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Athletic & Post-Surgical Bras By Linder Products

Posted On: April 05, 2019 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Linder Products

Linder Products was developed by Dr. Stuart Linder, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, who is a specialist in breast and body contouring surgery. Having had thousands of women describe problems with the brassieres that they have worn, i.e., athletic sports bras, sleep bras, and post-surgical bras, in 2010 he developed the Dr. LinderBra™. Two years later he introduced his sports/athletic undergarment called the LinderSport Bra™, followed by the SexyShapewear™ in 2013. Today these quality undergarments for women are available online by Dr. Linder.

Three Fit Women

Dr. LinderBra™

Indications for the use of The Dr. LinderBra™ include:

  • As a sleeping beauty bra for women, with or without breast implants, to maintain the shape of their breasts throughout the evening to prevent continued or recurrent skin laxity and loss of firmness to the breast.
  • As a training bra that can be used for the aerobic and anaerobic workouts to maintain the shape of their breasts during vigorous athletic activities as well as during Pilates.
    As a pregnancy bra, due to the patented adjustable straps on the side of the chest wall, they can be adjusted to three different sizes and can be used for women in their 9-months pregnancy period as well as post-pregnancy during breastfeeding.
  • Can be used post-surgically for breast cancer as well as elective cosmetic breast surgical procedures, including breast reduction, breast augmentation, and mastectomy as well as breast cancer reconstructive patients.

This bra is not a surgical garment per se, but rather a 24/7 hour bra that can be used for training, sleeping, and a beauty bra to maintain women’s breasts, an everyday bra to be used throughout the world, as well as for pregnant women whose breasts will enlarge over nine months, and for post-surgical patients.

LinderSport Bra™

This sports bra allows for ultimate compression and comfort. The increased spandex percentage versus cotton lining allows great support during rigorous workouts and training. Sizes are available in XS (Extra Small), S (Small), M (Medium), and L (Large), and the hot pink colored LinderSport Bra™ is symbolic of breast cancer awareness!


Dr. Linder created this ultimate sports bra and athletic bra for women worldwide. This is the ultimate sports bra for vigorous exercise, ultimate training, and marathon running to provide maximum support.