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Gigantomastia Surgery Breast Amputation

Posted On: April 12, 2012 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Reduction, Breast topics, Home, Nipple Reduction



The patient below is a 48-year-old female presenting with massive gigantomastic breasts/breast hypertrophy, 40KK breasts, with symptoms of severe back pain, neck strain, grooving around the shoulder blades and coracoid aspects of the shoulders, including ulnar neuropathy, rashes and ulcerations of the breasts due to poor circulation associated with the massive skin laxity and grade 3 ptosis.  This patient is a perfect candidate for bilateral breast reduction using the breast amputation technique with a free nipple graft.  The pedicle will probably be approximately 30 cm long, if not longer, and therefore will require most likely a free nipple graft in the operating room in order to prevent avascular necrosis of the nipple areolar complex due to the length of the pedicle and inadequate blood supply through osmotic diffusion.

The frontal and oblique views of this patient will be shown.  This patient is an extraordinary case due to the massive size of her breasts as well as the severe degree of skin laxity and ptosis.  These surgeries require skillful Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who specialize in breast reduction to reduce the risk of fat necrosis, bleeding, infection and nipple areolar necrosis.