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Dr. Linder's Blog


Category: Testimonial

Dr. Stuart Linder Review

5 Star Rating Review

This morning I had someone point out to me this Breast Implants patient review from realself.com.  My staff and I strive each and everyday in the hopes of giving each patient a great experience and result. I was very humbled to read this review and I truly appreciate her kind words.

“I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Linder 14 years ago when I was in my early 20′s. I am 5’7 120-125 lbs with a long thin waist and full hips. The breast augmentation really balanced my figure to give me an hourglass shape and I was very happy with the outcome. I started at a 32b and ended with a large 32d to dd. I was very happy with the shape, size and minimal scarring. Read More

Oklahoma Patient Testimonial

Recently, I received this note from a patient. Not only am I humbled by her kind words, but I am also thankful for her commitment and time it took to travel from Oklahoma to Beverly Hills, and allow me to perform her breast surgery.


Hi Wonderful Staff,

Dr. Linder and his staff were fantastic! I flew from Oklahoma to see him for a breast reconstruction/augmenation. After I did extensive research, I called and set my appointment. His team was very accommodating and knowledgable about everything that an out of state patient would need. Dr. Linder’s group have treated me like family, with open arms (literally), from the first telephone call until the day I left California. I am very happy with how my new breasts have turned out! Recovery was a breeze. I hardly had any discomfort or pain. My swelling seemed to go down in a few days. Dr. Linder is a great surgeon and has a professional bedside manor. I will recommend him to anyone who is serious about having the best looking set of breasts you will ever see! You get what you pay for and his work is worth every penny!

thank you


Reconstructive Breast Surgery Testimonial

Here is a fabulous patient testimonial that I received this week and I thought I would share as we approach this “Thanksgiving Holiday” weekend.  I am so thankful when a patient takes the time and express their experience with me.


Dr. Stuart Linder:

Dr. Stuart Linder is more than a talented surgeon. He is an artist. I was born with a birth deformity called: Severe Pectus Excavatum, and after careful research, it was clear that Dr. Linder is known as THE breast surgeon, specializing in reconstruction and fixing bad surgeries. His reputation is well-deserved. During my consultation, he detailed every aspect of my surgery, and patiently answered all of my questions, easing my concerns. My concerns arose from the fact that I have had two prior surgeries, both of which failed to aesthetically fix my deformity and did not give me the pretty shape or size I’ve always wanted. My indented chest gap, caused by my condition and my severe asymmetry were real concerns, and I also wanted to have bigger breasts.

I thought that I never would have breasts like the ones Dr. Linder gave me. I thought with my condition that I would always have to settle for what I had and hide behind padded bras for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful to Dr. Linder.

My surgery was quite involved, with different sized implants, closing my Severe Pectus Excavatum, and a double capsulotomy to make room for larger breasts. Dr. Linder even brought to my attention that one area of my scar needed revision, because it was wide. He fixed that too, by removing the scar tissue that had formed a wide keloid. I now have perfect, beautiful breasts, with just a tiny line where the incisions were made. I healed beautifully without pain.

For any women reading this and considering breast surgery, I would advise you not to let any doctor operate on you other than Dr. Stuart Linder. With all of my reconstructive needs, you would never know that I did not just have an ordinary breast augmentation. He truly is a brilliant breast surgeon. Thank you Dr. Linder!

Los Angeles

Breast Augmentation Testimonial

The patient below presents for breast augmentation surgery from the Midwest!!
We are always excited to take great care of out of state patients. She underwent a simple saline breast implant surgery and did great .
Dr. Linder,

Made my trip from Oklahoma worth the effort and expense. I wanted the best and got the best for my breast augmentation procedure. I had very little pain and am thrilled with my results. Dr. Linder is a perfectionist (which is what I expected) and his staff is the most friendliest and reassuring group of women I have ever met.

S. M.

Patient Testimonial


Testimonial of Patient for Breast Enhancement

Dr Linder,

~Perfect~  “Having all the required or desirable qualities or characteristics to be as good as it is possible to be! flawless.”

They say “Nothing is Perfect” but I have to disagree.  My breast augmentation from start to finish was nothing less than Perfect!

From the very 1st conversation with your office, I knew I was in the best of care.  Adrianna and Nelly are amazing.  There was not a question, email or call that they did not respond and answer immediately and with the utmost knowledge, and professionalism nor a detail left unanswered….from every procedure to instructions and what would happen pre, during and aftercare.

I have to admit I was quite nervous but you answered every one of my 1000 questions and listened to exactly what I wanted…..and I was quite specific in what I did and didn’t want.

My results were not only Spot On but better than I ever could have imagined…Yes, Perfect!

Beyond compare, excellent, impeccable, skilled and superb are a few more words I will use to describe my experience and my results.

Thank you, Adriana, Nelly, Nurse Beverly, Dr Hoffman and of course you, Dr Linder.

Thank you with all my heart.


Patient Testimonial Beverly Hills

Here is a fabulous patient testimonial that I received this week and I thought I would share as we approach this holiday season.

