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Bra Bulge Lipectomy Technique

· October 9, 2010

Liposuction of the bra bulge

This is a special procedure that Dr. Linder performs in which he performs bi-directional lipectomy or liposuction of the bra bulge.  This is fat that extends along the lateral pectoralis major muscle, wrapping around it.  This fat can be very significant and can cause discomfort, pain and difficulty for women bring their arms down to their sides.  It also can be a cosmetic frustration in which wearing brassieres can be difficult or bikinis in which the thick amount of bra fat causes embarrassment to patients.  Using a bi-directional liposuction with a small incision made in the anterior axillary line just lateral to the pectoralis major border, using tumescent technique liposuction, this fat can be removed with as triple lumen Mercedes cannula and sculpted. 

Six weeks of compression will allow for nice skin tightening on the majority of patients.  The patients should be examined preoperatively with the arms up, to the side and straight down, in order to determine the amount of skin laxity.  The bra bulge lipectomy procedure is useful for women who have significant amounts of lateral breast hypertrophy and bra bulge fat. 

 Please see the below example of the before/after patient who underwent the braw bulge lipectomy procedure.


before photo after photo

One Response to “Bra Bulge Lipectomy Technique”

  1. Jennifer Nguyen says:

    I had a breast lateral procedure done but I was told it was suppose to remover the fat under my armpit but I still have a large amount of bra bulge just like on your webpage. Is this the appropriate procedure breast lateral similar to your procedure of the bra bulge lepectomy technique. I really like your work and would be very interested in having this procedure done.

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