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Monthly Archives: September 2008

VH1 Celebrity Plastic Surgeon

The VH1 “I Love Money” red carpet event is taking place tonight, September 27th at 9:00 p.m. This will be an extraordinary event, with VH1 taking over “Tinsel Town” with the red carpet wrap party for the number one rated show “I Love Money.”

Dr. Linder is privileged and honored to be walking the red carpet tonight as the VH1 Celebrity Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Linder has worked diligently with MTV Productions filming “I Want a Famous Face” and “True Life Series” for past episodes in plastic surgical procedures. These have been fantastic documentaries. He is thrilled to work with VH1 for the near future endeavors.

Tonight’s party will be held at the Ritual Restaurant and Night Club in Hollywood, California. This will be an amazing event and Dr. Linder is thrilled to be part of it.

The Beverly Hills Shape Presented at the Emmy Awards

The 60th Primetime Emmy Awards – Dr. Linder’s Book, The Beverly Hills Shape – to be presented to all celebrities at the “Secret Room Events.”

The Secret Room Events is an absolutely exclusive celebrity promotional event in which Dr. Linder has had the privilege and honor to have his book presented with the gift baskets, as well as within the Celebrity Gift Lounge to all the Emmy celebrities and producers in Hollywood.

Access to the book will be given to nominated film and TV actors and celebrities, as well as other artists in the Music and Entertainment Industry. Film, movie and celebrity stylists will also be on hand.

Syndicated coverage in the past has included Extra, MSNBC, E-Channel, and Fox. Magazines, including OK and US Weekly, People, Star, Life and Style, New York Times, Lucky and L.A. Confidential.

We are very excited to have our books presented and Dr. Linder will be present at the Gift Suites and in the lounge on 9/20/2008. Further info will be given in the near future.

Mommy Makeover in Beverly Hills

We see patients every single day of the week who have had pregnancies that create disastrous appearances to the female form. Even one child or one large birth can cause a woman’s body to be completely dismantled, including massive amounts of loose skin on the breast and abdominal areas.

A full mommy makeover often requires both an increase in volume of the breasts as well as removing skin, creating a breast lift. We also end up doing a tummy tuck in order to remove all the redundant skin.

It should be recalled that tummy tucks usually are saved for women who are finished having children, at least tightening of the muscles should usually wait. In any case, mommy makeover procedures will help to recreate a beautiful new form to the female body.

Mommy Makeover Procedures

Sometimes, breast implants alone are useful if they’re simply what we refer to as involutional atrophy or loss of fullness of her breasts because of breast feeding and pregnancy. However, if there is loose skin as well, then we will do a combination implant with a breast lift.

Tummy tucks are useful where there is skin that will drape from the belly button down to the suprapubic region. Liposuctioning of the hips can also be performed and very conservatively in the flanks, if necessary.

Combination procedures on helping young women are often performed in our Beverly Hills Surgery Center. The mommy makeover procedure is a wonderful surgery and as long as women continue to have children, mommies will continue to require mommy makeovers.

Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills and Hollywood

Many patients do not have the normal flat sternal chest wall.  Actually, they present with concavities, referred to as a “pectus excavatum.”  They may have the opposite, which is a bow chest or pigeon chest called the “pectus carinatum.”

In any case, a website referred to as www.thisislondon.co.uk, chose a photograph of Tori Spelling of 90210 last month strolling around Beverly Hills.

They specifically show photographs of her sternal cleavage area.  They consider this to be a mysterious sunken chest type of problem.  In reality, although this appears more, at least from the photograph, to be apparently a chest wall defect such as a pectus excavatum; where the chest wall simply never developed normally where the sternum is depressed and it fold inward and therefore causes the obvious type of inward deformity that is seen in any woman’s chest that would be borne with a pectus excavatum.

In my practice, fixing a pectus excavatum can be performed either with breast implants or with implants and a breast lift.

