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Reviews & Testimonials

Dr. Stuart Linder is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California.

With over 20 years of experience and being selected as Top Doctor by Castle Connolly.

Dr. Linder has changed the lives of thousands of men and women throughout the world.

5 Star Rating

5 Star Rating

5 Star Rating

5 Star Rating

5 Star Rating

5 Star Rating

5 Star Rating

5 Star Rating

5 Star Rating

What Patients Are Saying

April, 2021

Thank You So Much!

Dr. Linder, thank you so much. Not only are you the best doctor in the whole world, but you’re the nicest too.

April, 2021

Thank u Dr. Linder! The girls are dropping so nicely! And my Friend Mina just went to you and is really happy with her revision too.
Thank u again! I’ll see u in a couple of weeks for my 2 month check up.

April, 2021

“Girl, Yes!!

I am feeling great. Yes!”

March, 2021

Dr. Linder, Thank your for being the BEST doctor!
Happy National Doctors Day!

March, 2021

Dr. Linder thank you for everything you have done for me. 

March, 2021


“I loved my whole experience, Dr. Linder was very professional, and I would highly recommend him. Lastly, to all the girls out there that are wondering if they should do it, if it bothers you and you’re self-conscious about your breasts as I was, just do it.”

February, 2021

“Sending The Love”

Thank you, thank you, thank you….

February, 2021

“Thank You Dr. Linder”

Patient comes by Beverly Hills office after having surgery one week ago, to say thank you!

February, 2021

Totally Worth The Trip From Florida

For the past 20 years, I have been traveling from South Florida to have Dr. Linder perform plastic surgery. It is worth the trip to see him.

January, 2021

Dr. Linder, Thank you SO MUCH for everything you did for me. I don’t have enough works to express how grateful and impressed I am by your work and your wonderful team. Everyone was so sweet, nice, polite and most importantly caring!
Amazing experience! Admirations!

January, 2021

Patient expresses to Dr. Linder how she feels and looks amazing. I had a breast reduction, lift, implants (high profile) along with a mommy makeover, involving liposuction of the stomach, inter and outer thighs, flanks and bra bulge areas.
Six weeks post surgery!
January, 2021

Dr. Linder is my superhero. I cannot say enough nice things about Dr. Linder. All my friends all brag about Dr. Linder for the past 10years.

Finally, it’s my turn. I went in to see him for a breast reduction and lift. Immediately, I felt that I was in good hands. He has great bedside manners, personality, funny, a good soul and just a sweetheart. Everything you want to feel safe and comfortable before, during and after surgery. Trust him and trust the process. The BEST OF THE BEST surgeons. Don’t short change yourself going to someone less reputable. Don’t cut corners when it comes to the best care. Remember, you deserve only the BEST. It’s only been a couple of days since post opt. And I feel absolutely amazing. Sitting in my car with tears of joy. Dr. Linder has absolutely changed my life for the best!!. I had surgery on the 12/23 and it felt like I took 10-15 min nap. No Pain. I was a 36E and be took me down to a VERY nice full 36C.

Absolutely, gorgeous girls. I look like I have implants. Looking forward to my new life.

Thank you Dr. Linder for giving me a second chance to live and truly enjoy my life the way I want with no restrictions. You are AMAZING!! I wish you nothing but the BEST and blessings upon blessings.

My 2020 hero. My superhero. Dr. Stuart Linder.

December, 2020

Dr. Linder, Adriana and Sarai,
It’s been pleasure meeting the 3 of you! I consider you family and wish you and yours a fun Christmas and a better New Year!
Thank you for ending my 2020 on a positive. XO
Much Love

A. L.
December, 2020

Dr. Linder,
We are so happy with our results!

Mother & Daughter
December, 2020

Dr. Linder,
Words can’t describe my gratitude for accepting my very difficult case. Pleas accept this book as a small token of my appreciation. You and Dr. Aronowitz were angel’s when I most needed divine intervention

November, 2020

Dr. Linder #1 DOC and Love my new rack!
Thank you,

November, 2020

Thank you Adriana for giving me a comfortable recovery from surgery and 4 putting up with my 1st worst day being a baby LOL.
I couldn’t of asked 4 a better you. (If that makes sense) LOL

October, 2020

Dear Dr. Linder, Adriana and Sarai,
Thank you so much for taking such great care of my daughter.. Dr. Linder, you are an amazing, brilliant surgeon and her procedure results came out incredible and beautiful. We both thank you and appreciate all you do!
Love and Gratitude

R & C
October, 2020

Dr. Linder is absolutely amazing! His experience, knowledge & confidence is what truly drew me to pick him as my surgeon. His staff is so wonderful as well & make you feel very at ease with the whole process. I am currently 3 weeks post op from my breast augmentation & am beyond happy with my results!! Make that consultation, as it was the best decision I’ve made.

September, 2020

Dr. Linder is the GOAL.

Confident and standing tall
Plastic Surgery his call
Competent, accessing quick
Golden scalpel-that’s his trick!
Slice and dice and make me nice,
steady hands and don’t thick twice
Laser focus, skill and knowledge
He’s the G.O.A.T. and we acknowledge!
Cutting through the fat and muscle, changing lives is his true hustle.
Perky boobies, lip, tummy he creates for every wife.
Thank you Doctor for the tits, thanks for fixing all my bits!
Reassuring, kind and fun, your are ALL THAT and the SOME!
September, 2020

Dear Dr. Linder, Adriana, and Sari Thank you for all you do. You made this surgery so much easier w your compassion and understanding!
Dr. Linder you are amazing!
Thank you.

August, 2020

Dr. Linder, thank you for creating a miracle for both of us, our confidence level is high, and we are very happy with our breast enhancement. All the staff was awesome, they answered all our questions, and we are extremely thankful.

August, 2020

Dr. Linder- is the best surgeon! When I came to the decision of getting breast augmentation I did a lot of research in Newport Beach as its a closer to me but then I also met the team of Dr. Linder & Adriana and knew instantly that he was the one!

My husband came with me to the appointment as he wanted to meet the doctor and ask him his own set of questions to make sure everything would go smooth. Dr. Linder and his staff were great they were by my side before and after the surgery. His experience and knowledge truly gave me the confidence I needed to have him perform the surgery.

I love his staff they are very caring!!!

I would HIGHLY recommend him.

July, 2020

It’s been two weeks after reconstructive breast surgery due to breast cancer and Dr. Linder did an absolute beautiful job. I am incredibly happy. I love Dr. Linder.

June, 2020

Thank You!
Just want to thank you again for saving my life Dr. Linder, not a day goes by that I don’t thank g-d for you and your staff.
I went on the fast metabolism diet and do Bikram yoga in house one hour every morning.
You gave me my health back.
Love to all of you! Stay safe!

June, 2020

Dr. Linder, Thank you so much for everything.

R. & Mom
June, 2020

Thanks to Dr. Stuart Linder, I have fab new boob’s….he did an incredible job! Also, a big heartfelt THANK YOU to the staff….. especially Adriana. Pre-surgery there was some confusion with my medication. Trying to sort things out at CVS felt like a nightmare. One phone call to Adriana was all it took; she jumped on the issue immediately. She worked her magic and got it resolved. Saturday night, one day after surgery, I had some questions. Not only did Adriana take my call late at night on the weekend, she addressed all my issues. I feel blessed and fortunate to have been in such good hands with the “Dr. Stuart Linder Team”. Their professionalism and kindness were truly appreciated!

J. G.
May, 2020

Dr. Linder is the best…he is highly intelligent and very creative – a rare combination. He has IMPECCABLE taste and will be HONEST with you on what you need to look better than ever (my recommendation is to listen to him and do what he says). It is easy to see that HIS WORK IS HIS LIFE, which in turn, makes you and the outcome of your surgery priority to him. He also has a WONDERFUL team — from the girls in the office (adorable, super sweet and very helpful) to his anesthesiologist (very thorough).

April, 2020

I had a consultation with Dr.Linder for a mommy makeover. When I first met Dr.Linder I was so embarrassed to show him what my body ended up looking after three babies. He made me feel very comfortable letting me know I was not his first or his last case.

I chose Dr.Linder to be my surgeon, I am completely in love with my new body. I was able to gain my confidence back. You definitely pay for what you get! $$$ My results have been amazing. I am now recommending all my friends & family.

March, 2020
Dr. Linder, I can’t thank-you enough for what you have done for me! You have changed my life in ways you will never know. Not only are you an amazing surgeon, but you are an amazing human being. You radiate love and light. Your uplifting spirit is contagious. I admire your passion for your expertise, but most of all I admire your passion for your family, staff, and patients. You have a beautiful heart. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and making my life better. Please tell everyone that assisted in my surgery how grateful I am for everything.
Everyone was amazing, loving, and kind. I felt safe and cared for. You have the most amazing team.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
With love, A
March, 2020

Patient expresses how Dr. Linder had improved her appearance and enhanced the cleavage.
February, 2020

Been 2 months healed and absolutely pleased with my results, I’m very small and petite small A and I am now a full C and look completely natural. Best decision I could have made. I know about 6 people who have been to him and everyone looks absolutely perfect. Dr Linder is truly the best and I definitely recommend him to anyone!

January, 2020

Thank you so much Dr. Linder for being the greatest as a surgeon, as a person and your honesty. I will always remember the reassurance you gave me the day of my surgery when I was so nervous.
Thank you so much for the new me!! Im so happy and my husband is too!! Excited to see my end results.

December, 2019

Very Grateful From Montana
December, 2019

Dr.Linder is by far the best! I recently had surgery done last month and not only has is been an exciting and great experience! Doctor and he’s wonderful staff have made me feel at home answering all my
Questions without any hesitation! Being a young girl getting a Breast augmentation was such a nerve-racking experience but with the help of Adriana the office manger I felt so comfortable going into surgery knowing they were all by my side!
Thank you doctor & Adriana

November, 2019

Dr. Linder is the plastic surgeon to the stars. He is incredibly compassionate, skillful, a board certified diplomat in California and Nevada, and is a leader in his field. I am a patient of his and highly recommend him!

October, 2019

Absolutely the best! I recommend everyone all the time to him! I wouldn’t have it any other way! I had a great experience in surgery and post op check ups! Thank you Dr. Linder!!

E. J.
September, 2019

I was very Nervous about making the right choice for me. Dr Linder and the whole staff were %100 patient, reassuring and very available for all questions and clarifications that I needed. I’m 1 week out post-op and I am extremely happy with my result. Dr Linder worked magic in the cleanest of ways. The movement and cutting on my Areola looks fantastic. Dr Linder did everything he could to get me the results I wanted. The attention and care prior and post surgery was a great experience. The office also is so flexible with appointment times. Very happy I was smart enough to choose this Dr. and his sweet staff.

August, 2019

I highly recommend Dr. Linder!! My mom and I both went to Dr. Linder for a breast augmentation and are beyond pleased with our results. Not only is he very knowledgeable and experienced, but he also wants you to be confident in the size and type of implant you are choosing. He also uses his own line of sports bras, which were perfect for recovery after the surgery.

W.P. San Diego, CA
July, 2019

Went in for a consultation for a breast lift a couple days ago because I’m unsatisfied with how saggy my boobs are. When I arrived the staff was absolutely amazing! Everyone made me feel super comfortable, as if I was at home ! Dr. Linder was honest with any work that needs to be done. He was straight forward and did not sugar coat anything. I’m looking forward to surgery soon.

June, 2019

Dr. Linder is amazing,
I highly recommend him. He did my breast augmentations and it went perfectly. He made me so comfortable and my surgery couldn’t have gone any better. My results are beautiful!!
Thank you Dr. Linder!!

Lauren S.
June, 2019

Dr. Linder and his staff were SO helpful and wonderful to deal with, especially Adriana. She answers all questions within minutes! I did all my consultation VIA FaceTime and Dr. Linder KNEW what to do and exactly what I wanted. He is a master of his field. Dr. Linder, himself, talks to me on a regular basis and his follow up care is second to NONE. This is one of the main reasons I chose Dr. Linder as my surgeon. He has a reputation that precedes him and a following that is amazing. If my friends ask me for a referral, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Linder and his staff.

May, 2019

If you want the best of the best plastic surgeon, Dr. Linder is the way to go. He has helped me gain my confidence back due to the amazing results he provided. Dr. Linder and his staff are excellent!

April, 2019

Dr Linder is a true genius …. my wife came to him after a bad breast aug with another surgeon. She is now finally happy! Which makes me happy and the results are flawless. They are truly a masterpiece! I wish we would have started with him from the beginning. I recommend all to him! He is worth the drive and we live in Napa! Thank you dr and staff.

