Dr. Stuart A. Linder Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Stuart A. Linder has been performing breast enhancement procedures for over 17 years in luxurious Beverly Hills, California. His experience qualifies him as one of the leading cosmetic and plastic surgeons, but his results also make him one of the most sought after breast surgeons. Dr. Linder has been featured on such television shows as The Dr. Oz Show, 20/20 with Barbara Walters, Entertainment Tonight, and The View, just to name a few. Women from all over the world travel to Dr. Linder’s plastic surgery practice to augment, lift, or reduce the size of their breasts because of his excellent work and reputation.

  • 12000+ implants placed for breast augmentation

    Implants Placed For Breast Augmentation

  • 1700 before & after breast surgery photos

    Before & After Breast Surgery Photos

  • Awarded Black Diamond status by Allergan

    Awarded Black Diamond Status By Allergan

  • Best of Beverly Hills Award for 5 consecutive years

    Best of Beverly Hills Award for 5 consecutive years

Breast augmentation is the most popular procedure at Dr. Linder’s practice because his patients continue to sing his praises.

With over 12,000 implants placed, he has provided beautiful results for actors, models, musicians, and some of Hollywood’s most elite. As a breast augmentation specialist, Dr. Linder’s extensive training, knowledge, and experience enable him to give each patient the results she desires, from a very natural appearance to larger breasts with more prominent cleavage.

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Dr. Linder spends a significant amount of time in breast revision surgery. On average, he performs 500 augmentation and revision surgeries annually.

He has encountered and corrected numerous cases of bottoming out, capsular contracture, double bubble deformity, positioning issues, asymmetry, ruptured implants, and symmastia. He also routinely performs breast revision for patients who were unhappy with their initial breast augmentation results or with the size of their implants.

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Slight breast asymmetry is fairly common, but it is sometimes noticeable enough to have a draining effect on a woman’s confidence and quality of life. Such women are often unable to find bras that fit or clothing that flatters their different sized breasts.

Whether the size difference is slight or significant, Dr. Linder can restore aesthetic balance using one or more specialized procedures: breast lift, breast reduction, or breast augmentation with implants. He can correct any cause of asymmetry, including sagging breasts, tubular breasts, or breasts that have a similar shape but no skin laxity or ptosis. He has performed hundreds of successful breast asymmetry correction procedures.

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Sexy Shapewear

Running, jumping, and various popular aerobic exercises often stretch the supportive tendons in the breasts, which can cause them to sag over time.

SexyShapewear™ is the perfect sport bra created by Dr. Linder to fully support your breasts, prevent premature sagging, and maintain youthful projection while you exercise. Fitness models, muscle and fitness trainers, and marathon runners worldwide have experienced the comfortable and controlled support of SexyShapewear™ and are raving about the flattering and sexy look it provides. Whether you’ve had a breast augmentation, a breast lift, or no breast surgery at all, the new SexyShapewear™ sport bra is the must-have addition to your workout wardrobe.

The Perfect Sport Bra

  • Ultra supportive with Underwire Free Support (UFS)
  • Provides compression, lift, and comfort
  • No-slip ribbing
  • Bi-directional stretch both vertically and transversely.
  • Lifts and shapes your breasts to give you curves with great support.
  • Double-layered and high quality fabric that is soft and silky.
  • Available in pink, black, and white.
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Dr. Linder performs all breast surgeries at his private practice, the Brighton Surgery Center in Beverly Hills, California, where every patient is treated with the highest quality of care and attention. From the initial consultation to the final result, it is our goal to make you feel comfortable and fully confident that you’ve chosen the “Breast in the West” for your procedure.

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