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Exercising with Breast Implants

At this time of year, many women are making a New Year’s Resolution to exercise more. Whether it is jogging, cross fitting, kettle-bell lifting, or body building, these are all great ways to exercise.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in breast augmentation, I want to encourage all women to wear a proper bra, especially while exercising. Gravity will cause your breasts to sag if you don’t wear the correct bra with underwire free support (UFS). I encourage women to select a bra that has firm compression and that is made of a soft, silky fabric to lift and shape you perfectly (avoid bras that smash the breasts). If you haven’t found that perfect bra for exercising yet, I developed one back in 2008 called the SexyShapewear that has the ideal compression, lift, and comfort to support you while you work out.

Happy New Year!



Breast Augmentation Result

The patient below was requesting a breast augmentation, also known as a augmentation mammoplasty. The patient was looking for a very natural look to enhance her shape. After she explained her expectation, we selected 280 cc saline high profile breast implants for the procedure.

The photo below shows her before and after result (after being 6 weeks post op) and the patient wearing one of my SexyShapeWear sports bras (I designed the SexyShapeWear to allow ultimate compression, comfort and perfect fit for all sporting needs and fitness training workouts).


This is an excellent case example of a patient with severe encapsulated superior retropositioned implants with a double-bubble deformity with an overhanging of the nipple areolar complex.  She desired reconstruction; however, declined any significant scarring, including inverted  T. I decided upon a bilateral periareolar lift with complete release of the parasternal muscle attachments and an inferior displacement of the implants through a total open capsulectomy.  Her postoperative results of three weeks show excellent healing and bilateral repositioning of the nipple. She continues to wear an upper pole compression band. Sutures have been removed at three weeks and she will continue with the Dr. Linda Bra for six week. Notice the reshaping of the breast without a lift of an inverted T, but simple due to the superior periareolar lift and repositioning of the implant to its proper position, the nipples now show some white underneath the areolar which indicates good placement of the nipple areolar complex.

Patients with severe double-bubble breast deformity  can have periareolar lifts without  inframammary scars if they  are the  correct candidate as in this case example, severe double-bubble breast deformity with superior retroposition of the nipple with a periareolar lift.

Severe Breast Asymmetry Augmentation Correction

The patient (pictured on the left) presents with severe breast asymmetry.  A 21-year-old white female, presenting with hypoplastic left breast, good candidate for augmentation mammoplasty procedure using high profile saline implants.  The patient underwent augmentation mammoplasty procedure using the dual plane technique through the periareolar approach.  She is now eight weeks out of surgery.  On the right breast, a 200 cc high profile saline implant was filled to 240 and on the left a 350 cc filled to 380 cc.

The patient is now shown eight weeks out.  She has excellent symmetry.  There is some redness around the periareolar scar in the Linder Sport Bra.  It is noticeable that she has good symmetry.  There is equal upper pole fulness and the patient is happy with her results.  Breast asymmetry without skin laxity can normally be corrected by different volume saline or silicone implants, although saline implants are slightly easier to use due to the ability to titrate the volumes of the bags.





Dr. Linder’s newest product line of the Ultimate Sports Bra for all women is now available worldwide. Through Sexy ShapeWear, the LinderSport Bra is now available in hot pink with a black piping lining as well as the elegant black with the pink embroidery and finally the new white Linder Sport Bras with a tan embroidery and inner lining. These are the ultimate sports bras of ultimate compression and comfort, bi-directional stretch and Underwire Free Support. The Underwire Free Support helps to hold the breasts up during rigorous activities, including weightlifting, fitness modeling, gym work and marathon running. The Sexy ShapeWear commercial will be seen on cable starting the last week in August. Look for it on E!, Bravo, Oxygen and Lifetime. To purchase your LinderSport Bra, go to www.linderbra.com and click on Linder Sport. We are excited that Dr. Linder’s newest product line from Sexy ShapeWear is now available for women worldwide.


LinderSport Bra

The LinderSport bra is the newest member of the exclusive garment line of Linder Products !

This sports bra allows for ultimate compression and comfort . The increased spandex percentage versus cotton lining allows great support during rigorous workouts and training . Sizes start as XS, S,M, and Large! The Hot Pink linderSport bra is symbolic of breast cancer awareness ! Enjoy this new sports/athletic bra from Dr Linder Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon. Internationally recognized Body Sculptist to the World!!

LinderSports Bra Available Soon

The next generation in the Linder products line coming March 2012!

The LinderSport Bra offers maximum support with ultimate comfort for the most Strenous workout or marathon! Increased spandex inner lining without front zipper mechanism holds breasts during increased physical workouts! Coming this Spring from LinderProducts.

Thank You,

Dr. Stuart A. Linder

Dr. Linder Bra Website Creation

linderbraThe new Dr. Linder Bra website is now up.  It has been completely transformed to allow for easy maneuvering from page to page, allowing you to review the different bra sizes and colors on the store page.  There are also multiple pages associated with specific uses of the bra, including maternity, sports bra, post-surgical, beauty, training and sleep bra.  The commercial is embedded as well so that women will be able to see the bra in action, with women wearing the bra while training, working out, sleeping and during pregnancy. 

I hope this website will allow women throughout the world easy access to the new Dr. Linder Bra, one of the most versatile, compressive sports, training, beauty and post-surgical bras in the world with the triple clip, adjustable straps on the sides to 2 inches, a special reinforced padding along the sternal portion of the breast to allow for softness and comfort during vigorous training and exercise.

DR. LINDERBRA™ Now Available Worldwide

Linder BraInitial shipment of the Dr. LinderBra™  has arrived here in the mainland.  It is now available for distribution allocation worldwide.  The Dr. LinderBra™ comes in three colors, black with hot pink inner lining, tan or nude and snow white.  The unique features of the Dr. LinderBra™ include the patent-pending triple clip adjustable side straps which allows up to two inches or adjust ability during pregnancy, swelling, post-surgery or during a woman’s time of the month.  It also has the strongest reinforced No. 3 zipper as well as a double clip and zip frontal mechanism to allow for easy placement.  The bi-directional stretch fabric of 95% cotton, 5% spandex, allows for compression, support and breath ability during strenuous workouts and training exercises.  It is also fabulous as a sleep and beauty bra to be worn at night to prevent gravitational descent, skin laxity and sagginess of the breast.

Commercials are also now seen and played throughout cable television, including Bravo, E, Woman Entertainment the Oprah Winfrey Network.

This is a bra that Dr. Linder devised after years of complaints by his patients being unable to find a tight compression sports bra, training bra or post-pregnancy bra that allows for all the features that the Dr. LinderBra™ has.

The Dr. LinderBra Is Now Available

The Dr. LinderBra is now available worldwide, order yours now! Online at www.linderbra.com