Daniel D.
April, 2019

Dr. Linder is the most amazing plastic surgeon!! Not only does he have the best office and staff! He did a great job taking care of me and giving me the most perfect augmentation and lift! So extremely thankful for Dr. Linder giving me my confidence back!

A. M.
March, 2019

Dr. Linder and Adriana I can’t Thank you guys enough for all you have done for me.
Adriana, thank you for being such an amazing friend to me.
Dr. Linder, thank you for being the best plastic surgeon ever.
I love them.
Hope you guys enjoy this small token of appreciation.

Love T, L.
March, 2019

I traveled all the way from Dallas to have Dr. Linder do my breast revision 4 weeks ago. I consulted with local surgeons but Dr. Linder came highly recommended by my good friend who loved her implants and revision that he performed. After having our initial consultation via Facetime, I knew immediately I wanted to fly to Los Angeles for him to do my surgery.
I absolutely LOVE the way my breasts turned out. My original surgery was 11 years ago and since that I had Double Bubble Deformity and Capsular Contracture. I went from 300cc high profile silicone implants to 450cc high profile saline implants and I couldn’t be happier. I have cleavage that I never had before! I also trusted him to go with the size he knew would fit my body.
Every part of the journey has been amazing. Adriana, who manages the office, was so sweet and helpful. She was always a text message away to answer questions.
I feel amazing and I’m so glad I made the trip out west to have Dr. Linder do my surgery. Best plastic surgeon ever!

C. U.
February, 2019

Dear Dr. Stuart Linder,
Your are an extraordinary doctor and an extraordinary human being! I want to Thank you for doing everything that you do and for showing me so much care and concern.

February, 2019

Dear Dr. Linder, Thank you, Words cannot express how thankful & grateful I am that you did not abandon me as your patient. I know my case was difficult, but I just did not trust anyone else but you. I appreciate the amount of time and attn to detail you gave me, for I know I had a lot of question and concerns. I am sending you a small thank you gift but it’s not ready yet. I thought, “what can you give to someone who has everything & needs nothing?” — Something handmade. Hopefully, if I’m able to see you for stitch removal I’ll have it ready by then. You are truly the best. I know you’ve heard that well over 1,000,000 times by now, but your dedication & hard work for all your clients; ( especially the poor ones like me) Means the world. Putting my life, my health & trust in your capable & skilled hands has never felt so easy as I know you are truly so gifted in all that you do. And, you put health first which is so crucial. You care so deeply & it’s evident in the work you do, the people you handpick to have on your team & the standards and values you uphold & live by in your practice. Thank you again a thousand times over.

Love, M.
January, 2019

My Mommy Makeover which included a tummy tuck, beast lift and lipo. I received exceptional care from this excellent team. Thank you Dr. Linder & Adriana for your kindness, understanding and most importantly the support that I have received.
I am extremely happy and grateful being just 11 days post op. An amazingly ridiculous way to jump start my 2019! I was referred by my daughter who had 2 tummy tucks after my grandsons were born. This is by far the best investment in myself that I could have possibly made. I would highly recommend Dr. Stuart Linder.

Carmen Palmdale, CA
January, 2019

Thank you for making me whole again after 10 years. You are the best reconstructive surgeon. I have ever come across, and are family to me. You took all I’ve been through and changed my life for the best. You are an amazing man, held my hand through the surgery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I wish I could say more! Thank you very, very much. I’m so proud of what you did for me and your passion for your work.

San Diego, CA
December, 2018

Dr. Stuart Linder, is the most amazing breast surgeon in Beverly hills and in the world.
He is an expert at revisions. Dr. Linder just replaced by implants with the most awwsome implants with high projection.  They look great!!!
I thank him for saving my life…

Rebecca, Las Vegas
September, 2018

Dear Dr. Linder and Adriana,
Thank you so much for making this experience amazing.  Dr. Linder, your are truly a brilliant miracle worker and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Adriana you make this whole situation wonderful by your love and compassion.
Thank you.

September, 2018

Dear Dr. Linder- You are one-in-a-million!! I am indeed grateful to you and the universe for your gifted hands! Thank you so very much for all the joy that you bring to our lives!

August, 2018

Dr. Linder, Adriana & Staff I can’t thank you enough for helping me at a time of need. I am humbled and grateful for all your help, outstanding service, Expertise and talent. XO!!

May, 2018

You’re the best Dr. Stuart Linder. Thanks to you for your amazing work and top notch team for taking such wonderful care of me today.

May, 2018

Since I was your lucky number one today for surgery I wanted to say, Thank You! You and your team were amazing once again. There is no way I would go anywhere else.

April, 2018

Breast revision and reconstruction is differently your forte! He completely changed my life and botch job!! Would entrust him 1,000x’s over. His teams dedication and care is unbelievable. Traveling from Canada I was worried, however he took the time to speak to me on several different occasions and answer all my medical questions. Even when I got scared and cancelled the operation the first time, they reassured me that I would be in good hands, I wasn’t in good hands, I was in the best! Thank you again Dr. Linder and team!

PR, Canada
March, 2018

Dr. Linder did my breast aug and I couldn’t be anymore pleased with my results! He did an amazing job at making my breast look so natural!! I have recommended my sister and her friend to Dr. Linder and they are very satisfied as well! I will be going back once my due time is up. Thanks Dr. Linder!

J. R. Sherman Oaks, CA
February, 2018

Dr. Linder and his staff was not only the best experience cosmetically, but personally some of the most genuine people I have met. After having a baby, I didn’t like the shape of my breast and lacked self confidence in certain dresses and bikinis, but Dr. Linder completely changed that! What I loved most about Dr. Linder is he was completely honest with me regarding what would best fit my body shape and listened to what I wanted as a patient. Dr. Linder never made me feel as if he was selling me on excess services or things I didn’t need. Also, his staff such as Adriana and Nelly were so sweet and genuine and have become lifelong friends. Adriana was there for me for any questions I had, no matter the time, and followed up with me completely through after care…even up to a year! Everyone at Dr. Linder’s office has made me feel like family and I’m completely in love with how my augmentation turned out.
Thank you!

A. R.
January, 2018

Dr. Linder, thank you again for the awesome job on my reduction and I’ve lost more weight and they are beautiful. I can run, workout, buy clothes that fit my entire body – and no one is gawking at me.

My confidence is at an all time high!

Thank you - A
December, 2017

Dr. Linder and his staff Adriana and Nelly are nothing short of amazing. They truly treat you like you are family and make you feel very comfortable and cared for every step of the way. Adriana made it so I was never alone in the process and if I had a question or concern she was always available and would respond right away even if it was 9pm at night. As for Dr. Linder he is truly an incredible and talented surgeon. I visited him for my first breast augmentation and I couldn’t be happier with the results. He listened to exactly what I wanted and provided just that but even better than I expected. He is meticulous with his work and does regular follow ups to make sure you are healing correctly. I would recommend Dr. Linder to anyone without hesitation!

December, 2017

I was referred to Dr. Linder by my GP for the removal of a lipoma (benign fatty tumor) on my shoulder. I was skeptical at first–he has a pretty impressive array of photos in his waiting room of some spectacular bodies, and I figured he either wouldn’t have time for my boring little lipoma or he’d charge way more than I could afford. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Yes, he does have an impressive clientele. But he took the same time and care with my consultation as I’m sure he takes for more exciting surgeries. He explained the procedure and the required recovery time and assured me I’d have very little scarring. Because the lipoma was on the front of my shoulder, an area that is exposed when I wear anything sleeveless, this was definitely a concern. After we spoke, I sat down with Adrianna, his office manager and scheduler, to discuss possible dates and to make sure my insurance would cover as much of the cost as possible. I wound up being charged much less than I anticipated thanks to Adrianna’s thoroughness and, because Adrianna knew I had very sporadic availability due to work and travel, she called several times over the ensuing months as last minute availability opened up. When one of the days lined up with me being in town and able to take a few days off of work for recovery, they got me into the office quickly and easily for pre-op business and handled everything with confidence. The Brighton Surgery Center, where Dr. Linder does his work, treated me with care, and the procedure was a breeze. Dr. Linder was very careful with his assessment at each follow-up visit, and when I needed to have fluid drained from the site where the lipoma had been, he got me in immediately and took care of it painlessly. I find Dr. Linder, Adrianna and Nelli (also in his front office) to be a kind, friendly, caring team. They are always understanding of scheduling conflicts and treat me like a friend. I absolutely recommend Dr. Linder!

September, 2017

Dr. Linder is the BEST breast surgeon! I had two other surgeries with two top surgeons in Beverly Hills, before I met doctor Linder, and the results were not good! Six months ago a friend had a reduction with dr. Linder and was super happy with the results. I saw dr. Linder and was very happy with what he Recommended me, he is honest and realistic! Today I’m almost three months pass full Brest reduction/lift surgery and I’m very satisfied with the results! I finally have the breast I always wanted. They look super natural and just youthful and beautiful! I would suggest everyone to wait and be patient with the results, it takes time for everything to heal. Adriana and Nelly in the office are wonderful! So caring and loving. Adriana even came to the surgery room on the day of the operation to be with me and make sure everything if fine. Don’t waist time and money on other doctors! See dr. Linder he is the BEST! I wish I saw him first. Thank you dr. Linder for all your care!

August, 2017

Dr. Linder is amazing. He put my implants in 19 years ago. I decided to take them out and he was my obvious choice.
His office staff Adriana and Nelly are so sweet and professional. Adriana took my calls after hours and was really helpful in giving me the answers I needed.
Dr. Linder is great, he’s confident and professional, and knows his work. The surgery center was also great.
If you are looking for someone who has a lot of experience and knowledge in plastic surgery, look no further.

L. S.
July, 2017

If I could give Dr.Linder more than 5 stars I would!
Staff and Dr.Linder have been with me through all the step of the way on my reconstruction of breast.

T. J.
June, 2017

Dr. Linder is the best implant surgeon EVER, I HIGHLY recommend him as he’s saved my breast countless times and I only trust his BEAUTIFUL WORK.

J. F.
May, 2017

I had a Fantastic experience with Dr Stuart Linder! He is truly an artist, I came to him with a complication from two previous BA! He told me exactly what it would take to repair the issue I came in with and he worked his magic! I had absolutely no issues. He gave me a wonderful transformation, and I couldn’t be happier! His staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and caring. I would highly recommend Dr Linder for a breast augmentation, from his consult, knowledge , experience, bedside manner, amazing staff and results…
5 stars plus plus!!! Thank you Dr. Linder!!!

March, 2017

Best plastic surgeon is so cal. So happy with my body and how comfortable I felt going into surgery and recovery. Nelly and Adriana not only made me feel ready for my surgery but prepared for everything after. From the front desk to the surgery center to the surgery and results themselves, if u want perfection, comfort, class Dr. Linder has created from the foundation up the best possible surgical experience for you.
So much gratitude for the confidence they have given me. Words really don’t do my experience justice.

January, 2017

Thank you Dr. Linder and Linder family for all of the support. I am looking forward to a speedy successful healing. I appreciate you all!

December, 2016

Highly recommend! Dr. Linder is a master at what he does and I have no doubt he is an artist. All his patients should rest assured they are in great hands. He is very knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease. The staff is amazing as well!!!!

November, 2016

I consulted with over 4 doctors for my breast reduction/lift. I would recommend Dr. Linder for any breast procedure. I am thankful to have met him and his friendly and professional team. They are all so amazing.

August, 2016

My experience with Dr. Linder has been amazing. It’s crazy how natural my breast look and I have gotten so many compliments. Dr. Linder and his staff were extremely helpful I had so many questions and they helped me out with every single one of them. I’m so happy I choose Dr. Linder because I’m extremely happy with my results!

July, 2016

It took me over 20 years and lots of research to find a plastic surgeon I could trust. I had a very large Breast reduction. Dr. Linder spent lots of time explaining the procedure and answering all of my questions. He was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. His office staff and OR Nurses are the BEST!! I have never been happier with my new breasts. They look amazing and i have no more back, neck or shoulder pain. Best of all I can finally buy a cute tops that will fit!! Wish I wouldn’t have waited so long..Dr. Linder you have golden hands thank you for changing my lift!
Thanks You!

June, 2016

My experience with Dr. Linder has been amazing. It’s crazy how natural my breast look and i have gotten so many compliments. Dr. Linder and his staff were extremely helpful I had so many questions and they helped me out with every single one of them. I’m so happy I chose Dr. Linder because I’m extremely happy with my results!

Michelle Orange County, CA
May, 2016

I am a happy patient of Dr. Linder. I found out about Dr. Linder through a coworker that had been a past patient for 9 years and her breast look beautiful and natural. She spoke very highly of him. He is educated and specializes in breast and body. He is worth the drive! And his staff are a plus!

