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Posted On: December 06, 2013 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Body Sculpting, Mommy Makovers, Tummy Tuck, Uncategorized

Patient in her preoperative photograph shows severe weight loss leading so significant skin laxity of the breasts, abdomen and hips.  She lost approximately 120 pounds and underwent 10 months ago augmentation mammoplasty procedure using high profile saline implants over-filled; a formal mastopexy using the inferior pedicle Wise-pattern technique (breast lift anchor scar) and a full panniculectomy with muffin-top liposculpturing of the hips.  This patient is now 10 months postop.  Notice the positioning of the nipple areolar complex from preop to postop and that the size of the areolas which were approximately 10.5 cm preop now have remained constant at approximately 4.2 cm.  The positioning of the implants has settled nicely over the last 10 months and the symmetry of the breasts is excellent.

The abdominal area shows excellent tightening of the skin or lower abdominal area.  The scar can be notable just above the underwear line.  It is slightly pink and this will continue to improve over the next six months.  This patient has now been instructed to continue abdominal wall exercising, including crunches with the personal trainer.  The sides of the hips show nice softening and a great reduction in the lipodystrophy status post the muffin-top procedure.  This patient has undergone a total mommy makeover, which has included augmentation mammoplasty, formal breast lift as well as a full panniculectomy with liposuctioning and sculpting of the hips.  This holiday season is an excellent time to get your body back to its original pre-pregnancy or after massive weight loss status.

Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons have the capability to perform procedures to regain your body back to its excellent preoperative appearance which include breast implants, breast lifts and full tummy tucks.