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Postoperative Care After
Breast Implant Revision Surgery

in Beverly Hills

Learn More About Breast Revision

This morning I’d like to talk a little bit about breast revision surgery. I do revisions 50 weeks a year. Those are patients that have already had breast augmentation and for some reason, whatever reason, they need to have them redone. It could be scar tissue, it could be a ruptured implant.

This patient has bilateral silicone ruptured implants with scar tissue. In any case, postoperatively, these patients are always put on antibiotics. We also put them into Dr. LinderBra, which helps with compression, reducing swelling and edema. We also see our patients multiple times after surgery the day after, a week after, two weeks after, and then sutures are removed. We want to reduce pain. We give them Norco or a medication to reduce pain. We always put them on the antibiotics. We keep them in my LinderBra. Once again, we have dressings in place. We change those every day for the first couple of weeks, and then we see them multiple times in order to make sure that there’s no bleeding or infection.

To find out more about post op care for breast revision surgery visit this page

Learn More About Breast Revision