March, 2016

I was left with very uneven, very hard implants after surviving breast cancer at 33 years old. My original plastic surgeon acted like it was as good as it was going to get. But then I met Dr. Linder and he assured me he could do so much better, and he sure did! What an artist he is! He’s taken such wonderful care of me and I’m forever grateful!

February, 2016

Dear Dr. Linder, Some would say it’s hard to look flawless…. But with you, it’s a piece of cake! Thank you for all of your amazing work and your wonderful care of your patients! Enjoy the cupcakes and I hope to see you soon!

M. C.
January, 2016

Dr. Linder, Seriously. There are not enough thank you cards on Earth, even if I collected them all! You kick ass and I am so grateful for how much you’ve helped me. Your artistic & very talented hands gave me back my pre-breast cancer body and for that I am forever thankful!

October, 2015

Stuart Linder M.D. Dr. Stuart Linder operated on Cari two months ago and we are writing this letter to say that not only were we very pleased and impressed with Dr. Linder’s abilities as a surgeon, but just as important as a human being. Dr. Linder showed that he really cares about his patients and that his caring goes beyond merely doing a competent job as a surgeon. Further, his office staff was highly professional and courteous during the entire process. Other physicians and their staffs would do well to take a lesson from Dr. Linder and his staff as to how a professional practice should be run.

Sincerely, C & M
April, 2015

Dr. Linder, I had my BA done almost 3 years ago. After my procedure, I was frequenting the office monthly, but now I visit once a year for my yearly check-ups. It is always such a pleasure to see and speak with the ladies in the office- Adrianna & Nelly- as well as Dr. Linder. The office is always clean, organized and well-managed. Appointment times are kept as best as possible, but I also am pleased with the fact that the doctor will spend time with you if needed. I never have felt rushed, and he always made sure to answer any questions I have. Another thing I like are the Linderbras he has available for post-surgery and working out. Providing a great, quality service and product assures me that I have chosen a knowledgeable doctor.

March, 2015

Dr. Linder, Thank you so much for the amazing body you sculpted for me! I wanted to send you photos from a shoot I just did that show off the beautiful breasts & tummy you gave me.

February, 2015

“I love my children but hated my body after my pregnancies. I came to Dr. Linder because his amazing reviews and now I am a believer. I honestly thought I was a lost cause, but he assured me I can have the body of my dreams and he could help. He did and now I feel better about myself and have more energy for my kids. Dr. Linder gave me another chance at life and feeling young and healthy. I cannot thank him and his amazing team enough for making me look and feel great.”

R. C.
December, 2014

I just went in for a second surgery for my breasts. I had my breasts first done about ten years ago and the surgery was fine, but since I moved out here I have been meaning to get them touched up. Dr. Linder came highly recommended and I understand why. He was thorough and his sports bra is a miracle worker. The surgery went smoothly and my breasts look better than they ever did. I know it is hard to go back into surgery, but it is always best to take care of your surgeries, especially with implants, that cannot be in too long.

November, 2014

Dear Dr. Linder, Adrianna and Nellie,

I want to thank you for making my surgery so successful. You helped me make a difference in my life and I appreciate it with all my heart. You are compassionate, professional and downright wonderful.
Thank you with love and hugs.

R. W.
August, 2014

Dr. Linder,

Dr. Linder has been so wonderful to me and my mom, so has his staff. I cant say enough great things about him, he is the best breast surgeon hands done, truly cares about his patients and his office staff is the best also !!!

L. A.
July, 2014

Dr. Linder,

Very helpful and straight forward which I totally appreciate!

June, 2014

Dr. Linder,

Thank you for being such a wonderful doctor and for caring for me!
Here’s to your health and to your talent!

Best Wishes,

June, 2014

To Dr. Linder, Adriana and Nelly

I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me and the care and attention you have given!
I appreciate you very much and wish you the best.
Thank you for your support.

Hugs and Kisses

L.C. My gratitude goes out to Dr. Hoffman, Sheila and Cheryl.
April, 2014

Dr. Linder,

amazing team, are seriously the BEST!! I traveled all the way from the bay area to see the best doctor in Beverly Hills. Dr. Linder and his team are so compassionate and understanding to my needs.

March, 2014

Dr. Linder,

I would like to thank all of you here for everything your have done for me. This includes dealing with me being the pain I have been. This has truly been nothing short of a blessing.

Thank you,

February, 2014

Dr. Linder,

Excellent staff, loved my experience and loved the results of the surgery. Definitely recommending to friends and family.

January, 2014

Dr. Linder and Ladies,

I would like to thank you for making me feel comfortable undergoing my surgery. Thank you for your knowledge and kindness.

December, 2013

Dr. Linder,

Love love love the staff here! Thank you soo much for being so supportive and helpful through all this time! xoxo

November, 2013

Dr. Linder is very professional and explains the procedures thoroughly. The staff is so sweet and helpful and ready to help in any way.

October, 2013

Dr. Linder and Adriana,

Thank you so much for taking such great care of me and helping me feel comfortable thru the entire process.
You guys are the best!
Peace and Blessings!

October, 2013

Dr. Linder and staff is wonderful.

They are friendly, courteous and professional. Always willing to help and answer questions. I am very happy with the results and the healing was fast and safe.

Jo. Southern California
September, 2013

Dr. Linder is Amazing,

Helpful and Comforting!

Dr. Linder has been amazing through this whole process. Very straightforward and honest about everything from day one making me feel comfortable.

August 2013

Confident in Dr. Linder

I feel 100% confident w/ Dr. Linder. My health comes first & I trust it to be in good, expert, caring hands with him. The team and customer service is outstanding.

F. California
July 2013

Dr. Linder,
I want to send you both a huge thank you. Your office made my wife’s procedure a pleasant experience. Bridget worries a lot about the small things and you helped her handle this whole process smoothly. Thank you for answering all of our questions and putting her mind at rest. Without your attention to the small things it would have been more stressful. You guys rock

June, 2013

Dr. Linder is a great plastic surgeon! His entire office is professional and very accommodating!! I would recommend for anyone! He performed a breast reduction on me that changed my life!

May, 2013

Dr. Linder and his staff are AMAZING. I was instantly put at ease and knew all my questions and concerns would be answered. I am happy with the results and def DO refer.

S. Los Angeles, California
April, 2013

8 weeks today, so no more tummy band, whew! Plus, i’m looking better everyday and the scar therapy is working miracles. Tell Dr. Linder that i love love love my mommy makeover – he is the best doctor ever! i will be in Los Angeles mid July, so i’ll be seeing you soon 🙂

take care, nelly!

J. Texas
April, 2013

I am so thankful for Dr. Linder, and his amazing staff. When I go into the office, I don’t feel like a patient, I feel like a friend. The girls (Nelly and Adriana) are always so welcoming and sweet.

Dr. Linder performed a breast augmentation on me in December, and I am so pleased with the results. I feel confident and sexier than I ever have. I don’t know why I waited so long really considering this procedure, but I am soooo thankful that Dr. Linder was the man to do it.


G.C. Los Angeles, California
March, 2013

Dr. Linder,

“It’s not the regular augmentations that are impressive, but his ability to correct/revise other surgeons mistakes. I don’t know where I’d be, mentally and emotionally, if it wasn’t for Dr. Linder fixing mine.”

J.S. Kansas City, Kansas
March, 2013

Dr. Linder,

“Just spent 20 min looking at all the before and after photos! Dr. Linder is an artist, the best artist in the world, I am just amazed at how he put my deformed breast back together , love all of you so much, it’s been a long journey but I am so blessed that I found Dr. Linder and Dr. Hoffman , all of you , what an amazing team!! Xo”

J.N. La Jolla, California
February, 2013

Hi Wonderful Staff,

Dr. Linder and his staff were fantastic! I flew from Oklahoma to see him for a breast reconstruction/augmenation. After I did extensive research, I called and set my appointment. His team was very accommodating and knowledgable about everything that an out of state patient would need. Dr. Linder’s group have treated me like family, with open arms (literally), from the first telephone call until the day I left California. I am very happy with how my new breasts have turned out! Recovery was a breeze. I hardly had any discomfort or pain. My swelling seemed to go down in a few days. Dr. Linder is a great surgeon and has a professional bedside manor. I will recommend him to anyone who is serious about having the best looking set of breasts you will ever see! You get what you pay for and his work is worth every penny!

thank you

L.S. Oklahoma
February, 2013

Thank you, Dr. Linder, you’re the best!

Words can’t express the gratitude I have for this man. I wish I had a time machine, if I had, he would’ve been the first PS to operate on me. Instead, he was faced with correcting one of the most difficult complications one could experience with a breast augmentation. I know, Dr. Linder did his best to make me appear normal again. I’ll be forever grateful! I also recommend those seeking plastic surgery to read his book, wish I had before I went under the knife. The decision to have plastic surgery preformed, I believe it to be a serious decision, that most, take too lightly.

January, 2013

The best plastic surgeon in the world!! Dr Linder is an artist and the body is his canvas. His work is impeccable. The staff is comforting and accommodating, top notch customer service!!

J. California
December, 2012

Thank you Dr. Linder!

You have given me a new start in life!

K. Las Vegas
November, 2012

Dear Dr. Linder,

Words can’t express enough my gratitude for all that you do and have done for me. Thank you for your patience through consult in addressing the issues and wanting to assure the perfect outcome. You are The Best, and I have an appreciation for your artful skill. Thank you for always taking such good care of me and for keeping the “flare” in my life (the perfect term used by Adriana)

November, 2012

Dr. Stuart Linder:

Reconstructive Breast Surgery Testimonial

Dr. Stuart Linder is more than a talented surgeon. He is an artist. I was born with a birth deformity called: Severe Pectus Excavatum, and after careful research, it was clear that Dr. Linder is known as THE breast surgeon, specializing in reconstruction and fixing bad surgeries. His reputation is well-deserved.

October, 2012

Dear Dr. Linder,

Thank you SO MUCH for my Beautiful, PERFECT Painless Surgery!! I am so Happy. 🙂

October, 2012

Dr. Stuart A. Linder,

Thank you for your excellence in care & generosity. May this CD bless your life as you have…Mine!

Much Love!

September, 2012

Dr. Linder,

You are truly a blessing!! You have totally changed me! My breasts that were once Sagging and Ugly are now beautiful! I can wear a straplesss dress with confidence! You have made such a difference in me. Thank you for giving me that confidence back!!

You’re a true picasso in your field.

P.A. Reseda, California
August, 2012

Dear Dr. Linder, Dr. Hoffman ( my Anesthesiologist ), Adriana & Nelli,

No words will ever express how Happy Thankful and Grateful I am for all of you! I would love to be a spokesperson for Dr. Linder! After a botched up job by a monster of a Doctor in San Diego and after seeing over 10 plastic Surgeons, all of them said they could not repair the damage done to my breast. I lived in pain for 10 years, deformed , scar tissue pain and infections were almost unbearable. I was certain that if I waited long enough and interviewed enough plastic surgeons the right one would appear, but never did I dream that in finding Dr. Linder, my nightmare was on it’s way to being over and this miracle worker of a Doctor would be an answer to prayer. Dr. Linder is a Mensch!!!

August, 2012

Dear Dr. Linder,

I couldn’t possibly find (or afford) a gift to thank you enough for what you did for me! You have truly changed my life and I feel like a new person I am so much more confident and comfortable and I don’t hate looking in the mirror anymore. Even still swollen I couldn’t be happier with my unbelievable and amazing results!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have no idea how much I appreciate you taking the time to help me, and how much this surgery meant to me!

Thank you,

July, 2012

Dr. Linder,

Just wanted to say thanks Dr. Linder for taking care of my drama (monster scar tissue) lol You’re the best 🙂 Nelly & Adriana you guys are the greatest….thanks for always answering my many questions and being patient 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy….HAPPY MONDAY!

Thanks again,

K.H. California
July, 2012

Dr. Linder,

Words can’t express the gratitude I have for this man. I wish I had a time machine, if I had, he would’ve been the first PS to operate on me. Instead, he was faced with correcting one of the most difficult complications one could experience with a breast augmentation. No matter my final outcome, I know, Dr. Linder did his best to help make me appear, somewhat normal again. I’ll be forever grateful! I also recommend those seeking plastic surgery to read his book, wish I had before I went under the knife. The decision to have plastic surgery preformed, I believe it to be a serious decision, that most, take too lightly.

Thank you, Dr. Linder, you’re the best!

J.S. Kansas
June, 2012

Dear Dr. Linder,

Besides, the two wonderful women you have in your mainoffice; Adrina and Nelli and of course you’re the best plastic surgeon in the WORLD and has always been such a blessing to me and made me feel like family. You have always done all these things and more that I have written below about these three people. So, thank you.

