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Pre Op Marking For Breast Augmentation Surgery

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So today we are marking our young lady now for primary breast augmentation, we’re going to first mark the midline. We will be using silicone INSPIRA Allergan SRF gel, 415 ccs on each side. Bilateral 415, INSPIRA SRF Allergan gels, which is a beautiful implant for her. Her folds are slightly high. We are going to do just a tiny bit of lowering of the inframammary folds on both breasts. The portal of entry of the incision will be under the nipple, small, tiny little periareolar site.

Also, this area laterally is the area that we will not be releasing so we can get her cleavage in. So we’re going to be leaving this part of the breast unopened or just left as is. Once again, release here, inframammary fold, lowered slightly along the medial peristernal region. The lateral breast pocket here will not be opened so that we can keep the implants towards the midline. Our incision site will be under the areola, periareolar approach. She has a pretty wide-based chest, so we want to use a fuller implant. We’re using the SRF INSPIRA. And again, limiting our pocket to the areola border up to the midline here.

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