Dear Dr. Linder,

“I would like to thank you for changing my life.  Your the best and most wonderful doctor in the world. I would like to especially thank you and your wonderful professional team for all the hard work, dedication, beautiful energy, sweet sincere approach, caring, and supportive ways.  Meeting you and your staff for the first time was comforting, awesome, and re-assuring.   Your care-unit staff is amazing!!!  The care and love you feel… right at home with the best nurses and doctors caring for each and every one of us. I felt safe, warm, and informed all the time… i never felt lost or scared inside post operation or ever.  You have the the most precious team!  Dr. Linder, Thank you.  Thank you from the core of my soul for sculpting my body perfectly~ inside and out.  Your team is very gracious, caring, like a family… the doctors and nurses in the care unit guide you through their work with you with endearing hearts.  I’ve never experienced that anywhere.
How you perfectly sculpted my body is incredible and phenomenal and the fact that i work for sculptors as they sculpt my body was magic made for a dream.  Thank you so much for making my dream come true.  Seriously, choosing to have you sculpt my body was the best decision in my life. After surgery- I felt better on the inside – I just felt so good.  The healing process is going perfectly well.  I listen to your directions, do as you say, and my results are exiting, beautiful, and perfect! (with a big exclamation heart of gratitude and thanks)  You took care of me on the inside and outside and this transformed my self-esteem and how I feel… putting me on the right track.  Feeling Great, healthy and beautiful, both on the inside and outside is a true balance.  I’ve found my balance thanks to you Dr. Linder *!*  Your the BEST!!!
With all sincerity from a good Irish girl… Thank you for making this all possible. You simply changed my life.  And I get to live it and I’m so exited!!!  As with my healthy exercise and diet … I’ll put in the hard work to keep this beautifully sculpted body as it is – as you made it.  There is a big heart on the end of that sentence ~ I’m so happy and exited to live my life with this new balance – it’s made all the difference for me in the world with my career and my inner reflection.
I”m grateful that he showed me specifically what he could take care of.  I’m grateful i was a candidate.  The best thing to come out of this is that when I sit – my stomach does not double over – it’s flat, my stomach sits straight up with the arch of my spine and my shoulders straight back.  I’m a happy girl and skinny~*~
When you follow Doctors orders to the Tee – you get Top results… you will be so in love with the way you feel and the way you look to me that’s feeling beauty on the inside and beautiful on the outside.
Thank you Doctor for letting me wake up to that dream every morning.”
Salute to Beauty, Health, and Happiness~
Hearts, hugs, and blessings,
Here’s poetry dedicated to Dr. Linder and his team

“A Team With a Heart O’ Gold”
a smile for you
a smile for me
a smile for the world
will help us all see
we are kind and beautiful
inside and out
deep down to the core as true blue as the sea
this team has a heart o gold
with a touch o golden luck
weaved in through a sparkle
our souls will sail with a wee bit joy
from a wave of a hand,
or a love of a friend,
or the passing of a smile,
our souls will sail~
Season’s Greetings to All
May the sun shine on each and every hillside
for good luck of the travelers way…
may your flowers bloom and grow at noon
each and every may…
and for the rain drizzle to remind us just so it can…
may the time of seasons tidings bring
warmth to every land~

Out of Town Patient Testimonial

I’m so lucky to have found you Dr. Linder.



Some of my most interesting and satisfying surgeries are my revision and reconstruction of women’s breasts throughout the world. I perform revision surgeries on women every week in my Medicare licensed surgery center in Beverly Hills. I am extremely honored and privileged to have the opportunity to have the confidence in these women who have had suboptimal results and have the ability and opportunity fix their breasts to create a normalcy. We Skype with patients and obtain email photos of their breasts out-of-state before arrive in our Beverly Hills office. This gives me an idea as to what the reconstruction will require.

JS presents from Kansas City, Kansas. She has had three operations and was very unhappy with the appearance of her breasts. She has asymmetries and deformities that could not be fixed. The patient was extremely unhappy and demoralized.

“It’s not the regular augmentations that are impressive, but his ability to correct/revise other surgeons mistakes. I don’t know where I’d be, mentally and emotionally, if it wasn’t for Dr. Linder fixing mine.”


JN presents from La Jolla, California, having had two operations from a surgeon who is now deceased. Her right implant was so high that she had chronic pain and after two surgeries it still was severely deformed, with asymmetry, pain and a double-deformity.

“Just spent 20 min looking at all the before and after photos! Dr. Linder is an artist, the best artist in the world, I am just amazed at how he put my deformed breast back together , love all of you so much, it’s been a long journey but I am so blessed that I found Dr. Linder and Dr. Hoffman , all of you , what an amazing team!! Xo”


Once again, it is an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to have the confidence in patients worldwide to fix their breasts after they have had either one or multiple surgeries on primary augmentation revision and be able to fix them to a normal life both with the appearance of the breast and to reduce significant scar tissue contracture and pain.