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MemoryGel Boost Breast Implant By Mentor

This is called the Mentor MemoryGel BOOST. Now I’ve talked about this before, and these are very, very highly cross-linked. They’re high profile, there’s the moderate plus profile, and this is actually a newer profile by Mentor, and as you can see, it’s moderate plus. That means it’s between a moderate and an extra-high profile, so for patients who want have a more natural upper pole, this is an excellent implant.

The important thing with the word BOOST means that these are so cross-linked with the silicone, that they ripple less, they’re more cohesive, they hold their form. And so that’s really, really important, especially in women who’ve had multiple revisions and reconstructive surgeries, and they have very, very thin tissue. So this is my go-to implant for women who have had multiple breast revisions and very, very thin tissue. The other thing that’s interesting is the BOOST will have a little bit more upper pole fullness.

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