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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon on The View

Posted On: July 29, 2008 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Home, Media

Yesterday, July 24, 2008, I had the opportunity and privilege to appear on The View in New York. This was a fascinating and wonderful experience, speaking with the hosts, including Whoopi Goldberg. The segment was on plastic surgery and included multiple subjects associated with husband and wife plastic surgery, teenage plastic surgery and You-Tube plastic […]

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BREAST IMPLANTS When Bigger Isnt Always Better

Posted On: July 22, 2008 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Implants

When Dr. Linder performs breast augmentations in Beverly Hills, his number one goal is to proportionalize the woman’s body in order to allow for the perfect shape and figure. Bigger isn’t always better with breast augmentation Patients often ask to go to very large size breast implants into a very full D to DD size. […]

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Scarless Breast Augmentation

Posted On: July 18, 2008 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can be performed through many different methods, including periareolar (under the nipple), transaxillary (through the armpit), inframammary (under the breast crease) or transumbilical (through the umbilicus). “The Scarless Breast Augmentation, is it worth it?” The scarless breast augmentation would be considered a procedure where there is no incision on the breast such as […]

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Posted On: July 05, 2008 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Plastic Surgery, Sexy Shape Wear, Tummy Tuck

Patients who undergo an abdominoplasty procedure will have approximately 6 to 8 weeks of normal recovery. Immediate postoperatively, patients are placed in the semi-Fowler position, and abdominal binders are placed in the operating room. If suctioning of the hips is performed, Reston foam is also placed on the bilateral hip areas. Patients will have two 10 mm […]

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