I wanted you to know what a great team you have in Sheila, Nurse Vicki and Dr. Hoffman. Anytime you enter a surgical center, there’s always some anxiety and you’re very nervous, however this team makes you feel like you’re right at home and that they care about the patient!

June, 2012

Dear Dr. Linder,

Your Hands, your mind & your confidence.

You are truly Blessed..

Thank you Dr. Linder!


D.P. California
June, 2012

Dr. Linder,

I am ecstatic with my results from my mommy-make-over! I have always had saggy breasts and when you add to that losing 45 pounds and having a child, well they failed the pencil test miserably. Added to that I had battle scars of childbirth. My stretch marks and c-section scar kept my skin from ever rebounding from pregnancy. I was nervous about what Dr. Linder could do for me, and worried he would make me feel uncomfortable. After all I am far from a super model, and I was putting all my problem spots right out on display for a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. I shouldn’t have spent a single second worrying! He and his staff have been wonderful since the first time I met them. Dr. Linder immediately put me at ease and was frank and honest about what he could and couldn’t do for me. He made me laugh and made it clear that he was happy to work with me and help me along this journey. He and his staff have answered every one of my myriad of questions and have helped me every stage of the way. After a breast lift and implant, full tummy tuck, lipo on my legs, and 9 weeks of healing, I am beyond pleased with my results. For the first time that I can ever remember, I looked in the mirror and thought “Wow! I look great!” Knowing I look good under my clothes has boosted my confidence in ways I couldn’t even anticipate.

Thank you, Dr. Linder!!! I love showing off your good work!

May, 2012

Dear Stuart, Adriana and Nellie-

We just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for S. We really appreciate the personal attention and not being treated just like another patient. If you ever need anything please do not hesitate to ask.

D & S California
May, 2012

Dr. Linder,

I just wanted to thank you for caring for your patients the way you do. As you know, I was very nervous undergoing my recent procedure. But, I have to say that even with all my nerves I knew that I couldn’t be in better hands or in the hands of a more caring and good hearted human being.

You make one feel like family and for that I thank you. Even after 10 years and the fame that you’ve acquired through the years you continue to be as caring and friendly as the first time I met you. You most definitely show that you put your clients well being before anything.

I am happy to have you as my PS and extremely happy of the work you’ve done on me.

Thank you once again to you and your professional and caring staff.

Thank You,

C.L. California
May, 2012

My Plastic Surgery Experience

Dr. Linder, I had a wonderful experience. Your staff was great as a consultant and they went over everything.

April, 2012

Dr. Linder,

Made my trip from Oklahoma worth the effort and expense. I wanted the best and got the best for my breast augmentation procedure. I had very little pain and am thrilled with my results. Dr. Linder is a perfectionist (which is what I expected) and his staff is the most friendliest and reassuring group of women I have ever met.

S.M. Oklahoma
April, 2012

“Thank You”, Words Can’t Express My “appreciation”
For Everything You Did For My Daughter In-Law.
Thanks So Much…


D.K. San Diego, Ca.
March, 2012

Hi Miss Addy,

This is a long overdue but very sincere testimonial but here goes!

In October 2011 I had liposuction of the outer/inner thighs and hips and could not be more pleased. As a 56 yr old woman who works out regularly, eats well and stays fit, these problem areas just would not go away. I was self conscious about wearing certain clothes and had worn out more than a few pairs of Spanx! Living in Montana and cold climate means blue jeans and leggings are a big part of one’s wardrobe and I can now wear them with confidence and sexiness! Thank you, Dr. Linder, for your honesty about what to expect, your professionalism, and good humor. Your office staff and operating staff are the best and helped make the whole experience truly positive. You were right in that this procedure only continues to improve over time—I can now look forward to swimsuit season!

Hope you all are well —hugs to all—

E.P. Montana
February, 2012

Dr Linder,

~Perfect~ “Having all the required or desirable qualities or characteristics to be as good as it is possible to be! flawless.”

They say “Nothing is Perfect” but I have to disagree. My breast augmentation from start to finish was nothing less than Perfect! From the very 1st conversation with your office, I knew I was in the best of care. Adrianna and Nelly are amazing. There was not a question, email or call that they did not respond and answer immediately and with the utmost knowledge, and professionalism nor a detail left unanswered….from every procedure to instructions and what would happen pre, during and aftercare.

I have to admit I was quite nervous but you answered every one of my 1000 questions and listened to exactly what I wanted…..and I was quite specific in what I did and didn’t want. My results were not only Spot On but better than I ever could have imagined…Yes, Perfect! Beyond compare, excellent, impeccable, skilled and superb are a few more words I will use to describe my experience and my results.

Thank you, Adriana, Nelly, Nurse Beverly, Dr Hoffman and of course you, Dr Linder.

Thank you with all my heart.

January, 2012

I’ve always been confident about my body. I never hated it or wanted to do anything to alter it, however that changed once I got pregnant. Gaining and quickly losing over 70 pounds left me with what I called “deformed breast.” My breasts lost their shape and their fullness, the eriola was extremely large and I had a lot of sagging skin in my breasts. For the first time in my life I disliked what I saw in the mirror. After six years of careful consideration I decide it was time for me to regain that confidence I once had.

After meeting with a few other doctors I decided on Dr. Linder. He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, answered all my questions and most of all he made me feel comfortable and welcomed as did his staff. The surgery went smoothly. My breast look AMAZING! Dr. Linder gave me something I haven’t had in years…confidence and a smile when I look in the mirror as I dress or undress :). It surreal to think that I have my body back after so many years.

I’m so thankful to Dr. Linder for making this happen. I’m happy, excited…I’m in love with my body again.

A. A.
December, 2011

Dear Dr. Linder,

I would like to thank you for changing my life. Your the best and most wonderful doctor in the world. I would like to especially thank you and your wonderful professional team for all the hard work, dedication, beautiful energy, sweet sincere approach, caring, and supportive ways. Meeting you and your staff for the first time was comforting, awesome, and re-assuring. Your care-unit staff is amazing!!! The care and love you feel… right at home with the best nurses and doctors caring for each and every one of us. I felt safe, warm, and informed all the time… i never felt lost or scared inside post operation or ever. You have the the most precious team! Dr. Linder, Thank you. Thank you from the core of my soul for sculpting my body perfectly~ inside and out. Your team is very gracious, caring, like a family… the doctors and nurses in the care unit guide you through their work with you with endearing hearts. I’ve never experienced that anywhere.

How you perfectly sculpted my body is incredible and phenomenal and the fact that i work for sculptors as they sculpt my body was magic made for a dream. Thank you so much for making my dream come true. Seriously, choosing to have you sculpt my body was the best decision in my life. After surgery- I felt better on the inside – I just felt so good. The healing process is going perfectly well. I listen to your directions, do as you say, and my results are exiting, beautiful, and perfect! (with a big exclamation heart of gratitude and thanks) You took care of me on the inside and outside and this transformed my self-esteem and how I feel… putting me on the right track. Feeling Great, healthy and beautiful, both on the inside and outside is a true balance. I’ve found my balance thanks to you Dr. Linder *!* Your the BEST!!!

With all sincerity from a good Irish girl… Thank you for making this all possible. You simply changed my life. And I get to live it and I’m so exited!!! As with my healthy exercise and diet … I’ll put in the hard work to keep this beautifully sculpted body as it is – as you made it. There is a big heart on the end of that sentence ~ I’m so happy and exited to live my life with this new balance – it’s made all the difference for me in the world with my career and my inner reflection.

I”m grateful that he showed me specifically what he could take care of. I’m grateful i was a candidate. The best thing to come out of this is that when I sit – my stomach does not double over – it’s flat, my stomach sits straight up with the arch of my spine and my shoulders straight back. I’m a happy girl and skinny ~*~

When you follow Doctors orders to the Tee – you get Top results… you will be so in love with the way you feel and the way you look to me that’s feeling beauty on the inside and beautiful on the outside.
Thank you Doctor for letting me wake up to that dream every morning.

Salute to Beauty, Health, and Happiness ~
Hearts, hugs, and blessings,

December, 2011

Here’s poetry dedicated to Dr. Linder and his team:

“A Team With a Heart O’ Gold”

a smile for you

a smile for me

a smile for the world

will help us all see

we are kind and beautiful

inside and out

deep down to the core as true blue as the sea

this team has a heart o gold

with a touch o golden luck

weaved in through a sparkle

our souls will sail with a wee bit joy

from a wave of a hand,

or a love of a friend,

or the passing of a smile,

our souls will sail ~

Season’s Greetings to All

May the sun shine on each and every hillside

for good luck of the travelers way…

may your flowers bloom and grow at noon

each and every may…

and for the rain drizzle to remind us just so it can…

may the time of seasons tidings bring

warmth to every land ~

December, 2011

Dr. Linder,

Thanks to you, “What I have” is vastly improved. I truly appreciate your passion for what you do, as well as the professionalism of the entire office.

Happy Holidays!

D.S. Riverside, CA
November, 2011

Dr. Linder,

I am so happy with my new and improved breast. I can’t thank you enough.

After having children I didn’t imagine being able to get my shape back, but because of you my breast are full and lifted again.

Once again, I want to thank you and your wonderful staff for all that you have done.


M.C. California
October, 2011

Dear Dr. Linder,

First, I want to say thank you! I am truly blessed to have had such a gifted surgeon. My results have far exceeded my expectations and I love the “new me!” Next, I want to let you know how much I appreciate your honesty, confidence and wonderful bedside manner. These three qualities can really make a difference in a patients overall experience. In my eyes, you have mastered these qualities!

Last, thank you to your wonderful staff. Adriana and Nellie made my overall “out of state” experience simple and easy! They were always helpful, open and honest. Adriana and Nellie are truly an asset to your office! In conclusion, any fears I had regarding plastic surgery, no longer exist….I really wish I did it sooner!

Thank you all again!

G.L. Missouri
October, 2011

Dr Linder,

Thank You! At 60 yrs with 3 surgeries behind me, I was scared to death to try to fix my problem again. From the first phone call with Nellie, ( I luv you Nellie!) she put me at ease and that gave me hope of walking in another office. Meeting you, sealed the deal. You were so kind and understanding. Very professional to tell me you would ‘help me’ make the decision regarding size according to my body, skin, previous surgeries, etc..I was very, very afraid until I met you and your staff. You ARE a master at revision surgery!! My boobs are wonderful, Awesome, in fact!! The whole procedure was something to learn from. Choose the best and you won’t regret it! Adrianna, I appreciate you! All your help and kind hug made me cry! Surgery staff, you’re the best!! I will tell everyone, EVERYONE…if you want the best, see Dr Linder!!!! Again, thank you soooooo much for my 20yr old looking boobies!!!

A.C. California
September, 2011

Dear Dr. Linder, Thank you for an amazing experience in Beverly Hills and for my “new” body!!!

I’m glad you talked me into the bigger implants. Your truly a gifted surgeon.

A.S. Memphis, TN.
August, 2011


I’m so lucky to have found you Dr. Linder. I’ll never forget our first phone consultation, because you showed me compassion in my struggle and you immediately spoke about how you could help correct my issues. The surgeons here in KC were too concerned about stepping on everyone elses toes with no regard for me…but not you, YOU CARED ABOUT ME and WHAT YOU COULD DO TO HELP CORRECT MY BREASTS and help me live a normal life again. I can not thank you enough for being who you are. You are an amazing surgeon and an amazing human being. Until I found you, I had given up hope that I would ever look in the mirror and smile again. You have changed my life from the nightmare I had been living.

Thank you.


T.K. Missouri
August, 2011

Dr. Linder is wonderful! He is a brilliantly skilled artist defining women’s bodies by enhancing the most inner beauty outside-in. I see myself becoming more beautiful each day. Words cannot convey my gratitude for the sincere compassion and genuine care you and Nellie have bestowed upon me throughout each and every office visit. Your and Nelly are the backbone and much needed “TLC” all patience need. I thank you both for holding my hand (literally) and guiding me throught the emotional downside of my surgery. Believe it or not – I was better I expected after all, I didn’t faint 🙂

I will only and always speak of the y’all with the utmost respect.

With absolute appreciation,

July, 2011

Hi Adrianna,
Just saying Hi! and OMG. I am so thrilled with my new boobs! I know I have a long way to go healing but Wow, Dr. Linder is amazing and an artist. He gave me exactly what I was hoping for but Better!
Thank you all sooooooo Much.

M. Beverly Hills, CA
June, 2011

By the way Dr. Linder, you are BY FAR, THE BEST boob Dr. EVER!!!! I have seen nothing close to perfection from ANY Dr. that I have seen for years from you, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY GIFTED IN THAT AREA!

