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Monthly Archives: November 2016

I Am Simply Thankful

As the holiday season approaches, I truly am thankful to all my patients that have entrusted their plastic surgery procedures to me over this past year. I am also grateful for my patients who have kindly expressed their experiences on-line by posting reviews on social media platforms such as Facebook, Yelp, and Google. I am truly humbled.

This holiday season, I hope we all take time for reflection and gratitude for our health, our joys, our life’s journey, and for all the fulfilling promises that await us.

I wish you and your family a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!




Pectus Excavatum Breast Augmentation

Pre-Op Photo

Pre-Op Photo

I evaluated a young female in her twenties who was wanting to have a breast augmentation. During her consultation, she explained that her chest or breast area had a caved-in or sunken appearance. The abnormal formation she was describing of the ribcage or chest is called pectus excavatum, which is a Latin term meaning hollowed chest. After examining her and listening to her expectation, I explained that I perform surgeries often with patients that have pectus excavatum and that I would place the implant subpectorally, which would help reduce the width of the sunken area.

The video to the left is the pre-op marking of the patient. During the breast augmentation surgery, we agreed to use the Natrelle Inspira gel SCX 255 cc smooth round breast implants. I am very excited to share her post-op photo in about six weeks.

If you have this type of abnormal formation and are considering a breast augmentation, please ensure that your surgeon is a board-certified plastic surgeonI believe it is absolutely essential that the surgeon has precise anatomical knowledge of the entire chest wall, including deformities such as pectus excavatum.

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Linder and learn more about breast augmentation surgery, call our office at 310-275-4513 or fill out our online contact form today.

Downsizing & Breast Reduction Surgery

I evaluated a 29-year-old female who, after a previous breast augmentation in Mexico, was looking to improve the appearance of her breasts. During her consultation and examination, she expressed that she was hoping to correct the asymmetry of her breasts and the size of her nipples as well as downsize their overall shape. After listening to her desires and agreeing on the expectation, we scheduled her for breast revision surgery.

During her surgery, I removed the breast implants from the previous surgery and discovered that they were CUI silicone implants, which are not available in the United States. After I removed the CUI implants, I performed a breast reduction (mammoplasty), nipple reduction (areola reduction), and breast augmentation using 350 cc high-profile saline implants.

As you can see from the four-week post-op photo, the revision surgery has achieved a nice symmetrical balance , well-defined cleavage, smaller nipples, and a slightly smaller overall size.

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Linder and learn more about breast revision or breast reduction surgery, call our office at (310) 275-4513 in Beverly Hills or fill out our online contact form today.







Tubular Breast Augmentation and Bra Bulge Liposuction

I evaluated a 25-year-old female who was unhappy with not only the size of her breast but also its shape, which was due to her slight tubular breast deformity that caused a poorly defined inframammary fold. In other words, there was no fold along the bottom of the breast, and the flattening of the lower pole did not give her that round shape but rather an almost triangular shape. During her consultation, she also mentioned that she was looking to remove the fat tissue up by her armpits, which we call “bra bulge.” After listening to her desires and setting her expectations, we agreed to an augmentation mammoplasty and bi-directional lipectomy.

During her augmentation, I placed the 420 cc SRX silicone gel implants under the muscle (sub-glandular placement). I also released along the inframammary fold in a radial striated fashion to round out the lower pole of the breast and removed tubular breast tissue. To address the bra bulge, I made a small incision in the anterior axillary line just lateral to the pectoralis major border and used tumescent liposuction to remove the fat in this area.

The photo above is three months post op, and she is very happy with the round fullness of her breasts. She is also excited about how she looks in a sports bra now that her bra bulge is gone.

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Linder and learn more about breast augmentation surgery or removing “bra bulge,” call our office at 310-275-4513 or fill out our online contact form today.





Breast Augmentation After Post Pregnancy

breast augmentation post pregnancy

I evaluated a 32-year-old female who was complaining about a loss of volume after post pregnancy. It is common for women to experience breast ptosis or sagging due to the breasts expanding and then shrinking during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

After listening to her concerns and expectations, we agreed to perform a breast augmentation using the Natrelle Inspira style SRF gel  335 cc breast implants. As you can see by the six-week post-op photo, she has a full projection, and her breasts shape are back to her pre-pregnancy look.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Linder or for more information on breast augmentation, call us at 310-275-4513 or contact us by email.