Patients who have very severe pectus excavatum make it very difficult to develop normal cleavage.  This can easily be corrected in the most severe cases by both placing an implant behind the muscle and performing as necessary a formal mastopexy (tightening procedure), which will allow the implants to be brought more to the midline and reduce the obvious cleavage problems and the depression that is seen in the middle of women’s chest with pectus excavatum.

Hollywood Breast Reduction

In Hollywood, more actresses than you expect have undergone breast reduction surgery to reduce the size of the breasts, as well as to reduce functional problems that they are having.

In fact, in the issue of People Magazine, October 2007, it was discussed with Queen Latifa details of her original surgery back in 2003. She quotes that she was an “E” or an “F” cup at one time and is now approximately a full “D” to a “DD”.

When a patient has breasts that are extraordinarily large for her body, it is usually worth the tradeoff to undergo the breast reduction surgery and undergo reduction mammoplasty through a technique referred to as “Inferior Pedicle or Wise-pattern technique.”

Scars are placed around the nipple down the middle of the breasts and along the inframammary fold. Queen Latifa currently appears to be in clothes proportionate for her body size. Taking off too much tissue would probably make her disproportionately too small. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that patients go to Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons when undergoing reduction mammoplasty procedures in order to regain proportionality and symmetry of their breasts.

Please visit my website, www.drlinder.com, which will give more details as to specifics of techniques of choice as well as risks and complications of the surgery and you can view our before and after breast reduction photo gallery.

Breast Asymmetry in Hollywood and Beverly Hills

Patients every day of the week come to my Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery practice with severe breast asymmetry. In fact, today on August 29, 2008, all four of my surgeries have severe breast asymmetry to the point where all four patients will have different size implants placed in each breast. Interestingly, they will also have breast lifts or some form of skin removal on one breast only due to the severe deficit of asymmetry. We deal with asymmetry every single day. Slight asymmetry is actually normal in most women’s breasts. However, when it becomes significant and a woman cannot fill in a brassiere symmetrically or cannot wear a bikini top, this can be very distressing.

Before: Right 34C Left 34A After: Right Mastopexy Left 390cc

Before: Right 34C Left 34A After: Right Mastopexy Left 390cc

Dr. Linder absolutely loves the challenge of reconstructing breasts that are completely different. In general, breast asymmetry is not that abnormal. Usually, one breast is small and tight and may be tubular in shape while the other breast is usually significantly larger, up to two to three cup sizes larger and is sagging, which will require a breast lift concurrently with implants placed.

We see patients throughout the world and right here in Hollywood, celebrities, actresses and mainstream Hollywood directors, producers, etc., who present with deformities of their breasts associated with asymmetry. We love the challenge of fixing these and are happy to work with each patient on their individual needs.

Celebrity Body Sculpting Procedure

Hollywood Plastic Surgeon Interesting, many patients, including celebrities do less homework in seeking out a qualified plastic surgeon than they do looking for an Hermes Berkin or Gucci bag, or a new pair of Valentino shoes on Rodeo Drive.

Recently, in the National Enquirer, August 2008 Edition, there were horrendous before and after pictures of the myriad of celebrities who had undergone facial as well as body sculpting procedures. The facial results looked quite disturbing. Often, the patients’ lips are over-injected, the facelifts are pulled too tight and the brows are very unnatural in appearance. The body sculpting procedures, including the breast augmentations, showed poor cleavage, and saggy skin with large implants hanging straight down. These patients throughout the years either have had weight fluctuations or have had improper surgeries, thereby not correcting their problems to start with.

When we see patients of all walks of life, celebrity or no celebrity, the correct surgery must be performed. If the patient needs a breast lift, she has to have a breast lift. Otherwise, we do not perform the operation. If there is too much skin in the lower abdomen area, we’re going to do a full tummy tuck. It is irrelevant as to who the patient is, whether the patient is a Hollywood celebrity or whether the patient is a middle class American working in any field. They should have the same experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon performing the correct operation.