M.D. California
May, 2011

I would like to share with everyone with what an amazing experience I had with Dr. Linder. I saw Dr. Linder on TV and was very interested in having the “Muffin Top” procedure. When I met with the doctor he was very informative. I was very happy with his honest opinions.

I felt very comfortable with him and his staff. I went along with my liposuction procedure and I am absolutely satisfied with my results. Dr. Linder, Thank you for all the great work and dedication you give us patients. You made such a great impact in my life.

R. T.
March, 2011

Dr. Linder,

After months of research and seven consultations with cosmetic surgeons in various states, I found Dr. Stuart Linder. (the most significant day of my life in recent years)

At 50 years old, having lost 60lbs and having kept it off for 4 years,I was ready to reinvent myself and recapture my self esteem. I needed a tummy tuck, liposuction of the hips/thighs, and a breast lift. Quite a tall order. With multiple procedures in mind, I wanted “the absolute best”. After all, this was my body, my life and I have two beautiful daughters! I found THE BEST in every category! Dr. Linder has been given amazing gifts. He is confident and by the way, would you choose a cosmetic surgeon who wasnt? He is humble and kind, speaks fondly of his wife and family, and puts you at ease immediately. He answers every question and never makes you feel silly for asking. Dr. Linder is full of energy, ideas, and always on top of, if not creating cutting edge technologies and techniques. His work is true art.

Then there is his staff. The finest group of nurses, administrators, and caregivers I have had the pleasure to meet. No call goes unreturned, no concern left unanswered. Always a smile, a warm hand, and a caring heart. And Dr. Hoffman, the Anesthesiologist, completes the team. He is talented, comforting, fun and caring. So what are my results? For me, Life Changing! Astounding! Better thanI ever imagined! Every time, yes, every time I Iook in the mirror I am moved to tears. I can’t believe I have my body back! My body actually looks better than it looked in my twenties!

I flew across the United States for my personal reinvention and I will confidently tell you, it was more than worth it! The perfect experience. Thank-you Dr. Linder and staff with all my heart!

February, 2011

Dear Dr. Linder,

Further to my very recent breast revision surgery carried out by yourself, I would very much like to express my greatest satisfaction and gratification, on the excellent works carried out to convert the horrendous work from another surgeon on two previous occasions, into the perfect pair of breasts, which is all that I have ever wanted. Previously I had been told that my breasts were as good as they were ever going to get, due to my bodies way of healing after surgery, and now after seeing what you have been able to do to them I simply can’t put into words how happy and emotional I feel with the results from your operation. You and your team Adriana and Beverly the nurse who held my hand as I became very emotional before going into theatre, have been excellent, professional, courteous and very informative, you all have made our stay here in Los Angeles a credit to the state.

I can only hope that no one has ever to go through the journey that I have endured only to find the most skilled surgeon on the third attempt, I would have no doubt in recommending your surgery for any form of plastic surgery on future occasions, I simply cannot express my satisfaction enough to you for the perfect finish, you really are a MIRACLE worker!!

Yours Ever So Gratefully,

C.R. England
January, 2011

Dr. Linder,

I wanted to personally take the time to thank you for your care and consideration for my health and wellbeing during today’s surgery. I understand that your high level of professional integrity demands it of you, but too often it is taken for granted. Your excitement and obvious love for what you do carries over into the quality of work you perform, and leaves patients feeling like they are so much more than just another procedure. Over the last week, I watched you take the personal care, time, and attention with every single one of your clients, and what I observed cannot be taught in a doctorate program. It has to genuinely come from you.

You are authentic, Dr. Linder, the highest complement for the quality, value, and committment you stand for.

My thanks again,

December, 2010

I cant thank Dr Linder enough for the wonderful job he did! If ever there was someone dedicated to his work, that would be Dr. Linder. From the moment i met him for my consultation to the actual surgery, i was at ease. He is very upfront and actually declined doing something i wanted done because he felt i would be left with excess skin. I cant wait to go back, and get my breast done!!! Thanks so much Dr. Linder!!

Referring you to all my friends.

November, 2010

Dear Dr. Linder & Staff

Thank you so much for all that you do- You guys are amazing!! XXXOO


K. S. Los Angeles, CA
October, 2010

Dear Dr. Linder I just wanted to thank you first of all for taking me on as a patient. I know my case was very challenging; which is why I chose you! This has been a physical & very emotional issue for me my whole life & finally I believe I can see a happy ending.

Thank you for your expertise!

Adriana, thanks for all your help & friendly attitude. You really made this out of state adventure as easy as it could be. Please also pass along a thank you to the brighton surgical center staff for their kindness & taking good care of me! I’m looking forward to being fully recovered & to the end result!!!


M. Fort Collins, CO
September, 2010

Dr. Linder,

There simply are no words to describe how grateful I am to you. All because of you even at 53 years old I “have my sexy back” with these new beautiful breasts. Do you have any idea what it feels like to look in a mirror and finally really love what you see? Well I do now thanks to you! I will always be grateful to you.

Warmest regards and a million thanks,

September, 2010

Dr. Linder,

Every single person starting with Adrianna was excellent way beyond my expectation. I felt as if I were family- that was the last thing I was expecting in Beverly Hills. Adrianna was so professional yet very personable – Beverly was like a lost sister and Stephanie was gracious and extremely sweet. I am extremely happy with my results and know in every cell in my body that it will stay looking great. I will recommend you and your terrific staff to everyone! I feel blessed to have found you – Thank you all for treating me so special – I feel whole again – and have more hope in my life since I have gone through this with all of you.

T. Durango CO.
September, 2010

Dr. Linder,

Thank you and bless you for being so nice. You’re not only a wonderful doctor and gifted surgeon; you’re also a kind and wonderful man. I’m Grateful for your kindness and excellent care.

You are simply the best!!

August, 2010

Dr. Linder is amazing. His work says it all. He’s honest and has your best interest at heart. I’ve recommeded him to all my friends, and several have had work done by Dr. Linder. I trust him 100% and would gladly fly back from Hawaii to have future work done. Thank you to all staff I’ve never felt like I was in such great hands.

I’ll be back!

A.P. Hawaii
July, 2010

I had my breast augmentation with Dr. Linder a month ago and they look so beautiful. Thank you Dr. Linder for making me feel and look fabulous. I feel more comfortable under my skin. My girl friends are also very happy with there results. You are sure the best!

B. L. California
June, 2010

Hi All!

I just wanted to thank you for taking such great care of me and for making me feel so special!

I truly couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I am so excited and happy with my results and owe it all to you! Hope you enjoy the Dermalogica goodies!


K. L. Newport Beach, CA
May, 2010

Dr. Linder & Staff,

Thanks for taking the time to take care of me.
Thanks for everything!
You have such a great staff.


K.S. Granada Hills, CA
April, 2010

Dear Dr.Linder and staff,

I am writing to you to tell you how happy i am with the out come of my surgery! You are truly a gem! My breast augmentation looks and feel so natural and I am only 8 weeks out. Thank you for your professionalism and guidance when it came to choosing a size.

You and your staff rock!

N.D. Newport Beach, CA
March, 2010

Dear Dr. Linder:

I am writing to let you know how grateful I am for the amazing work you did on my Breast Implant Revision Surgery after extensive research and several consultations with other doctors, I decided that you were the best Surgeon to revise and replace my thirty-year old my breast implants. I traveled from Florida to your office in Beverly Hills and without a doubt, you were worth every second of the effort.

You are truly a very talented Doctor whose work is nothing less than astonishing. Words cannot convey how pleased I am with my breasts after the revision surgery you performed. They are magnificent and everyday I look at my revised breasts and am filled with gratitude. It has been one of the most positive decisions I have ever made. The surgery has enabled me to become more inspired in my commitment to take the best of care of myself; I go to the gym everyday and am determined to look and feel my best always.

Also, thank you for your wonderful support staff especially Surgery Coordinator Adriana Diaz. They were extremely accommodating and made the experience all the more positive.


M. N. Florida
March, 2010

Hi Dr. Linder,

Well I made it to NYC! I can’t thank you enough for all your support during my surgery.

I really lost hope and didn’t think I would ever look this good.

Thanks for your help!

S. C. New York
March, 2010

Before I saw Dr. Linder I’d had 2 other consultations in Beverly Hills, and had not felt happy enough to proceed with Breast Augmentation. I even decided not to bother at all. Then I was surfing the net and I came across some pictures of the best before and afters I’d ever came across. The name under the photos was Dr. Linder so I booked a consultation with him.

At my consultation I totally relaxed- sometimes you just know you are dealing with the BEST, and I totally felt confident to go ahead with BA. Dr. Linder’s vision and skill were obvious.

The result? Totally natural, and more importantly, extremely beautiful. Being English, I was frightened of that “done” American Look. He’s the best, it’s simple, and so are my beautiful, natural looking breasts.

London, England
February, 2010

I live in Texas and found Dr. Linder on the internet. I called his office and spoke with Adriana the office manager. She was amazing and answered all my questions. I then scheduled a phone consult with Dr. Linder. I immediately felt comfortable and at ease with Dr. Linder and scheduled and appt. to meet with him. Always looking for an excuse to visit California, I flew out to meet with him. Afterwards, I was confident that his expertise and wisdom concerning breast revision surgery would give me great results. I scheduled my surgery and was amazed with the results. I experienced very little pain or discomfort and had excellent care by Dr. Linder post op. I am very pleased, this is my 3rd breast surgery and in the words of my husband, he says my breast look “magnificent”. We are both very happy. Thanks to Dr. Linder and his surgical staff for a wonderful experience.

S.P. Beaumont Texas
February, 2010

Dr. Linder and Adriana,

Thank you so much for being so wonderful. You guys always take great care of me and make me feel comforted. I appreciate all the hard work you both do. Dr. Linder your a wonderful surgeon and doctor and Adriana you are not only excellent as managing the office but making your patients feel comfortable.

Thank you again

M. W. California
February 23, 2010


I’m from Canada and I was hesitant to have surgery across the border… but I am so glad I did! Dr. Linder did my 2nd BA (my first was a botch job here in Canada) and he gave me the hottest tatas ever! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone, he is awesome!

D. A. Alberta, Canada
February 6, 2010

Dear Dr. Linder,

You Made a difference.

I sincerely would like to thank you for taking care of my liposuction needs. I am on top of the world with happiness and a renewed self-confidence.


J. M. Los Angeles, California
January 2010

Dear Dr. Linder, Thank you for making C’s surgery and my surgery wonderful experiences. You really listened to our needs and desires and made us both feel very secure. We appreciate everything you have done for us.

R. California
December 7, 2009

Dr. Stuart Linder is a very excellent surgeon in Beverly Hills. I had my tummy tuck done in the Phillipines and I am not happy with the job they did and Dr. Linder revised my tummy and it was ten times better and I’m happy and very satisfied of the result. I would highly recommend him he’s great.

R. Phillipines
December 2009

“Me puse en manos del Dr.Linder porque confiaba en que sería la única persona que podría llegar a conseguir lo que había deseado durante muchos años. Después de tres operaciones en España en las que me hicieron un mal trabajo, busqué durante muchísimas horas el mejor cirujano plástico en Estados Unidos hasta que localicé al Dr.Linder.

Desde el primer momento el doctor fue muy sincero y me transmitió mucha confianza y seguridad, por lo que no dudé en ponerme en sus manos. El trabajo que ha hecho ha sido excepcional y lo recomiendo a todas aquellas mujeres que estén buscando el mejor resultado. Aprovecho para mostrar mi mayor agradecimiento tanto al Dr.Linder como a todo su equipo por su gran profesionalidad y trato humano.”

A.C. España
December 1, 2009

Thank you! Dr. Linder! What can I say, my results are absolutely beautiful! You were able to give me exactly what I was looking for and better. You are not only a very qualified plastic surgeon, but an artist at shaping beautiful bodies for women. I only wish I had come to you first! For any woman looking for the best, I can only say your search should end with Dr. Stuart Linder. From his very professional staff, Adriana, Beverly, Dr. Hoffman, who make you feel very comfortable, at home, to Dr. Linder’s expertise and ability, to see your vision, the experience is exceptional. I was apprehensive at first to travel from the east coast, but the journey was well worth it! Again, I cannot be happier with my results. This was my third breast augmentation to correct the previous breast augmentation and a mini tummy tuck to correct the previous liposuction. Every woman looking for change to enhance her body should end with Dr. Linder.

All my best wishes for a continued successful practice in making women feel great about their bodies.

