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Category: Breast Revision

Ruptured 20-Year-Old Saline Implant Removal

Posted On: July 09, 2018 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder

A patient from Oklahoma traveled to my Beverly Hills practice to consult with me about the lost volume in her left breast. During the consultation, it was apparent that she had a deflation (see pre-op photo) and during our discussion, she stated that she had a primary augmentation about 20 years ago. After listening to […]

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Life Changing Breast Resconstruction Transformation

Posted On: June 21, 2018 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder

Women who suffer from Severe Breast Asymmetry and Tubular Breast Deformity may experience a lack of self-confidence, because it strips them of their feminine form. Breasts are a part of the female body and one should be satisfy with the body they have. Dr. Linder, a renowned plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, operated on thousand […]

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Severe Double Bubble Deformity

Posted On: April 13, 2018 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder

Case Study 1 The patient presents with severe Baker IV capsular contracture with a left double bubble breast deformity with superior retroposition of the left implant causing a very unnatural appearance of her breast as well as severe pain. The patient has increasing pain in the left breast with swelling that is consistent with seroma-induced […]

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Ruptured Silicone Gel Implant

Posted On: January 03, 2018 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder

Dr. Linder performs breast revision surgery on patients from around the world. The most common revision surgery is due to ruptured silicone implants. Interestingly enough, only true MRI readings can find an implant rupture, as mammograms can show that the implant is still intact. Operational Findings Case in point, the patient below is a 47-year-old […]

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Double Bubble Breast Deformity

Posted On: December 28, 2017 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder

Double bubble breast deformity is a condition where the breast implant is sagging below the natural breast crease, which creates a bubble appearance under the breast. It is quite common with the transaxillary and transumbilical approaches due to the long distance between the incision and surgical site. Dr. Linder repositions the implant and performs a […]

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Common Reasons for Breast Revision

Posted On: December 15, 2017 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder

Many women come into my Beverly Hills practice every week looking to undergo breast revision surgery. Most of these women desire to change their size to either a smaller or larger appearance. Sometimes it is due to a ruptured implant or because the breast has altered in shape because of a decrease in skin elasticity […]

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Total Capsulectomy of the Right Breast

Posted On: December 07, 2017 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder

Just over one year ago, the 54-year-old female presented to the left underwent a breast augmentation procedure that was performed by a different surgeon. She came to my office and requested for her right breast implant to be removed and replaced because she was unhappy with the disfigured result she ended up with originally. During […]

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Ruptured Breast Implant Over 40 Years Old

Posted On: October 19, 2017 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder

Weekly in my Beverly Hills surgery center, I perform breast revision surgery due to implant ruptures. However, it is not often that I come across implants that are over 40 years old. This past month I was removing an implant, which I knew was placed in the late 70s, and to my surprise, the implant […]

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Breast Revision, With SCX Implant Replacement

Posted On: June 26, 2017 Author: Dr. Stuart Linder

I had the opportunity to evaluate this 58-year-old female who was looking to have a breast revision. During her examination, the patient stated that she had a primary augmentation 35 years ago, and over time her breasts had become asymmetric. I explained to her that the asymmetrical appearance was due to scar tissue and a […]

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