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Category: Breast Reconstruction

NY Times Article “After Mastectomies”

Nytimes article "After Mastectomies"A few days ago on January 29, 2017, New York Times posted an article by Roni Caryn Rabin titled After Mastectomies, an Unexpected Blow: Numb New Breasts. The article presents a few patients’ stories about having mastectomies and the subsequent loss of sensations in their breasts. As the article states, “While doctors agree on the need for a mastectomy procedure that spares nerves, they note that the goal of the surgery is to make sure the cancer is gone.”

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I believe it is important to share these types of articles so patients can be better informed as they look toward breast reconstructive options.

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Plastic Surgery Is A Choice After Breast Cancer

Going through breast cancer and losing a portion or all of your breasts can be traumatic. A decision to undergo plastic surgery can be hard not only physically but also emotionally. As a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, I am thankful for my training, so I can help women who have battled breast cancer regain their self-esteem.

Education is very important during this journey. The better informed a woman is, the more comfortable and confident she will be with her decision. Most of my patients who are in this situation need time to process the information before making a decision. During my consultation and examination, I take time with my patients to help guide them through the available options and discuss the risks and benefits.

For more information on the actual approach for breast reconstruction, please visit breast revision after breast cancer and reconstruction. See also the video below of Dr. Linder explaining his pre-op marking for a breast reconstruction cancer revision surgery.

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Breast Revision Status Post Previous Fat Grafting And Fat Necrosis Of Bilateral Breast

Pre Op Photo

Pre Op Photo

This is the case study of a patient that presents two years post-autologous fat grafting from a different surgeon.  Instead of undergoing augmentation mammoplasty using saline or silicone implants, a different doctor decided to do fat grafting of her breasts.  Over the last two years she has developed very large cystic fat masses in both breasts, smaller on the right and up to 3 x 6 cm on the left.  The patient underwent a mammogram and ultrasound showing enlarging fat cystic masses, especially in the left breast.  Five extend from the medial aspect of the breast to the lateral, to the superior 12 o’clock position and to the 3 o’clock position.  They are palpable with the largest one almost the size of a golf ball along the lateral left breast.

The patient underwent surgical reconstruction and surgical excisional biopsies of these multiple masses as well as reconstruction using silicone gel implants in order to regain symmetry and correct the deformity of the left breast after removal of these large cystic masses.

In the operating room the patient was placed under general anesthesia.  The right breast was first operated upon.  A 450 cc SRF silicone gel implant

was placed through the periareolar and subpectoral dual plane techniques.  The left breast was then incised under the left areola at which time cystic masses were removed along the left medial two large masses and upon identifying fat necrotic liquified tissue was identified.  (See photograph to the right)  After removing the cystic capsule, the area was coagulated with electrocautery.  All cystic masses were then opened along the superior 12 o’clock position, 3 o’clock and then the largest along the left lateral breast.  All of them had liquified fat within them, yellow and thick viscous fat in liquified form and the capsules were all exenterated, removed and then bovied.  A 385 cc SRF gel was placed on the left to regain symmetry and the patient will be maintained on oral antibiotics for 14 days.  A Dr. Linder Bra and upper pole compression band with sutures to remain in place for 14 to 17 days.

This is an interesting case study, showing that fat grafting does not always work to the breast.  Not only is there the possibility for misdiagnosis of tumors, but the fat may not survive, leaving the patient with enlarging cystic fat tumors or fat masses which should be surgically removed.

Six Weeks Post Op

Six Weeks Post Op

The photo to the left shows the patient after six weeks post op, and she is very please with her breast revision.

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Breast Reconstruction Status Post


This patient presents with breast implants placed in Costa Rica in which she pusses out and ended up with severe abscesses. Implants were removed in Costa Rica three months later. She is now seen one year later, traveling to Beverly Hills for reconstruction.

Pre Op Photo

Post Op Photo

On a close-up view of the bottom vertical scar of the bilateral breast, right greater than left, you can see the thinness and laxity of the skin which is quite thinned out poor vascularity, continuous. Postoperatively, the patient underwent augmentation mammoplasty procedure using 465 high profile style 68 Natrelle saline implants through a lateral periareolar incision under the nipple. Her postoperative view shows excellent fullness, scar healing nicely under the nipple, shape is excellent and the breasts now remain soft with no evidence of recurrent scar tissue and there is nice shaping of the lower poles of the breast compared to her preoperative photos.

Patients travel internationally to have breast reconstruction here with Dr. Linder in Beverly Hills in order to often repair problems, including infections of previous breast augmentation surgery.