Best and warmest regards,

S. P. Rochester, New York
December 2009

Dear Dr. Linder and Staff,

I cannot thank you enough for taking such amazing care of me. I love my new shape! My life has changed in such a positive way since my breast augmentation and I have all of you to thank – from consultation to post-op, everyone was amazing!

I’ll be sending all my friends your way!

Besh wishes.

S. G. California
November 2009

To Dr. Linder and all your amazing Staff:

Since the first time I called your office, I felt completely at peace and totally comfortable. Adriana was the first person I spoke with. She is so patient and caring. She made me feel that there was no wrong question and she took the time to speak with me. She’s so wonderful. Then I spoke with Dr. Linder. I had two previous breast surgeries from my home town of British Columbia, Canada, each one worse than the previous. I had had a virtual consultation with Dr. Linder. He right away knew what needed to be done to fix all the scar tissue and mess from the previous surgeries. I knew that I had to come out to Beverly Hills to have it done right. My confidence in Dr. Linder was 110%. He is amazing. When we spoke on the phone, he was so kind and totally focused on making my surgery a success. The day before surgery, I came to his office to meet him in person. He is such an amazing man. So caring, so patient, he answered any questions and concerns that I had. He took the time with me to ensure I was totally at ease and at peace with respect to the surgery to come.

On the morning of surgery, I met Beverly and the rest of his staff. Beverly is such a caring person, just like a mom. I couldn’t have had a better nurse. The day after surgery, came in to see Dr. Linder, bandages were removed and I was crying. Dr. Linder far exceeded my expectations. I am 110% satisfied. He’s not only an amazing man, but he is an amazing surgeon. He instantly changed my life. He gave me “perfect breasts.” It was worth the flight over from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Thank you for all you have done to make me feel beautiful again! Dr. Linder takes the impossible and makes it possible. I truly thank you so much for fixing my breasts. They are beautiful.

All the best,

Laura P. British Columbia Vancouver, Canada
November 2009

Dear Dr. Linder,

Thank you so much for my beautiful breasts!
I love them! You are a true genius at your work!

Kind Regards,

S. A. Playboy Playmate
October 2009

Dr. Linder & Staff

Thank you soo much for such an awesome experience! You all are soo caring and professional…and Dr. Linder

Your work is by far “The Best”.


K. S. California
September 22, 2009

A and Dr Linder~ I love my new boobs more than I could have ever dreamed! Had an awesome night at the Mansion thanks mostly to you- these things are just amazing!!! Thank you so much! Sending a new girl Ms. A. to you… See you in a week…

I. California
September 1, 2009

Dear Mr. Mrs. Stuart Linder

Thanks for being the best at what you do. I cannot express how you have changed my life. I hate my breast my whole entire life. They were ugly, saggy, lopsided and down right embarrassing for me. It has only been three days since my sutures remved. And I feel like the woman I only dreamed of before. Your work is perfect!

I still cannot believe the magic of your craft. I will be more confident and happy because of your hands. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget what you’ve done for me. I feel like crying tears of joy when I look at dresses now. I address you both because behind every good man is a good woman.

D. S. California
August 2009

Hello Adriana,

I have been wanting to write this to express my sincere gratitude for the way you, Dr. Linder and his nursing staff has helped me through my recent surgery in the most professional and heart warming way.

I first came to learn of Dr. Linder’s expertise and talents in breast augmentation in particular from friends in LA. Living in Australia and coming to LA for surgery was a big undertaking for me but I honestly felt it was the only way to have my surgery knowing I was in the most capable of hands with Dr. Linder’s entire team.

Your efficient and friendly follow-ups Adriana was my first contact with your office and set the foundation for a comfortable aceptance of traveling from Australia. My scheduled consultation with Dr. Linder followed this when I arrived and reassured me that my desicion was correct, and I left your office feeling like I had made new friends who genuinely cared for their patients’ best interests.

The day of surgery was a very comfortable one with the extended friendliness of Doctor’s nursing staff and confident and professional anesthesiologist Dr. Hoffman.

Any concerns I may have naturally had were quickly diminished and before I knew it I was wearing my new and beautiful breasts with minimal stitches. I am so thrilled with the result, they are better than anything I visualised.

The follow-up care and detailed information provided from your office has been panamount and useful where I can only say how delighted I am with my results and would gladly recommend Doctor Linder and his office for having a reputation of skill, professionalism and care.

Congratulations to your entire team. I am so grateful for everything you have done for me and a better person for having met you all.

Yours faithfully,

K.H. Sydney, Australia
August 10, 2009

My name is J.H.

I had my breast done three times in my home state of New Jersey not to my satisfaction to say the least, after intensive research and about a dozen different doctors visits and being told that they couldn’t do nothing for me I started my search for a specialist and that special Savior, and he was Dr. Stuart Linder in Hollywood, CA. After surgery the result was amazing. He and his staff are some of the greatest professionals I ever met.

Thanks again,

J. H. New Jersey
August 6, 2009

Dr. Linder, Adriana, & Beverly,

I want to say a HUGE thank you to you all! I live in northern Canada and found Dr. Linder after searching for months for someone to fix my breast. I had my first BA with a local surgeon 2 years ago and was extremely unhappy with the results. I had my second BA surgery with Dr. Linder 4 weeks ago and I’m still healing, but so far “my girls” look 10 times better!

It’s been a bit of a long trip but it was absolutely worth it. He is an amazing surgeon and his staff are absolutely wonderful! Adriana is the best and I can’t thank her enough! She answered all of my questions and more! And Beverly made me feel so at ease before my operation! You ladies rock!


D. Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
July 2009

I’m so glad that I went with Dr. Linder with my procedure. He was the first surgeon that I met for my consultation and right away I knew that he was the sureon for me. I did meet up with other surgeons just for the sake of comparison but none of them gave me the same feeling of ease that I got from dr. Linder. He really knew what’s best for you and knows what will most look natural for your body type. The results are amazing and I’m so thankful we found him. His staff is also great and very helpful. I had soooo many follow-up questions and Adriana made sure she answered them as much as she can. Beverly from the surgical center was very comforting and made me feel very relaxed before going in for the procedure. Everyone definitely made me feel comfortable and I knew that I was in good hands. Than you Dr. Linder and staff!!!

A.M. Puerto Rico
July 2009

I have chosen Dr. Linder with trust and confidence since my first visit and together we chose the best possible procedure for me. I am very happy with the result and the fact that his positive attitude and professionalism made me who I am is going to leave me a permanent happiness. I thank him and all his kind and helpful staff.


E. O. Dubai
July 2009

I can’t say enough. My 4th surgery from a horrible experience. He did a phenomenal Job. I look and feel so much better.

Thank you so very much.


S. B. Phoenix, AZ.
May 2009

Dr. Linder,
I am writing to thank you for the amazing surgery you performed on E.P.. I have been dating her for a few months now and I am really enjoying the new look. They appear so real! Truly Fantastic job. Just wanted to show my appreciation – Big Thanks


May 12, 2009

I am so happy with what Dr. Linder did for me. He fixed my breast. They look beautiful. Thank you Dr. Linder.


MT Houston, TX
May 2009

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Linder for breast augmentation. My experience was excellent. I traveled all the way from Pennsylvania and would do it again.

Thank you Dr. Linder immensely.


AP Philadelphia, PA
April, 2009

Dr. Linder

Thank you so much for the amazing job you have done!! I am so happy with my results!

You truly have been given the special gift and use that to make people feel beautiful, physically and mentally!!

Again thank you so much!!

Very much


March, 2009

Dr. Linder

I want to thank you for your professionalism and the great attention you and your staff showed me from day one.

I am so happy with the outcome of my surgery. I am 52yrs old and now feel like a new woman. My breasts are back in position and my tummy is flat as a board. My confidence is over the roof and I see the twinkle in my husband’s eye. We both can’t wait for our get away vacation to show your work off. I am truly grateful and thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

E.A. (Mother)

Dr. Linder and Staff

First, I want to start by telling you and your staff, thank you very much for my new look. If it wasn’t for you, Dr. Linder, I would’t be looking this good. My breasts were deformed and hard, but due to your unbelievable talent they now look awesome!

Thank you so much, you are truly an artist.

J.A. (Daughter)
February, 2009

Dr. Linder, Adrianna, Jennifer and Dr. Hoffman,

I would like to sincerely thank you for the exemplary care I received. Dr. Linder is an exceptional surgeon and an artist with a discerning eye. I would recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic work.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
January 2009

Dr. Linder is a phenomenally talented surgeon. Living in New England, I had my choice of leading plastic surgeons from Harvard and other top-tier medical schools, but Dr. Linder was more impressive and more of a perfectionist than any of them. Under Dr. Linder’s care, my transformation was remarkable. I will return to Dr. Linder for my future surgeries as he is the finest plastic surgeon I’ve met.

New England
January 2009

I just wanted to send you a quick note, and share with you how excited I am about my upcoming surgery! Both my boyfriend Mathew and I felt that it was a real family environment at Dr. Linder’s office. The patience and honesty that you and Dr. Linder have shown me, combined with the fact that I feel like family, is much of the reason why I chose your office for my procedure. Have a WONDERFUL New Year’s, can’t wait to see you on January 7!!!!

J.L., Orange County, CA
December, 2008

I was referred to Dr. Linder through my boss and after extensive research I decided that Dr. Linder was the best option and surgeon I could go to within the U.S. The surgery itself was scary to go into but the staff in the office was very friendly and accommodating. They made me feel safe and well taken care of. It has been over a year now since my breast augmentation and it was the best decision I have ever made! Dr. Linder is a genius and I have a tone of friends that are now patients of his and avid fans.

Loyal Patient,

A. W.
December, 2008

I am so happy! So thrilled with my results! Thank you Dr. Linder for making a flat chested girl finally be excited about bra shopping!! You and your staff Rock!!

L.G. Costa Mesa, CA
November, 2008

Dear Dr. Linder, Bree and Adriana

I want to deeply thank Dr. Linder for the wonderful job he did on my breasts. My self-esteem went up the sky and I feel so much sexier now. I love the way my cleavage looks with everything I wear. They look PERFECT. You are great Dr. Linder. I also want to thank Bree and Adriana for being super sweet with me. You guys made me feel right at home even though I was very far away. I felt very comfortable with everything from the consultation to the surgery to post surgery and that was very important to me. I wanted to make sure that I could trust the doctor that would operate on me and I felt that trust from the very start. All the staff that worked with Dr. Linder was great and I want to thank them all for making this great experience for me. It was definitely worth traveling all the way from Laredo, TX to California because I went to the ‘BEST OF THE BEST!!!!’

Best Wishes

Lorena G. Laredo, TX
October, 2008

Thank you once again for everything you’ve done for me! You’re a fantastic surgeon and a wonderful doctor. I love my new boobs!


August, 2008

Good Afternoon Girls,

I’m feeling much better and have been following all instructions to the tee. I did pull the zipper down a teensy to look. The shape and my cleavage look so pretty. I love the way they look! I did peek (I didn’t mess w/ the velcro girdle just peeked inside) down at my belly button, and I’m so overjoyed, it looks cute again!!!!! Even not all the way healed. I’m so very happy. Everyone was so good to me; from office, to surgery, to post surgery. Thank you girls! Thank you Dr. Linder! You’re the best.

Warm regards,

July, 2008

Thank you so much Dr. Linder and Staff: You’re all awesome!!!

June, 2008

Dear Dr. Linder,

I can not recommend Dr Linder more highly! I would make the 20 hour flight again. In fact, I will because I want to get lipo done and will only go to Dr Linder! He did an amazing job- I wanted back what three children had taken away and I’ve got it and better now!!

S.N. Singapore
May, 2008

Dear Dr. Linder, Bree, and Adriana,

Thank you for helping me ‘get back’ my figure, my confidence, and my reasons to wear tight tops again!! I truly appreciate all you’ve done for me…and for what you do for all the women who come through this door!!!

God Bless

March, 2008

I came from Hungary to repair my breasts because I didn’t like how they looked after a previous surgery, they each looked different, one was higher than the other. Now they are bigger and look the same. I like them very much!!!!

Thank you Dr Linder

L.K. Hungary
March, 2008

Dear Dr Linder, Bree & Adriana,

Thank you so much!!! What a great experience! I’m thrilled that after taking a few years to decide on who would like to do my surgery that I ended up here! I received a breast lift with augmentation and a full tummy tuck one week ago. It was honestly so much easier than what I’d expected! I’ve heard many different stories regarding recovery; mine has been easy so far! I took a few pain pills the first day and only half after that! I really didn’t need anything! Even though I still have some swelling I’m thrilled with my results and it was worth the trip from New Mexico.

Thanks so much!

