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Fat Grafting To Improve Small Areas Of The Body

Posted On: May 09, 2024 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Fat Grafting

I want to talk about fat grafting. Fat grafting is really important in plastic surgery today. We use it for more than just fat grafting like BBLs for the buttock area, lateral buttock area. Fat grafting can be used for obviously, breast reconstruction, both for cancer patients in order to increase the size of the breast or to fill in defects and divots in the breast after mastectomy.

Fat grafting can also be used in small areas of the body where there is deformity or dimples, such as from blunt trauma or we see sometimes patients have had tumors removed and they have defects, and so we inject the fat anywhere in the body, abdomen, hips, flanks, inner, outer thighs. We centrifuge, we cleanse it, and then we inject the fat carefully into those areas.

Case Study

Dr. Linder was presented with female who was looking to have a breast revision and body contouring to her abdominal area. During the consultation, she also expressed that she had a small indentation in the right hip. The indentation was due to a steroid injection (arthritic hip) into the hip bone which lead to fat necrosis. After discussing her goals we agreed on scheduling a surgery date which would also include addressing the hip. During the surgery and after liposuctions her abdomen area, we centrifuge the fat, cleansed it and then injected fat into the indented hip area. As you can see by the photo below fat grafting is a perfect application.

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