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Dr. Linder Explains
His Breast Revision Approach

in Beverly Hills

Learn More About Breast Revision

Breast revision surgery, it’s one of my favorite operations. It is very challenging. There are a myriad, a multitude of reasons why we have to do breast revisions, capsular contracture or scar tissue formation, malposition, the implants are the wrong position, breastfeeding and having had a baby and now there’s, again, scar tissue and malposition and skin laxity or a lot of saggy skin. Those are all reasons for having to redo the breast.

Ruptured implants, saline or silicone. With silicone rupture can be intra capsular where it’s within the pocket or extra capsular where the silicone leaks through the breast tissue and even to the axillary lymph nodes. So we don’t know sometimes how extravagant the revision is going to be until we get into the body.

Breast revision surgery can be a very complicated operation. It requires open capsulectomies, it requires implant replacement. It can require skin removal and full breast lifts. It can require changing the pocket from subglandular to submuscular or submuscular to subglandular. So there’s a whole myriad of different procedures that we do when we do a breast revision surgery.

Breast revision surgery requires experts, and it requires that the patients seek a surgeon, board certified plastic surgeon, that specializes in revisions. In my practice, we’ve performed over 1000 breast revision surgeries, and that’s one of my most favorite operations because it’s challenging.

It’s very challenging, and sometimes you have to do some little secondary procedures even after I redo the breast lift and the revision because it can be very difficult to make them as perfect as possible, to achieve symmetry, and to get a perfect shape.

It’s very difficult. And again, breast revisions often require scars, breast lifts, which are scars that are unpredictable. No matter how beautiful we make the scars, tiny sutures under the skin, steri-strips, one inch 3M steri-strips, you still can end up with poor scarring and that may require revision down the road as well. So breast revision surgery, look for an expert, something we enjoy in our Beverly Hills practice, and we do 52 weeks a year, revisions and reconstruction.

For more information regarding breast revision surgery or a consultation with Dr. Linder, give us a call at (310) 275-4513 or feel free to contact us via email.