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Beverly Hills Breast Revision Cleavage

Posted On: July 13, 2009 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Home

Patients present to Dr. Linder for both augmentation and breast revision surgery weekly. We enjoy the reconstruction and challenge of repairing breasts that were done elsewhere. Over time, scar tissue can form around breast implants. This can be associated with breast feeding or simply capsular contracture which occurs due to the body’s walling off of the implant. This is a case example of a severe Baker IV capsular contracture with 8 cm sternal cleavage, lateral displacement of the implants with severe pain along the lateral superior portion of her breast. The patient presented with minimal cleavage and wide laterally displaced breasts.

Preoperative photos show areas that the scar tissue will be released under the tissue using the periareolar approach. This patient underwent bilateral open periprosthetic anterior capsulectomies and a medial open capsulotomy releasing the pocket carefully along the underbelly surface of the pectoralis major muscle and then releasing the parasternal attachments of the pectoralis major muscle. The implants were then replaced with larger high profile smooth silicone gel implants of 500 cc Mentor high profile gel style 4000 implants. The patient did extraordinarily well and as you can see her cleavage is now approximately 1.5 fingerbreadths.

The implants now lay at a proper position with the left inframammary fold lowered slightly to even it out with the right side. This is an example of a breast revision for severe scar contracture with lateral displaced implants to improve her cleavage which is apparent in her postoperative photograph.