiological, psychological or both, must be determined on an individual basis.  It is definitely true that the ruptured silicone implants or saline implants should be replaced as soon as possible and a chronic rupture of silicone for many years can lead to silicone migrating in an extracapsular fashion to the lymph nodes of the axillary region or to any other lymphatic structure in the body.  So removing ruptured silicone implants is definitely warranted, with replacement most often performed at the same time.

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37 Year Old Female With A Ruptured Implant

A 37-year-old African American female presented with a ruptured implant. The ruptured implant was a lower profile saline and was about ten years old. During the consultation, we discussed not only removing the implants but also what her goals were after her breast revision surgery. After setting the expectation, we decide to replace the old implants with high profile 425cc saline implants and overfill them to 465cc.

As you can see from the 7-week postop photos, she looks great in her clothing and she is very pleased with her size and shape.
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Moderate Plus Saline Breast Augmentation

I was presented in my Beverly Hills practice a 31 year old female who was looking to have a breast augmentation.  During her consultation she expressed that she wanted a very natural look, not rounded and an implant that would balance her overall shape.

After listening to her expectations, we selected 330 cc saline moderate plus breast implants for the breast augmentation procedure. The moderate plus breast implants are the mid-range implants that have a moderate width and a moderate amount of AP projection. The implants where placed underneath the muscle (submuscular), the advantage of submuscular allows more soft tissue coverage and as you can see in the six-week post-op photos a more natural appearance.

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Removal Of Ruptured Becker Breast Implants

becker breast implant

Becker Breast Implant Removal

Recently, I had the opportunity to surprisingly operate on a patient who had a Becker double lumen ruptured implant.  This patient is a 52-year-old middle eastern female status post augmentation mammoplasty silicone gel implants per, with no identifiable records or patient’s accountability as to the type or size of her implants.

Intraoperatively, it was identified to be double lumen bilateral ruptured silicone and outer lumen saline ruptured implants.  Please see the photographs showing the ruptured Becker implant.  These are very unusual implants that were placed three decades ago.  There are very few of them still remaining in women throughout the world and it was a surprise finding in the operating room.  This patient desired to have the implants removed completely with explantation without reimplantation and drainage tube placement.  She also underwent breast mastopexy lift in order to reconstruct the shape of her breasts after losing a significant portion of her volume.

Becker implants were double lumen implants placed many years ago.  They had silicone inner lumen with an external secondary compartment of salt water.  The majority of these implants have been removed over the last 15 to 20 years and the few residual that are found require bilateral double lumen implant removal with removal of capsules often with calcification from leakage silicone.

Round Or Donut Mastopexy Beverly Hills

The female patient presented was looking to improve her overall breast appearance as well as reduce her areolas. During her consultation, she expressed that she wanted to increase the volume of her breasts as well as give them a slight lift. She also was concerned about the size of her areolas and wanted to see if they could be reduced a little. After discussing her expectation, we agreed to an augmentation, mastopexy, and slight reduction to the areolas.

During her surgery, I performed a round or “donut” mastopexy, which requires two incisions around the areola. The first incision is much like it is for a normal breast augmentation, and the other incision is made a little wider around the first. The skin between the two circles is then removed and the resized areola is stitched into a higher position on the breast. The larger circle is gathered into the areola in a”purse-string.” During the procedure, I placed 435cc high-profile saline breast implants and filled the right breast implant to 450cc and filled the left breast implant to 470cc.

As you can see from the six-week post-op photo, she has achieved nice volume, symmetrical balance, and a reduced areola.

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Linder and learn more about breast augmentation, breast lift, or areolar reduction, call our office at (310) 275-4513 in Beverly Hills or fill out our online contact form today.