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Device Identification Cards – Beverly Hills Breast Implants

Posted On: March 09, 2010 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Home

N_logoBoth Allergan Pharmaceuticals (NATRELLE® Collection) and Mentor Pharmaceuticals (Johnson and Johnson) have saline and silicone implants that come with device identification cards within the implants.  There are stickers located in the internal product packaging.  The stickers should be placed on the cards that should then be given to the patients post-surgically.  All patients should maintain these cards that have vital information about their breast augmentation surgery.  The style of the implants will be included as well as the catalogue, lot numbers and serial numbers.  For future reference, when patients undergo a future surgery, the surgeon or different surgeon will have the ability to determine what the patient has in her body which will make this reoperation simpler and more straightforward.  The serial and lot numbers can be identified on the cards as well as the style numbers.  The style numbers will dictate the specific type of implant, saline vs. silicone, as well as high versus moderate profile.  For example, a Mentor reference 350-3380 is a 380 high profile saline implant.  Patients should maintain their cards and the operative surgeon should maintain stickers both in a catalogue and implant prosthetic device folder of all patients undergoing prosthetic devices.  As well, stickers should be placed in the surgeon’s own personal chart as well as the surgical facility chart.  The device information will also be placed in the nursing notes within the surgical facility charting.