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Posted On: December 10, 2012 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast topics

Patients present to me with significant laxity of their breasts after breastfeeding their children or significant weight loss.  The question is to whether to do implants with a lift versus implants alone.  It is very evident, as in the example below, that the implant with the lift has given this patient the greatest upper pole fullness that she desired.  Some patients do desire fuller, rounder breasts.  This can often not be performed without a mastopexy.  Without the skin removal and tightening, although roundness to the shape of the breast with a bra can be obtained, without it, it will sag.  The example here shows a patient with grade 3 ptosis and nipple greater than 3 cm below the fold.  She has significant stretch marks and widespread areolas.  She understood that scarring associated with a breast lift is the tradeoff and she desired to proceed, wanting the roundest, fullest breast possible.  A style 68, high profile saline 500 cc implant was filled to 550 under the muscle and a formal mastopexy with skin removal from around the areolar and vertically along the inframammary fold was performed.  Her three months results show great fullness to the breasts with excellent shapes and a narrowed tapered appearance associated with a high profile bag.  Please remember that the scarring associated with breast lifts is sometimes unpredictable and that is your tradeoff for a tighter, rounder breast, especially with severe grade 3 ptosis.