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High Profile Breast Implants

Posted On: February 10, 2011 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants

High profile saline and silicone implants are used weekly in Dr. Linder’s practice. The favorable advantages of the high profile Allergan and Mentor saline and silicone implants include:

  1. The base diameter is more narrow, thereby patients have a sleek, thinner, tapered appearance than the moderate plus or moderate profile saline implant or silicone implants
  2. These implants are fuller and rounder, especially with the saline, which may lead to less visibility and rippling, especially along the medial breast cleavage area
  3. Patients can have larger breast implants placed without looking matronly and wide along the sides.

The example below shows a patient with a high profile saline implant placed using the dual plane technique. The dual plane technique includes placing the implant under the subpectoral muscle two-thirds medially and in a subglandular retromammary plane along the lateral one-third to one-quarter portion of the pocket. This is the universal approach and is a safe approach which allows for good tissue coverage along the inner medial portion of the breast, reducing visibility and rippling. Also, the muscle allows an effacement or smoothing of the upper pole of the implant preventing that rounded out appearance which is not favorable with most patients.

High Profile Breast Implants

High profile implants have a significantly narrowed base diameter in comparison with moderate profile implants of the past and this will allow for a more beautiful tapered and thinner appearance to the upper chest wall compared to the old moderate profile implants of the past. In comparison, for an example, the style 68 low profile 350 cc Natrelle implant as a base diameter of 13.3 cm with a 350 cc high profile style 68 Natrelle implant as a base diameter of 11.6 cm. Though these are the same volume, the volume distribution is more of an increased AP projection and decrease in lateral width.

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