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Posted On: November 28, 2012 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Asymmetry, Breast Augmentation, Nipple Reduction

The above patient presents with significant nipple hypertrophy, left breast greater than right as well as hypoplastic breasts. She is a good candidate for augmentation mammoplasty procedure using high profile smooth round saline implants in the dual plane technique through a periareolar approach and a left nipple reduction reducing the left nipple through a superior pedicle flap. The inferior portion of the nipple was resected straight down to the base. The nipple was then inferiorly repositioned, sutured and the medial and lateral positions of the nipple were then resected and sutured down. Her results now show a five-week postoperative with excellent symmetry to the nipple areolar complexes with still some scarring healing around the periareolar incisions with good symmetry to the upper poles, cleavage and the inframammary folds are even. Nipple reductions should be done carefully through a pedicle base. I prefer the superior pedicle in order to allow viability of the blood supply through the nipple and allow for reduction in size and shape.