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Mentor® MemoryGel® BOOST

Breast Implants

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-So Janelle’s in for Mentor Corporation. She is very important in my practice. Of course, Mentor® silicone is one of my favorite implants, and this is called the Mentor® MemoryGel® BOOST. And she’s going to tell us a little bit about why this is a special breast implant.

-So, this is our brand new implant. It’s called Mentor® MemoryGel® BOOST, brand new, available this week. And we call it our BOOST implant because it’s going to give patients a perfect amount of projection. It’s a form-stable implant, so that means it’s going to maintain the shape of the breast. And the best thing about it, though, is, honestly, it feels really, really good. So it feels like a natural breast, and the results are going to be amazing with it. So, we’re really excited.

-Right. I’m excited and looking forward to using it. I do love your Mentor® MemoryGel® Extras, extra high profile with upper pole fullness. And this is going to be really, really nice, especially for revisions where patients have very thin tissue, and increased visible rippling. Don’t you agree with that?

-Absolutely, yeah.

-Thank you, Janelle. Thank you for bringing that up. I look forward to using it.

-You’re welcome, Dr. Linder.