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Posted On: October 01, 2009 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Revision


The above patient presents with laterally displaced implants placed through the transaxillary approach where the parasternal muscle attachments under the pectoralis were never released, causing her to have laterally displaced implants; cleavage greater than 10 cm.  She was very distraught and unhappy with the appearance of her breasts and was quite disfigured as seen in Preoperative Photo #1.

Patient was taken to the operating room and the implants were exchanged with high profile cohesive 475 cc silicone gel implants and the parasternal muscles were released appropriately and the capsule was released towards the midline and silicone gel cohesive Allergan implants were placed to reduce visibility and palpability of the implants due to thin tissue coverage along the medial breast.  As you can see on Photo #2, postoperatively she has a greatly enhanced cleavage.  She will remain in a tight supportive brassiere for the next six weeks in order to help mold the breasts internally.  Sutures have been removed and the patient is free to use Kelo-cote on the scarring.