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Posted On: November 16, 2013 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Body Sculpting, Liposuction

Patients present for lipo contouring of the body throughout the week in our Beverly Hills practice.  These patients have concerns specifically to the inner thighs or the medial thighs where there is chafing and touching of the thighs associated with lipodystrophy or increased fatty distribution.

This is an extraordinarily difficult area for women to remove through diet and exercise because the fat is quite resistant.  This fat should be differentiated from the fat of the lateral thigh which is more of a compact dense fat.  The medial thigh fat is more of a softer spongy fat and is more difficult to remove through lipo contouring and requires extreme skill and meticulous sculpting in the localized deep fat deposit areas without suctioning too close to the subdermis.  Aggressive sculpting along the subdermis can lead to severe contour deformities and weightiness which women are very displeased with.  Lipo contouring should be performed with small cannulas for the medial thigh.  We use 2.6 mm cannulas in order to reduce the weighty appearance that can occur in especially thin women.  Larger women with increased thickness of fat can undergo more aggressive medial thigh sculpting with 3 mm cannulas and then started with 2.4 or 2.6 cannulas.  This area should also undergo significant postoperative compressive garments.  We consider six weeks the minimum using girdles and Reston foam over the first several days postoperative to reduce the fluid weightiness that can occur and allow for even distribution of edema.  Normally, when our patients undergo sculpting of the thighs, we prefer three areas, always through the iliac crest roll, hip or muffin-tops combined with the lateral saddlebags and finally the medial thighs can be sculpted at the similar time.  The inner medial knees can also be sculpted when there are significant localized fat deposits of the area.  In order to reduce the disproportion of the gynoid appearance to the lower third of the body, medial and lateral thigh and hip suction should be combined concurrently.