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Breast Reduction Specialist Beverly Hills

Posted On: December 19, 2008 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Reduction, Home

Dr. Linder recently has placed his new Breast Reduction Specialist website in order women to gain all the information necessary when considering breast reduction surgery. Statistics by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Board of Plastic Surgery state that the breast reduction procedure patients seem to be the most satisfied patients of any procedure performed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. And it’s no wonder why. These women who have had massive breast hypertrophy, gigantomastic breasts, have symptoms including back pain, neck strain, grooving from their brassieres, rashes underneath the breasts and their functional symptoms can be completely obliterated by the reduction mammoplasty procedure. Removing a significant amount of breast tissue will not only lift the breasts, but also remove all the functional heaviness that causes the back pain, neck strain and the grooving of the shoulder blades associated with the brassiere.

Before & After PatientBefore & After Patient

Dr. Linder performs breast reduction surgeries every week in his ambulatory center in Beverly Hills. The breast reduction procedure is one of his favorite operations. It requires skill, experience and good judgment to do the surgery correctly. In order to maintain blood supply of the nipple areolar complex, the pedicle must be kept intact. This is a portion of tissue that remains down to the fascia of the muscle and this will allow for the nipple areolar complex to remain viable. Only Board Certified Plastic Surgeons should ever perform a breast reduction operation. Under no substitute should any other surgeon do this operation due to the skill and experience required.

Once again, please visit his new Breast Reduction Specialist website in order to review procedures, risks, complications, photographs, as well as television shows, including Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel on which Dr. Linder performs the breast reduction procedure.