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Patient Study

Video: Ruptured Saline Implant

| July 24, 2012

Patients present with ruptured saline implants weekly in Dr. Linder’s office. These patients present with symptoms, including severe asymmetry, pain, hardening, and visible distortion of the breast and desire to have this corrected.

The patient below is a 32-year-old black female presenting with scar tissue contracture and hardening of her breast bilaterally, leading to a ruptured saline implant on the right. In order to remove the implant, a periareolar scar was reopened and dissection was carried down to the bag. Note that the implant was 90% ruptured. The clarity of the fluid is a light yellow tinge which means this is a chronic rupture, probably over three months. The implant is now removed. The pocket is irrigated and an open capsulectomy is performed, removing and releasing scar tissue circumferentially around the breast in order to soften up the pocket.

The timing of surgery should be within 7 to 10 days in order to prevent recurrent hardening and further scar tissue formation which may lead to more difficulty in creating a normal appearance to bilateral breast. Patients are placed on antibiotics for 7 days postoperatively. They are to refrain from heavy lifting for three weeks to prevent tearing of the capsule which could lead to bleeding. Dressings are changed on Day 1. They then return on Day 10 where all sutures will then be removed. Patients are placed into the Dr. Linder Bra, allowing compression and reduction of swelling.

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