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Liposuctioning and Body Contouring in Beverly Hills

Posted On: October 13, 2008 Author: The Office of Dr. Stuart Linder Posted In: Body Sculpting, Home

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Liposuctioning is performed throughout the United States daily and as such, body sculpting procedures are now more common than ever. However, there are many techniques involved and some are more predictable and safer than others. We perform tumescent liposuction and body contouring weekly in our ambulatory surgery center in Beverly Hills.

Tumescent Liposuction in Beverly Hills

The Tumescent liposuction technique includes infiltration of tumescent fluid, which includes salt water solution with lactated ringer or sodium chloride, lidocaine for numbing affects and epinephrine to reduce bruising and bleeding and to constrict the blood vessels. This allows us to remove more fat safely with less bruising, less down time and minimize the pain greatly.

Patients undergo liposuctioning and body contouring with combination procedures of breast augmentation, breast lifts and breast reductions as necessary. Liposuctioning is also combined with tummy tuck procedures, especially contouring the hips and flank areas. Liposuctioning should be performed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons only, surgeons who are qualified and have experience in judgment in the abdominal wall and the anatomy of the thigh.

Benefits of a Board Certified Liposuction Surgeon

Before & After PatientLiposuctioning is much more involved than simply suctioning fat with a cannula. You need to make sure you are in the right plane, that you do not over-suction which could cause problems of contour deformities and irregularities, as well as under-suctioning, which may lead to lumpiness and bumps. Also, suctioning must be maintained in the deep localized fat deposit areas and not close to the skin, which could lead to skin irregularities, contour deformities or even avascular necrosis and death of the skin.

Therefore, liposuctioning should be performed using the tumescent technique, small cannulas such as 3 mm triple lumen Mercedes tip cannulas and under general anesthesia with Board Certified Anesthesiologists and a State Licensed and/or Medicare Certified Surgery Center.

Dr. Linder performs liposuctioning and body contouring every day he operates, with combination breast augmentation patients as necessary.