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Significant Weight Loss of the Breast With Option to Enhance

in Beverly Hills

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So this young lady lost probably about a 40/50 pound weight loss and she had very significant skin laxity. Which means that she’s lost a lot of her fat in her breasts and there’s just tremendous amount of skin. So what we’re going to do is increase the volume of her breasts is by using the MENTOR MemoryGel silicone implant. This is a 335 cc high-profile MENTOR silicone memory gel. Once the breast implant is placed under the muscle (subpectoral), which involves placing the implant between the pectoralis major muscle and chest wall. then we’ll do a plane technique. We’re going to do a very, very aggressive breast lift or a mastopexy, removing vertical skin and skin along the inframammary fold. This is called an anchor-wise pattern technique.

So again, combination, augmentation mammoplasty procedure using MENTOR silicone high-profile implant under the muscle, and a full formal mastopexy.

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