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Posted On: September 22, 2009 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a procedure that Dr. Linder enjoys the challenge of performing.  Male gynecomastia is associated with increased defeminized tissue usually found retro to the areolar complex as well as fatty tissue that may be increased in volume from the infraclavicular, parasternal, inframammary fold to the anterior axillary line in men.gyno_front_

It can be associated with the use of steroids, marijuana and other medications.

Gynecomastic surgery can be performed in several variances.  The mild forms of gynecomastia may only require tumescent liposuction technique, liposuctioning the chest area.

In moderate cases, which we normally see, Dr. Linder performs both a periareolar incision with a retro-periareolar excision of a wafer of glandular tissue removed from behind the nipple areolar complex as well as liposuctioning of the chest area from the anterior axillary line along the lateral pectoralis major muscles from the infraclavicular and along the sternal region.gyno_side

This combination of liposuction and direct excision of partial subcutaneous mastectomy have led to excellent results for gynecomastic surgery.

Very severe forms of gynecomastia with severe skin laxity may require a form of mastopexy which actually requires scars as similarly seen on women that have breast lift procedures.  (Please see the above example of gynecomastic surgery where tissue has been removed from behind the nipple areolar complex both through direct excision as well as liposuctioning of the chest.)