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Posted On: June 26, 2009 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Surgical Team

Dr. Linder is now available in Las Vegas twice a month and is here to share the Hollywood-Beverly Hills style in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Women in Las Vegas may have somewhat different needs than those in Hollywood or Beverly Hills. The women in Las Vegas casinos, bars, strip clubs, etc., make a living on their appearance and their beauty. Therefore, the results of breast augmentation surgery may be different than those in other parts of the United States of America. Each woman must be recognized as a unique individual. Proportionality is usually the goal for plastic surgery; however, a somewhat slightly increased disproportion may be required for some of the women that we see in Las Vegas. Knowing this, women with very thin or ectomorphic figures may want to consider silicone gel high profile cohesive breast implants in Las Vegas. These implants have minimal rippling, more AP projection, great fullness and look absolutely fabulous. Women with thicker chest walls will do well with high profile saline implants, which should be placed subpectorally behind the muscle. They will get more definition than those with silicone gel due to the rounding shape of the saline implant which will lead to a more enhanced fuller result.

In general, high profile saline and silicone implants will be useful for all women of Las Vegas in that the HP implants have less width in diameter and more AP projection and fullness. This is something I believe all women want to have. They desire a fuller projection and less in diameter so they don’t look heavy, matronly and wide on the side. Each individual patient must be specifically reviewed in order to determine whether or not they are a good candidate for saline versus silicone implants.

Dr. Linder looks forward to working with women in Las Vegas throughout the year, as well as his Hollywood-Beverly Hills practice.