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Breast Placement Options For Saline Or Silicone Implants

in Beverly Hills

Learn More About Breast Implant Profiles

Placement of saline and silicone implants is very, very important. Now, we don’t cookie cutter it. It depends upon the patient’s anatomy, how much breast tissue they have and the type of style they want to end up looking like. If they want upper pole fullness and they have a lot of breast tissue, then we’re going to probably go above the muscle. That’s called sub-glandular. Patients who have very minimal amounts of breast tissue, whether we’re doing saline or silicone, whether we’re using MENTOR or Allergan implants, we really have to look at the amount of breast tissue they have.

If they’re very thin and they’re ectomorphic, we’re almost always going to go under the muscle, called the dual-plane technique so that we can get muscle coverage and we don’t have exposure. We don’t have visibility of the implants, and they have more coverage.

Now, patients who want a really upper pole round shape, we use high-profile implants, whether it be saline or silicone. If they have thick tissue and very thick muscle and they want that upper pole roundness, we usually go above the muscle. That’s called sub-glandular positioning. So whether we go above or below the muscle, in front of the muscle or behind the muscle using the dual-plane technique, depends on one, the aesthetic look the patient wants. Natural, we usually go behind the muscle. More round upper pole on the top, we go above the muscle.

Again, the amount of breast tissue is very, very important. If the patient has a lot of thick tissue and an endomorphic build with thick muscle and thick breast tissue, and you go under the muscle, they may not see the implant well at all and be disappointed with their final result.

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