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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Plastic Surgery Segment



Looking forward to working with Dr Oz, the next new exciting segment in a plastic surgery segment ! Filming this week in New York

Dr. Linderband Coming Soon!

LinderbandThe drlinderband created by Beverly hills body sculptist can help bring in the midriff and waistline up to two and a half inches!! Check it out on LinderProducts.com. Available soon!!!


Linder Products

Linder Prodcuts

To create quality undergarments for women, it takes talent and an intimate understanding of the female form.  Linder Products was pioneered in 2008 by internationally recognized Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Stuart A. Linder.  The formulation of the luxurious line of Linder Products came to fruition when the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon had difficulty recommending suitable bras to his patients.  During this time, there were few products on the market capable of meeting the undergarment needs of his clientele.  The bras that were available to his patients were developed and mass produced by individuals lacking clear understanding of the female form.  After performing thousands upon thousands of body sculpting surgeries, Dr. Linder founded Linder Products.  The aim of the Linder Products was to create high quality functional undergarments for women.  After distributing Linder Products to several high profile clientele across the world, his patients reported that the garments were perfect for multiple uses, including training, pregnancy, sleeping and for everyday use.  It is because of this demand for Linder Products that this line is no longer exclusive to just his patients.  In early November, the Dr. Linder Bra and the Dr. Linder Band will be available to patients in fine retails stores, online at www.linderproducts.com and on commercials seen throughout the United States.


Star Magazine


Dr. Linder is pleased to be consulted as an expert in body sculpting procedures for Celebrity Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills.  On newsstands today, the current issue of Star Magazine says, Julia Roberts with significant breast changes which could be associated with breast enhancement surgery.  Check out the pictures for yourself in this week’s Star Magazine.

Santa Clarita, Valencia Body Sculpting Procedures to Beverly Hills

405 FreewayWe see patients weekly from the Santa Clarita and Valencia areas as well as Simi Valley for body sculpting procedures, including breast augmentation, breast revision, breast lift, breast reduction and abdominoplasty procedures.  The Santa Clarita and Valencia areas are actually a quick drive on the 405 freeway to Beverly Hills.  We enjoy taking care of this wonderful group of patients throughout the Santa Clarita Valley, including up into the Valencia area.  Women from these areas desire multiple procedures, including the younger patients’ augmentation mammoplasty and the women who have had children or significant weight fluctuations, breast implants with or without lifts, mastopexies, tummy tucks and total body lipo-sculpting.  We enjoy seeing patients from Valencia and Santa Clarita to Beverly Hills and welcome them weekly.

Textured vs. Smooth Implants Beverly Hills


Back in the 70’s and 80’s, textured implants were the most favorable implants used.
They believed using a textured implant over the muscle reduces capsular contracture and scar tissue formation.  This has been found to be true.  However, in 2010, most of the time we place implants subpectorally in the dual plane technique behind the muscle.  As a result, smooth implants should normally be used.  Smooth implants behind the muscle have a significantly reduced rate of scar tissue similar to textured implants above.  The negative features of textured implants include fibrous ingrowth of the implant into the capsule around the bag which can increase visibility rippling and palpability of the bag.  If the implant should rotate and is anatomical with a textured implant, then you’re sure to have a disfigured breast.  We do not use textured implants almost ever in my practice.
Other negative components of textured implants again include rippling and visibility, especially along the lateral breast area even under the muscle.  Textured implants will stick to whatever component of the breast are positioned and may be impossible to reposition, especially in a lower position.  Often, upper pole fullness can be associated with textured implants positioned too high.  Advantages of smooth implants, both saline and silicone include, they do not have fibrous ingrowth and therefore are able to be repositioned into a lower position by tissue expansion immediately postoperative.  They also have less visibility and rippling.  In general, we use smooth silicone and saline implants every week in our patients in Beverly Hills because they are predictable, have no problem with rotation or deformity and usually maintain a proper position as placed in the operating room.