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Posted On: October 02, 2009 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Breast Augmentation

Dr. Linder enjoys the challenge of performing breast reconstruction for tubular breast deformity.  Please see the before and after example of a significant tubular breast deformity.  The three components usually include (as can be seen by the preoperative photo):Tubular Breast 2

1. Pseudoherniation of breast tissue into the nipple areolar complex.
2. Poorly defined inframammary fold.
3. Flattening of the lower pole of the breast which leads to a conical tubular shape.

In order to create a normal shape and rounder shape breast, Dr. Linder performs tubular breast reconstruction using high profile saline and/or silicone gel implants using the dual plane technique, two-thirds over, one-third over, releasing the inframammary fold, lowering it to 5.0 cm, as well as radial striation of the lower pole of the breast in order to stretch out the lower pole of the breast.

Postoperative management is extremely important, which will include supportive athletic bras without underwire for four to six weeks, as well as an upper pole compression band which will relax the upper pole of the breast, softening it and bringing the implant down the nipples up.  Please look at the example of a before/after tubular breast deformity in which a 250 cc high profile saline implant was placed through the periareolar approach using the dual plane technique.  The patient is now approximately six weeks postoperative.