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Breast Revision in Beverly Hills, Hollywood

Posted On: October 29, 2008 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Revision, Home

The next few blogs are going to specifically describe breast revision procedures and the need for corrective breast surgery after breast augmentation. There are several subcategories of breast revision surgery. They include: Breast reconstruction for severe encapsulation or capsular contracture. This can be classified via Baker classification with a Baker IV being the worst, most […]

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Tubular Breast Deformity Hollywood

Posted On: October 21, 2008 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Home

Congenital Breast Deformity Tubular breast deformities can be seen in patients throughout the world. In my practice, approximately 2% of patients that have breast augmentation will have some form of tubular breast deformity. The components of tubular breast deformity include usually: a poorly defined inframammary fold, which means the flattening of the lower pole of […]

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Liposuctioning and Body Contouring in Beverly Hills

Posted On: October 13, 2008 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Body Sculpting, Home

Liposuctioning is performed throughout the United States daily and as such, body sculpting procedures are now more common than ever. However, there are many techniques involved and some are more predictable and safer than others. We perform tumescent liposuction and body contouring weekly in our ambulatory surgery center in Beverly Hills. Tumescent Liposuction in Beverly […]

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Pink Channel XM Radio with Dr. Linder

Posted On: October 06, 2008 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Home

Dr. Linder will host Plastic Surgery Segments for Women Only on the Premier Radio Networks (Clear Channel) newest channel, The Pink Channel on XM Radio. Dr. Linder is thrilled to be doing radio with the prestigious Premier Radio Network on Clear Channel XM Radio for the Pink Channel. He will be discussing issues on plastic […]

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VH1 After Party, Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Posted On: October 03, 2008 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Home

Dr. Linder was present with his wife at the Red Carpet Event for the VH1 Celebrity “I Love Money” wrap up party. This was a truly amazing event. VH1 has obtained the services of Dr. Linder as their celebrity plastic surgeon to be performing the upcoming breast augmentation surgery on film in the next two […]

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