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Ruptured Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Gummy bear breast implants are FDA approved in the U.S. for breast augmentation procedures. They consist of a silicone shell casing filled with highly cohesive silicone gel that resembles the feel of gummy bear candy. The internal material remains intact and maintains its shape, reducing the incidence of gel leakage in the event of implant failure. These implants can be round or anatomically shaped with a smooth or textured surface. While textured gummy bear implants have a higher risk of shell fracture, all implants are susceptible to rupture under certain circumstances. Fortunately, Dr. Linder has extensive experience in the removal and replacement of all types of gummy bear implants that have ruptured.

Like other types of breast implants, gummy bear implants can fail or become damaged as a result of trauma or wear. The most common causes of gummy bear implant rupture are:

  • Shell fracture or degradation
  • Damage during surgery
  • Blunt trauma or injury to the chest
  • Mechanical pressure

Symptoms of Ruptured Gummy Bear Implants

If a gummy bear implant ruptures, there is minimal risk of intracapsular or extracapsular gel migration. However, complications are still likely to occur if the rupture goes undetected and untreated. Visible distortion and deflation are uncommon due to the form of stable consistency of gummy bear implants, but patients may have ruptured implants if they experience the following:

  • Swelling or redness
  • Firmness of the breasts
  • Capsular contracture
  • Pain
  • Development of granulomas or calcifications

Diagnosis of Gummy Bear Implant Rupture

Gummy bear implant rupture usually goes unnoticed, especially if the patient is not experiencing significant or alarming symptoms. The best and most reliable way to diagnose gummy bear implant rupture is with an MRI. Patients are advised to schedule MRI appointments every couple of years to check for signs of implant failure. Early detection and correction can help produce better cosmetic results and reduce the chance of potential complications.

Corrective Procedures

Ruptured gummy bear implants must be removed or replaced as soon as possible so as not to compromise the breast pocket or the patient’s health. Patients have the option of implant and capsule removal surgery or breast revision. Breast revision involves replacing damaged implants with new implants. These options will be discussed during the initial consultation appointment.

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