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Traumatic Seroma

· April 3, 2012


The patient presents with a massive seroma, right breast, and painful Baker IV capsular contracture associated with increasing pain over the last two weeks.  The right breast shows massive scar tissue with fluid collection and superior retroposition of the implant.  The patient has pain in the right breast and notes that she had trauma to her breast approximately two weeks ago.

The patient was brought to the operating room, placed in the supine position.  She was prepped out with Betadine solution, given a gram of Ancef intravenously.  Notice the before picture, the right breast is enormous, showing superior swelling and lateral fluid collection.  The postoperative photo shows the implant removed and an open capsulectomy with 600 cc seroma evacuated.  Scar tissue is also released and she now has complete decompression.  Notice the canister showing the 600 cc of clear straw-colored fluid which is serous fluid, usually associated with a tear in the capsule with no evidence of infection.

One Response to “Traumatic Seroma”

  1. Heather Gort says:

    I am intersected to know if the seroma fluid and capsul were sent outfor labs and if ALCL was ruled out? The original surgery date was not given, so it is not clear whether this case is the classic presentation-late onset peri-implant seroma- for ALCL of the breast or just a post surgery complication.


    Heather Gort

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