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I want to discuss the three silicone gel implants now available that I prefer in my practice in Beverly Hills. These are all silicone gel by the three manufacturers that are all FDA approved in the United States. The first one is the Natrelle implant. This is a high profile, cohesive, gummy bear Natrelle SCX silicone. It’s very viscous, very strong, excellent implant, Natrelle Allergan SCX silicone.

The second is Mentor. These are referred to as MemoryGel, cohesive silicone gel implants. These are one of my most favorite implants, especially on revisions because they allow for less rippling and visibility. Mentor MemoryGel, extra ultra cohesive silicon.

Then we have the Style 107 Sientra silicone. That’s this one here. This is my favorite implant from Sientra. Very strong, very thick, and very cohesive. And again, that’s the Sientra High Profile 107 series.

So we got the Sientra, the Mentor, and the Allergan gummy bear. Thank you.