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Introducing The Linder Bra

Written by:
Beverly Hills, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Stuart Linder's new bra: The LinderBraBecause Dr. Linder's practice is heavily involved with breast surgery, including breast augmentation, breast revision, breast lifts and breast reductions, and having seen countless number of thousands of women and placed thousands and thousands of implants over the last 13 years, women have discussed with him their need for specifics in a bra. The specifics would include compression, comfort, adjustability of straps along the sides of the bra and a bra to maintain their breast shape during training exercise as well as sleeping. As a result, the Dr. Linder Bra will be coming to stores, internet, and infomercial and shopping networks in the near future. The Dr. Linder Bra's functions are four-fold:

  1. As a sleeping or beauty bra to be worn every night for all women, with or without implants, to maintain the shape of the breast and to prevent skin laxity, ptosis or sagginess of the breast. The Linder Bra has nice compression associated with chest wall diameter and fitting to the breast itself rather than cup size.
  2. A training workout sports bra. This bra can be during aggressive workouts, including palates, aerobic, anaerobic workout as well as body building. This will help to maintain the breast, allow compression and prevent breast movement which may increase stretch marks, skin laxity and sagginess of the breast over time.
  3. Pregnancy bra. The Linder Bra is excellent for this as it is adjustable and has a three-clip design along the sides which will allow for taking the bra in and out during nine months of pregnancy.
  4. As a post-surgical bra, both for cosmetic elective and reconstructive cancer patients. Very useful for immediate post-surgical wear. Dr. Linder normally places this on postop day one, after removing the Bias wrap from the previous day surgery.

There will also be the Linder Sport, which is the Linder Bra without the zipper and clip system in the midline as well as the Linder Band, which will be used for abdominal compression. The infomercial should be out in the next six to eight weeks on worldwide television. The internet site via Media Temple is from www.linderproducts.com.

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