L.H. Albuquerque, NM
February, 2008

Dear Dr Linder,

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with my tummy. I am so glad that I made the decision to fly out to get this done. You and your team, Adriana, Bree and Rebecca have been wonderful and great support throughout the entire time I have been here. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a great surgeon.

Thanks so much

London, England(U.K.)
February, 2008

Dear Dr Linder,

Thank you so much for a wonderful treatment from you and your team. For giving a wonderful result for both mine and my daughter’s surgery. You are a brilliant surgeon and will be seeing you again in June.

Thank you for everything.

C.P. London, England(U.K.)
February, 2008

Dear Dr. Linder,

I knew I wanted to have a breast augmentation so I set out to find a doctor that I could trust to do the procedure. I went to two consultation in Las Vegas and each one gave me a different opinion. I was on the fence for the next two to three months on what to do. I wanted it done so badly but at the same time I was afraid of getting a bad boob job! My sister-n-law gave me Dr. Linder’s website and I spent the next couple of days going through his site and just amazed at his work, articles, video footage and how he was so confident and proud of his work. I knew that Dr. Linder was the one for me. It has been a month now since my surgery and I am so happy with my results!

Thank you Dr. Linder , Bree, Adriana and Rebecca for giving me the BEST care and GREAT boobies 🙂 See you at my two month check up!


D.K. Arizona
February, 2008

Dear Dr. Linder,

One year ago my husband and I entrusted our 17 year old daughter, Meghan, to you for surgery to correct a significant breast asymmetry that had plagued her since puberty. This physical issue had caused Meghan a great deal of embarrassment throughout her teen years and had negatively influenced her self-image and self-esteem. Ads Meghan’s parents we extremely committed to finding someone who could help our daughter, but were understandably very concerned about finding the right physician to address her problem.

After a great deal of research, and consultations with local physicians, we found you. From the moment that we visited your office and spoke to you about our concerns, we knew we were in the right place. Meghan distinctly remembers when you looked her directly in the eye and gently told her, ‘Don’t worry, Meghan. We are going to make you beautiful,’ You not only calmed her fears, but reassured us as parents that you would take care of our daughter.

The results of her surgery have been nothing short of amazing. It was difficult for us to believe the outcome could look so perfect, yet natural. The Physical and emotional transformation that has occurred since then is equally impressive. Meghan feels so much better about her appearance and is more outgoing and confident. She works out regularly and has lost 20 pounds. Meghan is a full-time college student now and hopes to become a teacher some day. She has such an optimistic outlook regarding her future, an attitude that you helped to support.

Thank you again for using your skill, artistry and compassion to make such a positive change in our daughter’s life.

D.K. Arizona
January, 2008

Dear Dr. Linder,

Thank you for your kindness, your generosity, and for helping me to rediscover my external beauty.


January, 2008

Dear Dr. Linder,

For the past year I have been looking for someone to fix the asymmetry of my breast. However, I have not been able to find anyone within the surrounding states to take my case. I then saw your work on discovery health channel on a case just like mine. I was thrilled with your work and decided to fly four hours to come see you from the Midwest. From the moment I arrived I knew I made the right decision to come to California to have my nightmare of a problem fixed. You and your staff made me feel comfortable and safe both upstairs and in the operating room. I will definitely recommend you to anyone when it comes to asymmetry. I want to thank you for making my dreams come true. I now feel good and look great. Thanks again!


C.B. Missouri
December, 2007

Dear Dr. Linder,

I was so afraid of having breast surgery at the beginning, but you and your staff made the whole procedure easy and less painful. When I go back to South Korea I can definitely recommend any Korean girls to come to California to get their breasts done. Thank you so much for taking care of me while I was in L.A.!


Mimi South Korea
December, 2007

Dear Dr. Linder,

It was a pleasure to have you operate on me. From the first moment I saw you, I was very impressed with your professionalism and skill. You and your staff have been so kind and given me the best care. Thank you so much for making this experience so easy for me!


Soo New York
December, 2007

To Dr. Linder, Bree and Adriana,

Thank you guys so much for making my dreams come true. To have perky boobs again! Thanks Dr. Linder. You guys are great. God bless and happy holidays!


October, 2007

Dear Dr. Linder,

It has been four months since my breast augmentation surgery and I am more than thrilled with the results.You are an amazing surgeon!!

Since I was a young girl in grade school my breast asymmetry has always bothered me. Bras and clothing never fit comfortably or properly. After years of frustration, 2 kids and breast feeding, I finally found the courage to have the surgery. My breasts look beautiful and natural!! I feel much more balanced. Finally, my bras feel comfortable and fit properly. Your recommendation on cup size for my frame could not have been better! Thank you for your guidance.

Words cannot express my gratitude to you for the impact you have made on my life. I am also grateful to you and your staff who took excellent care of me and made my entire experience comfortable and worthwhile.

I look forward to seeing you, Bree and Adrianna in December for my 6 months follow-up visit.

Best regards,

October, 2007

Dr. Linder & Bree,

I really cannot thank either of you enough for helping me with my recent surgery. It’s only been a month and I can already tell how much my life has changed! This has meant more to me than you will ever know. Thank you both so much!!


October, 2007

Dr. Linder and Staff,

Thank you for all your help and kindness. You took care of me very quickly in getting me repaired and in and out of surgery in no time. Your entire staff is absolutely wonderful. I tend to get a little nervous about things and I understand that upon awakening from the anesthesia I became a “little difficult.” I am truly sorry for that, but most of all embarrassed. The anesthesiologist was very kindhearted and caring. I did not wake up feeling sick. Thank you for that. Vicky held my hand and Rebecca was an absolute doll. Thank you for all of your work, Dr. Linder. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me.

September, 2007

You are a great plastic surgeon. You make me look forward to getting dressed in the morning!

Dr. Linder, thank you so much.


Dear Dr. Linder and Staff,

I knew the minute I called your office that this was the place I was going to have breast augmentation and liposuction. You all made me feel so comfortable and answered all my questions thoroughly. Coming all the way from New York I knew that I had to feel 100% confident about such an important decision I was making in my life. Thank you Dr. Linder for the amazing results you gave me! Being a mother of two, and self conscious about my appearance, this has given me the self-esteem I’ve needed for years.

Lori New York (Albany)

OP, I had a BA in January of last year. I am going to be 38 this week. I also did a TON of searching all over the internet after an acquaintance of mine popped into my work literally a week after she had hers done. I would have never known! They looked so natural! So, like 3 of my co workers and I went to the ladies room and when she showed us we were all totally impressed. Grant you, she’s one of those quick healing people. She went from an A to a C.

Even after I checked out a ton of surgeons I liked the work of her doctor’s the best and decided to go to him. (Dr. Stuart Linder in Beverly Hills) He specializes in BA’s. I liked the fact that even though he’s qualified he ONLY works on women, only does BA and reconstructive BA’s and lipo. I too didn’t want to look like a porn star just proportioned. I have always had broad shoulders and rib cage and everyone thought I was naturally a C (pill and push up bras). Until I had to go on the pill I was naturally only a B. So, I went from a C to a D/DD.

I chose not to do the ‘high profile’ implants (Pamela Anderson) and went for the natural round. NOT TEARDROP. My surgeon has had to replace A LOT of that type because they apparently shift and turn in the breast. He refuses to use them for that reason. I had gone in there thinking I wanted the teardrop…by the way, my friend got the teardrop a few years before me and her’s look saggy after they dropped. She was unhappy with them.

Everyone is different…I didn’t have to massage mine and they dropped naturally. The funny thing is, to this day I see people that I haven’t in a while…including an ex of 10 years…and all they have to say is that I look like I lost weight!! LOL! I guess because my waist looks smaller! The funny thing is, I’m actually here for gaining 25 pounds over the last 4 years!

Sorry this was soo long winded but I have to confess I was literally the woman that swore I’d NEVER get implants…and now I am really pleased that they balance me out and everyone just thinks I’m naturally busty! I figured why not?! I deserve to feel great in my body…and why not do it while I am still cute! LOL!!! ( The nurse actually told me that the mass majority of women that they see are actually in their 30’s and NOT in their 20’s like I thought)


I cannot emphasize this enough:
Dr Linder is a genius surgeon.

Blending masterful artistry with a mathematical precision, Dr. Linder was able to give me the best possible experience with the most natural looking result. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that you won’t even be able to tell what I had done! 😉

His right-hand girl (patient liaison/financial manager that is) is also just the most wonderfully genuine, sweet, funny, and capable person I’ve ever met. She’s not in it to “sell you” into getting plastic surgery; she’s a very valuable asset to Dr. Linder’s business, and she made me feel incredibly comfortable, safe, and that I was in good hands. Dr. Linder too has a great bedside manner, and from our very first meeting he was jovial, insightful, and even fun — I felt completely at home with him and the whole staff.

Being a “normal” semi-modest girl (i.e. not a porn star, stripper, the Cat Lady or fit to be on Dr. Phil) who isn’t a plastic surgery junkie, I can tell you that if and when in the future I ever need to call upon a cosmetic surgeon again, Dr. Linder will be the first, only, and most trusted name on my short list.


I am so pleased with the results of my breast augmentation surgery performed by Dr. Linder. Dr. Linder’s dedicated staff coordinated all aspects of my surgical care and Dr. Linder’s expertise, professionalism, and genuine personality made it evident that I had made the right decision to travel from New Jersey to California for my procedure. I went from a nearly B to a commanding C and love my new breasts. I am overjoyed with my results and I am grateful to Dr. Linder for his beautiful work. Prior to leaving California, Dr. Linder coordinated my post operative care with a NJ physician. Again, another reason that Dr. Linder was the right choice for me. My sincere thanks to Dr. Linder and his team!

Your Jersey Girl,

R.B. New Jersey

Dear Dr. Linder,

I had gone to a doctor who butchered my breasts. I thought that they were never going to look normal again. But one day I was watching television and there you were. I knew I had to fly out and see you. I’m so glad that I did because you have made me a new woman! I thank you you and your wonderful staff for all the love and support you have given me. You are a true artist.

K. K. Honolulu, Hawaii

To Women Who Are Thinking of Having A Breast Reduction,

Let me relate to you my experience of going through this surgery. If you are like me you have wrestled with the idea for awhile (me ten years), you feel uncomfortable all the time from the weight of your breasts, you are worried about the actual surgery, the recovery, the outcome, the cost, the embarrassment of even discussing this type of surgery with your primary care physician and most importantly the doctor you would choose to do the surgery.

I can assist you in one of those concerns by telling you the most skilled, experienced, talented and caring plastic surgeon you could, would and should choose is Dr. Stuart A. Linder, M.D., F.A.C.S. Inc. located in Beverly Hills, California. I expected to feel a little intimidated by the sheer location of his office. Be assured however, his office is a very relaxed atmosphere staffed by Bree Pop and Adriana Diaz. They are first and foremost caring, hard working, organized, and available for all your concerns. Dr. Linder has a large practice but they manage to make you feel like you are their most important patient.

Now for Dr. Linder – Most notable is his obvious passion for his work. He wants the best for you and understands that this is a major decision and a major surgery in your life. Respecting that decision he exudes confidence that all will go well. He answers all your questions, and makes it less scary. Of course it is still scary, but you know you have found the best doctor. I must also mention Rebecca, the nurse who will take care of you after coming out of surgery. She is wonderful and gentle which is most appreciated since after surgery you are in a somewhat altered anesthetic state.

It has been one month since my surgery and I am still recovering, I don’t feel great everyday, but when I look at my breasts I cannot believe they are on my body. The weight of my breasts is gone. I can breathe better, my shoulders have quit hurting, I look better in my clothes, my breasts are not in my way (if you have large breasts you know what I man) and mostly I am impressed at how since they look. That sounds really vain but they look like some artist sculpted them. That is what Dr. Linder really is, a perfectionist artist.

In ending, I hope I have helped women wanting and needing a breast reduction head in the right direction for choosing the best doctor for making her life better. Once again, I highly recommend Dr. Linder.

Margaret Las Cruces, New Mexico

Dr. Linder, Adriana, Bree,

Thank you so much for taking good care of me. I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon or a more helpful and friendly staff. The breast augmentation procedure that Dr. Linder performed was AMAZING!!! My experience was one that made me feel comfortable and confident from the initial consultation with Bree, to the excellent job on my new breasts. Also, thank you to the staff that assisted Dr. Linder on my surgery, you guys made me feel right at home. Dr. Linder, Adriana, and Bree are truly the best in the business!!!

Shome Kodiak, Alaska

Dr. Linder,

I just wanted to thank you for the great work you did for me. Ever since I had my daughter, I have hated how my breasts sagged. But after my breast lift I finally have my breasts back and I feel great. I am more confident now with my new tummy and great new breasts. I was always afraid of the thought of getting plastic surgery, but you made me feel like I could actually go through with it. I had several consultations with other doctors before I decided on you. None of the other doctors made me feel comfortable and confident that I would be happy with the results.

