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Breast Augmentation With Nipple Reduction

Posted On: August 10, 2020 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants, Nipple Reduction

Before having breast augmentation, each patient must determine how they want their breast to look. This determination should be based on your body type and lifestyle. Once this has been understood, you can then express your goals and desires with Dr. Linder. With those expectations, along with a physical exam, breast measurements, and an examination of your breast tissue and chest wall, the right selection can be determined to achieve proportionate improvement.Below is a recent breast augmentation and nipple reduction surgery performed in Beverly Hills.

Case Study

Breast Augmentation With Nipple ReductionDuring the consultation, this young woman was looking to increase her size and fullness, enhance her cleavage, and reduce her nipples’ size. After listening to her goals and desires, Dr. Linder explained that he would place Mentor® saline-filled smooth-round high-profile breast implants. To address the nipple enlargement (or nipple hypertrophy), he would carefully go through the pedicle base to reduce the size.

To meet her expectation, Dr. Linder made the incision under the areola and placed 380 cc high profile saline implants on both the left and right breast. To perform the nipple reduction, the resection of the inferior half of the nipple was done. The redundant skin is then trimmed carefully, and those edges are sutured as well (stitches usually remain for around 14 days).

The patient’s post-op photo is now four weeks out, and you can see that the nipple is now proportionality to the areola, as well as she has very nice fullness and symmetry.

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