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Patient Experiences After Breast Surgery in Beverly Hills

Posted On: September 11, 2020 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Augmentation, Breast topics, Reviews, Testimonial

Model smiling having a great time
As we approach the end of the summer, I wanted to share a few unique patient testimonials that I received. All three of these patients had breast surgery and shared their experience in a video. 
I am so thankful and humbled as each of these women took the time to express their experience with me. As a breast surgeon in Beverly Hills, I truly appreciate these kind words. 

After Undergoing Breast Cancer, Breast Reconstruction Surgery Was the Answer

Two patients share their experience and appreciation after undergoing a double mastectomy and then having breast reconstruction surgery performed by Dr. Linder in Beverly Hills. 
Six weeks post-op, they feel like Dr. Linder created a miracle. Their confidence levels are higher, and they are very happy with their breast enhancement. “All the staff was awesome, they answered all our questions, and we are extremely thankful.”

Thankful After Reconstructive Breast Surgery in Beverly Hills

Dr. Linder thanks a patient for her kind words and sweet presents after performing breast reconstructive breast surgery due to cancer. 
She expresses that it’s been two weeks since her reconstructive breast surgery, and Dr. Linder did an absolutely beautiful job. “I am incredibly happy!”
This Patient Is Very Thankful
Dr. Linder is the GOAL. 
Confident and standing tall
Plastic Surgery his call
Competent, accessing quick
Golden scalpel-that’s his trick!
Slice and dice and make me nice, 
steady hands and don’t think twice
Laser focus, skill, and knowledge
He’s the G.O.A.T., and we acknowledge!
Cutting through the fat and muscle, changing lives is his true hustle.
Perky boobies, lip, tummy he creates for every wife.
Thank you, Doctor, for the tits, thanks for fixing all my bits!
Reassuring, kind, and fun, you are ALL THAT and then SOME!