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Mentor Saline Breast Revision

· June 12, 2017

I evaluated this 24-year-old female who requested to have a breast revision. During her examination, the patient mentioned that she had a primary augmentation a few years ago and that over time her breasts have become asymmetrical.  Based on the pre-op photo to the left, I explained that the reason for her breast asymmetry was due to scar tissue or capsular contracture. After listening to the patient’s desires, we agreed to her expectations and scheduled a surgery date.
During the surgery, I removed the current implants and then performed a complete capsulectomy (removal of all the scar tissue). I then placed 450 cc mentor saline implants and then overfilled the implants to 530 cc to balance the shape and size she desired.
The post-op photo is eight weeks after, and she is very happy with the symmetrical balance.
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