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I am so fortunate to be with two of the greatest people from Mentor Corporation. I’m with Janelle and Todd, I’ve known these guys for many, many, many years.
We want to talk quickly about the Mentor MemoryGel Boost. This is a phenomenal breast implant. I try to use it every week in my breast revisions and reconstruction surgeries.

Janelle, can you tell us a little bit about why this is such a great implant?
Of course, our MemoryGel Boost implant, it’s our newest implants and there are a couple of different characteristics about it that make it really unique and wonderful. So first we have a thin but very strong shell. We have a gel that’s form stable, which is going to help shape the breast.

And lastly it’s also extremely soft, so it’s very unique. I sometimes like to call it our unicorn implant because it’s form stable. It feels really great and soft and natural, but it’s also going to help really maintain that breast shape.

Todd, can you provide any other thoughts?
Yes, just that combination of gel, shell and fill really creates the most form stable, but soft implant that you see on the market today.

So I love, love this implant. I’ve been raving about it for over two years now. I’ve used them as much as possible, especially on my revisions and reconstructive surgical patients because the results speak from themselves and are unbelievable.

Women who’ve had multiple revisions, multiple capsulectomies and have minimal brush tissue, often have ADM graft used to enhance and thicken the subcutaneous layer, so that we don’t see rippling. This can often be used in lieu and not require the ADM graft just because it’s so cohesive and cross-linked, we really don’t see much rippling at all with a high profile.

So this is my go-to implant, Mentor MemoryGel Boost, revision, reconstruction, number one in Beverly Hills.

For more information regarding the Mentor Memory Gel or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Linder, give us a call at (310) 275-4513 or feel free to contact us via email.