You were by far my first and only choice. Your staff was very helpful and answered all my questions. I would recommend you to anyone who is thinking about getting any work done. Thank you again for everything you have done for me. I can finally wear a bikini top without having to worry about my breasts falling out.

Jamie Boulder City, Nevada

Dear Dr. Linder,

I cannot fully express to you how happy I am with my new breasts! After undergoing two previous disastrous breast augmentation surgeries by a doctor in my hometown of Atlanta, GA, I never thought I would be happy with the look and feel of my breasts again. Luckily, you were able to prove me wrong and change my life in the process.

After learning of you from my aunt and hearing her sing your praises, I knew I had to come to Los Angeles to meet with you. After our first consultation you assured me that my breasts could be “fixed” and my distress from my distorted looking breasts would soon be coming to an end! It has been a long journey for me, but definitely worth the expense for my happy ending.

You truly are a miracle worker and one of the best breast doctors in this country. I would recommend anyone considering this procedure to go only to you. I wish I had the first time. I cannot say thank you enough.

Your patient for life,

Sally Atlanta, GA

Dear Dr. Linder and Staff:

I contacted Dr. Linder after seeing him on an episode of plastic surgery: Before and After. His staff was more than helpful in working around my flight schedules and very accommodating. I couldn’t possibly be more satisfied with my experience with Dr. Linder and his staff plus my amazing results. I wish I had gone to him sooner. Thank you!

B.D. Houston, TX
June 15, 2007

Dear Dr. Linder,

Thank You! Thanks to you my whole life has taken an amazing change for the better! I don’t feel that words can even come close to expressing my feelings of gratitude. You and your staff were very kind and sincere from my first visit to surgery, and through my recovery. I had a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck done by you back in December about a little over five months ago. I went from having a flat chest with an unsightly tummy from child bearing to a natural, absolutely perfect looking 34C, and a super smooth, super rock hard looking tummy with the cutest new belly button.

I started working as a dancer just a couple months ago. Now thanks to you I can finally afford to go to college.

I have been told constantly and millions of times over how my breast are the most beautiful out of all the girls in the club. I have also been told that I have the favorite tummy out of all the girls; that it is the most slammin hard tummy in the club. The thing of this is most all the girls that I work with have never even had children, and most of them have already had a breast augmentation done. I give out your information a lot, and the girls I work with all ask including the ones who have already had a breast augmentation. They say they want a second one by you. LOL!

I am forever thankful to you. I’m so glad I didn’t go anywhere else. Nothing compares, and believe Me I’ve seen it all! Your work is like magic, and you truly do your best to make peoples lives happy. You are much more than just a doctor, You’re like a magician. If I didn’t know any better I’d say that You were a genie in disguise who just had a heart as big as this world. Dr. Linder thank You so much. Please don’t ever change, and may many blessings come for you. Good things come to those who truly do good things for others, and you most certainly do.

Forever Thankful,

May 5, 2007

Dear Dr Linder & Staff,

I want to thank you guys on a job well done. I am in LOVE with my 34 C’s. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You took great care of me! I am recommending anyone I know over to your office!! Thank you again!


Dr Linder, Bree, Adriana,

Just wanted to say “Thank you” for my boobs!! LOL Thank you Bree for answering ALL of my many questions… You’re the best!! Hope you enjoy this sweet treat.:)



To Dr Linder and Staff:

Thank you all so much for your great medical work, love, and treating me so well! I really appreciate all of the care!


March, 2007

Dearest Dr. Linder & Staff,

You guys treated me really nice. I had a great experience. I’m especially appreciative for taking me in so soon.

Thank you Dr. Linder for the beautiful results.

Love always,

Claudia Q.
February 16, 2007

Dr. Linder,

I wanted to take some time and thank you for my beautiful breasts. I am very pleased with the work you have done. This has been the best investment in myself I had ever made. I seem unable to find words to properly describe what a wonderful doctor you are. What a great experience!!! From the very first meeting I felt very relaxed and knew I had picked the right place. You have no idea how thrilled I am with my new body. Bree and Adriana, thank you for putting up with all my questions. You guys are truly great!!

February 12, 2007

Dear Dr. Linder and staff,

I’m writing this letter to let you know how extremely happy I am with my results.

From the moment of my consultation (Adriana and Bree) really made me feel comfortable and safe. Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. You really have a gift of making things beautiful. My tummy is now flat as a board and my breasts well there wonderful. I now have boobies!!!

Thank you so much.

January 16, 2007

Dear Dr Linder and Staff,

I just wanted to thank you all for my new breasts! My entire experience at your office was wonderful, from my consultation to my surgery date. Dr Linder, I truly cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. You are an amazing surgeon and I felt very comfortable in your capable hands. My breasts look natural and my scars are completely invisible! I’ve gotten so many compliments on my breasts and I’ve never felt more feminine. Bree, thank you so much for all of your assistance throughout my surgery and for answering all of my many, many questions!!

You are truly a sweet and caring person! Adriana, thank you so much for making me feel so welcome from my first visit to my last! To the staff at Brighton Surgical Center, you were all so wonderful and compassionate during my surgery I wasn’t even nervous! Rebecca and Noelle you made my surgery fun! Thank you so much for caring for me! Dr Hoffman, that was the best anesthesia experience I’ve ever had and you were a wonderful doctor. You and Dr Linder make a great team! I hope that I don’t have to come back in for surgery anytime soon but I know that if I do that I’m in great hands. Thank you all so much and I’ll be sending some of my friends over soon!

Warmest Regards,


Dear Dr. Linder and staff,

I would just like to thank you all for all that you have done for me! I can’t believe how you have helped my confidence shoot through the roof! I look at pictures before and wonder why I hesitated to go through with this… It makes no sense to me on why I didn’t do this earlier.

I have been so pleased with my results and people in my life have been so pleased that I have sent them your way!!

When I am asked about what I have done, and where I went.. there is absolutely to hesitation in saying … only the best.. Dr.Linder, I wouldn’t trust anyone else!

Thank you again

July 2006

Dear Dr. Linder,

I have been trying to think of a way to let you know how thankful I am to you for the recent surgery I had. I spent an enormous amount of time researching doctors for the breast lift/augmentation surgery that you performed for me this past December. It was an absolute blessing to have found you and your staff. This letter may not serve it’s intended purpose to let you know just how happy I am with the result, but I will put my best efforts into describing my gratitude. It’s hard to explain to others and even sometimes myself why it’s so important to have a healthy self-image.

You seem to truly understand that need. I am a much less conscientious person to say the least. You’ve helped me in ways that you may never know. I hope that I have the opportunity to bring other women who share a common lack of self esteem the happiness that you have brought to me by letting them know what a wonderful, caring, meticulous doctor you are. In my effort to thank you, I’ll be sharing my happy story with as many friends and family members as I can and recommending you to anyone who is thinking about having a similar surgery. I am happy to say that my own sister, who I love dearly will soon know this gratitude I have now.



Dear Dr. Linder – The Body Sculptor,

Thank you..Thank you for taking great care of me! Your work is incredible! I know I am still healing, but as each day passes I feel more confident about my body image and myself! You are a gem!! I love your sense of humor, too!!

Bree – Thank you for being thorough and explaining everything to me! You have a kind spirit and are very sweet!

Gladys – Your smile and positive attitude is infectious!! You are always so pleasant!

This has truly been an exciting and amazing journey for me… =)

Just can’t thank you enough,

Irene M.
June 24, 2006

Dear Dr. K,

I am so grateful to you for referring me to Dr. Stuart Linder! After meeting Dr. Linder, I had complete confidence in him and no fear whatsoever of the surgery. Knowing it needed to be done had a cloud over my head for so long, and the peace of mind I had after meeting with Dr. Linder was incredibly helpful to me.

Despite the fact that my capsulectomy was likely one of the challenging of his career to date, Dr. Linder did an absolutely wonderful job! I am so happy with the results, and he and his staff just couldn’t have been nicer. They actually made the entire surgery process enjoyable!

Dr. Linder is the best in his field, and a genuinely warm, caring and delightful person (just like you, dear Dr. K!).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, not only for this much-appreciated referral (which was a God-send), but also for being the truly magnificent person (and doctor!) you are!

Wishing you many blessings, always.

September 22, 2006

Dear Dr. Linder,

I just wanted to thank you for all the care I received both before and after my breast implant revision. I was nervous about going through another surgery after 8 years, but you quickly calmed me and assured me that everything would be alright and I would love my new Silicone implants.

Although I was very nervous the day of surgery, the experience I had at the Brighton Surgical Center was wonderful. The staff was great, from the moment I arrived until the time I left I felt very safe and very well cared for. Dr. Hoffman listened to my concerns about being ill after the surgery, he assured me he would do everything possible to make sure that didn’t happen……he kept his promise and I wasn’t sick at all!

I absolutely love my new breasts they are incredible, they look and feel so natural it’s just amazing to me. Whenever I take my sport bra off to change the gauze pads I am just thrilled at how beautiful they are. You are a truly brilliant surgeon! You are the only plastic surgeon I will ever go to!

Bree – Thank you for being so patient with me, for explaining everything to me and for answering all my questions whenever I called.

Gladys – Thank you for always being so pleasant and always having a smile.

Best Regards,


To Dr. Linder & Staff,

Thank you so much for changing my world! I love what you have done for me, I feel so much better about myself! Thank you for everything!


Dear Dr. Linder,

Thank you for all you have done. You have allowed me to reach my goal of body transformation. No other doctor could have done what you did, you are very talented and I am glad Debbie introduced me.

Thank You again,

May, 30 2006

Dear Dr. Linder,

I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me to create a more confident me! You did such an amazing job on my breast augmentation surgery! Even my gynecologist was very impressed!!! The motivating factor in my decision to have the surgery done in the first place was to have the self confidence to wear a bathing suit on my upcoming honeymoon in the Bahamas and to avoid any self-consciousness that would prevent me from taking my future children to the beach or teaching them how to swim.

However, these reasons that seemed so important before my surgery have become minor perks compared to what the surgery has done for my self esteem and outlook on life. I can honestly say I am a much happier and more positive person since I had it done. Shopping for clothes (HALTER TOPS!!!!!) and even just walking down the street are experiences I look forward to now! Your staff, especially Shirley, couldn’t have been more helpful and sweeter. I can’t begin to explain my appreciation and the gratitude I feel.

Thank You, Dr. Linder!!!

May, 30 2006

Hello Dr. Linder.

I want to thank you for my beautiful breasts. I am very satisfied, exhilarated, and I learned to appreciate my fuller appearance. I had no complications, no scars, and I feel good about myself. You were very informative and professional. I couldn’t have been more pleased. I would recommend you to anyone.

Here are some pictures of me. You made me look so beautiful!

April 27, 2006

Dear Linder and Staff,

Thank you so much for the wonderful care all of you provided for my breast lift/augmentation. The experience was pleasant and as comfortable as possible. I absolutely love how my surgery turned out!

Dr. Linder did a great job of listening to my desires and fulfilling my requests. The staff was professional and courteous during the entire process both at the office and the surgery center.

Thank you again for the wonderful care.



Dear Dr. Linder,

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! You have truly mastered the art of reconstructive breast augmentation. The results surpassed my expectations. Thanks to you, at age 47 I look amazing. You have the gift of turning your visualizations of the body’s beauty into reality. Now I get to enter my 50’s feeling confident, sexy, and flaming hot!! You will never know to what extent you improved the quality of my life. Now, I get to live it and find out!

Deepest Gratitude,

Karee M.

Dr. Linder you are Awesome!!!!!

After the birth of my son now 7 years old and as a 36 year old African-American woman who’s breast size increased to 44G, the thought of having a breast reduction became more apparent to my physical stature, mental stability and overall health. With much prayer and my husband standing in agreement with me I began my search for the best. God works miracles continuously because of all the doctors online I found the most comfort in one profile. When you find that one, you simply know. But, to confirm this, a family member in the related field not knowing referred the same doctor. That doctor was Dr. Stuart A. Linder.

From the moment I entered his office I felt his sincerity, honestly, and integrity. It is hard to find a doctor’s office of this level with a staff to match, but I did. Dr. Linder addressed all my concerns and enforced the benefits of a healthy mind, body, and spirit. This is comforting because I was unable to participate in any activities at any level. I now swim, run, roller blade, and much more.

Dr. Stuart A. Linder is a perfectionist and passionate about his patients and does everything possible to make you look and feel your best. With tears of joy, I thank you.